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  1. cleanview

    blue guns

    I have 52 I am wanting to sell as a group 30 each pics for now ... I am an OTR trucker and can send a detailed list this weekend
  2. my "easy bake oven" is an old dresser shell, with insulation, shelves where the drawers were, and a door on the front........100 watt ceramic heater (looks like a light bulb) and a 70 watt light bulb. a thermostat that is actually a electronic controller for a reptile tank. it stays at 80, and when wet forming I turn it up to bout 90-100 degrees. Its biggest benefit is in the winter when it is colder. There are two small fans inside of it as well. simply hastens the drying process. i leave things in there 12 hours.
  3. springfield leather ...i buy 100 at a time brings em down to little over buck a piece (I think)
  4. I personally mold a site channel in pancakes.......dont bother me that others dont or tell me that I should not......... the above comment reflects the reason that I come to this forum Amongst my peers or those that simply admire holsters, I am the "cats meow"...."wow....thats awsome"........I come here where people have more "time in service" (military analogy) with hopes of some other points of view, critiques, or sense of accomplishment, when some one with more knowledge and experience says "hey, your gettin better....or good job" ...... I suppose when I have been doing it as long as some of the people on here, I may may get stronger opinionated and set in my way as the best way.....for now I come here because I am still figuring out the way "I" want to do it. Just my opinion in regards to the deviated path this thread has taken..... I am appreciative
  5. i would not call it hi jacking.......have been away for a few days...... dialog is what I really look for.....and it is amazing what can be ;learned from different peoples opinons and methods. I can learn from opinions that I agree with and the ones that I disagree with. Heck, I guess opinions that I dont undertand create in me a desire to learn more. please comment on my opinion here.....it seems to me that people go about gaining retention 2 different ways. 1. mimicking the necessities of a kydex, they form into the trigger and ejection port to get a snapping into place effect. 2. creating as much good surface contact area as possible by forming, or boning in. Since I only have a few years of experience, my curiosity is if method number one mentioned above only became prominent after kydex became prevalent in holster making? I have no idea, but the answer by some that have done it longer would help me prove or disprove some personal thoughts.
  6. almost all of mine are wrap arounds, like avengers.........ans I learned my lesson (on here) about not digging in to deep on the trigger guard, and I explain to people .....retention does not come from the ejection port or trigger, but from the forming of the holster which provides all the surface contact .....how I understand and explain it..... My little holster business really ahead of where I thought I would be after a year......so many little things to pick up that I guess only come by experience ....
  7. I have been a little discouraged when people pick up there holster or handle them at gun shows. The pick them up and act like they cant get them out. I handle them and think they fit as I think they should. I always tell them that they have to break them in. I encourage them to dry fire a few times ever night and within a week it will be perfect. I repeatedly have people tell me that "yep, just like you said....It fits perfect now"...Of course i dont hear from every person and admit that I have only been doing this as a business a little over a year. The other night I made a 1911 avenger and experimenting.....I wrapped with plastic sheathing and then molded more aggressively on the ejection port and have to admit it was a different feeling to the holster once dried. I typically oil the gun and mold without any wrapping. In my mind it seems like, since they always loosen up as they are broken in, then the 1911 experiment above may get to loose?? any input, experience or opinionas??
  8. interesting...... compared to the pic above, the xdm is to big but the measurements of the cz would make it perfect .800 width 1.250 depth just eye balling the rest, the shape and contour are ever so close I think it will work.....
  9. thanks alot....I think I have what I need to build one......I really appreciate it
  10. Working on a setup for some one in active Army and I have the blue gun but cant find details about the magazine. Many are same size as other double staccks. Below is a list of ones that I have. Wondering if anyone knows for sure if one will make a compatible mag carrier? or precise measurments to make one. i have some others I have made before, mostly smaller single stacks. Thanks XDM 9mm CZ75b GLock
  11. yes sir I went from a 25 to a 24 a while back as a result of our conversation, so i thought .....why not go down to 23 .....but I guess that was pushing it
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