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  1. Rockoboy

    Knife Sheath Template

    Yes, that would be difficult. My apologies for missing that point.
  2. Pyrography on vegtan can be ok, AFAIK, but I am led to believe burning chrome tan leather releases cyanide gas. As for the Eco-friendly chemicals and coatings from Tandy (or any other place), I do not believe they will be up to the task for deglazing your pre-dyed leather. Eco-friendly dyes are ok for some people and some people hate them. Disclaimer: I do not have much experience in this field, but I have messed about with it a little, plus I have read some things here.
  3. Rockoboy

    fix leather coat that ripped -w pics

    Make it a sleeveless jacket.
  4. If its not vegtan, it might be chrome tan or it might be a combination chrome/veg tan. A lot of chrome tan has a blue tinge in the centre of the leather. If you have chrome tan, I think you might have a problem with getting a decent colour, unless you like black. You could try to deglaze it with some lacquer thinners, bearing in mind that the thinners will dry out the leather* some, so a coat of pure neatsfoot oil (not the compound or light option) before or after dye would be a good idea. *Also dry out your skin, so gloves are highly recommended, and a mask to keep the fumes out of your lungs. Whichever way you decide to go, try it out on a sample first.
  5. Rockoboy

    Knife Sheath Template

    I made a sheath using this method. I found it did not work out very well because it bellied out both, the front and the back of the sheath, rather than leaving the sheath flat-backed to sit against the wearers body. Any sheaths I make in the future, I will be wet forming the front of the sheath around the 'plastic covered knife' before assembly. This will of course necessitate the front of the sheath being made oversize, then cut and sanded to match the back of the sheath after assembly.
  6. Rockoboy

    Twisted fringe untwisted!

    Not real sure ... what about dampening them a bit, retwisting fixing them in position until they dry?
  7. Rockoboy

    Music score lines

    On unsealed vegtan, a creased line will be fine IMHO. Just make sure your leather is cased adequately, so dampen the leather then the moisture is allowed to permeate the leather. A groover would also work, but its more of a permanent mark because it actually removes material to make the groove. I think creasing is more 'in tune' with what you have done so far.
  8. Rockoboy

    Working with snake skin

    None of the fish skin I have, from Mermaid Leather in Esperance W.A. have scales attached. From what I have read, there is no truly effective method to retain all of the scales, so removing them all is considered better than have a patchy looking finish.
  9. Rockoboy

    San Antonio resources?

    Welcome to the forum. You have some very nice pieces there. I cannot really see your edges, so its a bit difficult what to recommend to you. One thing I will say, is "I use a edge beveller before I burnish an edge", if that helps. From the look of what you have already done, (if you are not already aware) I would suggest you should focus on always using vegtan leather.
  10. OK. I have seen that. Got some coasters cut out to make some marks on. I will get into them in the next week and send out the best one, when I get a name and address sometime after 10th-June-2019.
  11. Rockoboy

    Looking for spring mechanisms.

    Sorry, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. Is this some type of buckle or strap attachment? A pic can be worth a 1000 words.
  12. Rockoboy

    Tiger and water

    You have no formal training? Then you have an enormous amount of ability!
  13. So, are we still waiting for final numbers to begin, or have we already commenced our 1st piece?
  14. Rockoboy

    Music score lines

    If the score lines are going to be parallel to the edge of the strap, use an edge groover, getting progressively wider for each line. If they are not going to be parallel to the edge, use a straight edge to mark the 1st line, then set out the distance between the lines with dividers and use the straight edge to connect the marks. Maybe practice on some scrap to make sure you get the effect you are aiming for.
  15. Rockoboy

    I am a newcomer here,

    So you are making a bag to match 'each dress your wife owns'? How many bags in how many different styles for each dress? Good luck with that.