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  1. Just did - thanks! @JHLeatherwood Wanna detour to Tampa on your way back with the 26 and drop off the NP10 for me?
  2. Dang, that’s a great deal for someone. I’ve been looking for one in the Tampa area. Wish I was closer. Good luck.
  3. @$$hobby Just tagging you so you saw this. PM sent.
  4. What are these “sewing close to hardware” tips? I could certainly use some help in that department!! (The search function was not my friend for locating these.)
  5. Gorgeous work @TomE! Thanks for sharing the halter method as well. Can’t wait to try this out! SCF
  6. https://www.zackwhite.com/Halters_c_547.html @ArkieNewbie was on the right track. I like Zack White. I do things for saddle seat, so it is all brass. I cannot speak for the stainless. Abbey England is good, too. Best regards!
  7. Consew as well. Looking for head, table, and servo. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a previously loved Cowboy or Cobra skiver in the Tampa Bay area. TIA!
  9. Beautiful work @TomE! Your keepers look great and excellent attention to detail. I’m glad someone else mentioned J.H. Leather - she is awesome. I’d also admit to a slight crush. <blush> I just started using Biothane - good for lesson tack, but lacks the refined beauty of leather like your example above.
  10. Well, not exactly within 100 miles, but Steve was very easy to work with! First time using uShip - had a quote and order same day. They even picked it up on the same day with delivery scheduled for tomorrow. Let’s hope it arrives in one piece! Saves me the 8 hour trip and gas money! Or a flight and rental! Thanks again, Steve! @moderator - you can close/archive this thread!
  11. Thanks y’all. PM sent, Steve. CH I just watched a video on the install/setup of one, now I see it should be easy to get into a smaller vehicle. Wish I had a trunk like my old Crown Vic!
  12. This link is great and very helpful, (Saddle Panel) but not knowing knots (see what I did there?) wasn’t sure if there was something specific to do here.
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