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  1. Well, not exactly within 100 miles, but Steve was very easy to work with! First time using uShip - had a quote and order same day. They even picked it up on the same day with delivery scheduled for tomorrow. Let’s hope it arrives in one piece! Saves me the 8 hour trip and gas money! Or a flight and rental! Thanks again, Steve! @moderator - you can close/archive this thread!
  2. Thanks y’all. PM sent, Steve. CH I just watched a video on the install/setup of one, now I see it should be easy to get into a smaller vehicle. Wish I had a trunk like my old Crown Vic!
  3. This link is great and very helpful, (Saddle Panel) but not knowing knots (see what I did there?) wasn’t sure if there was something specific to do here.
  4. My first attempt at replacing all 6 billet straps. First time dropping part of the panel. I’m sure it gets easier the more you do it. My question is on attaching the front of the panel, is there a specific knot to tie that will cinch tighter as I pull it? Is that the type of knot used here? Thanks!
  5. If I lived in VA, that would be great. It certainly looks well loved. I did see that one before I posted, but to fly up, rent an SUV or truck, fuel, etc, I’m not far off of new pricing. I am hoping to find one locally, but appreciate the response!
  6. Should I have just said a Juki clone? Long time lurker, first time posting here, so please be kind. I know @Frankqv has a nice setup for his Cowboy 3200 for sale with press, drill, and hand skiver, but I am really looking for something with a 7/8” capability. You know what they say…don’t buy a machine that is already at your max, because you’ll need something bigger. So true… I currently have a Cobra Class 20 that I like, but I’m being asked to fix tack that is quickly getting beyond the machines capacity. I’ve scoured the usual sites, but have yet to find one close enough that would be less expensive than buying new. This is something I do to help out a local stable that teaches kids to ride, so I fix their stuff for free. My work is ugly, but it does what it is supposed to and I’m getting better. Would love a Cobra Class 4 to match the 20, but at this point I’m not picky! Please let me know if you have something that fits the ask and you are in Central Florida! Ocala, Orlando, Tampa. Thanks!!
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