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  1. G'day Doug, South of Perth W.A. here I suggest looking around your local area to see if there's a Leatherworkers Association, club, guild or similar. Heaps of things you can learn and people to bounce ideas off. Most important thing of all … Have fun with it.
  2. I have 2 pieces of granite about 3/4" thick, tile adhesive glued together. It's solid and I don't think I will ever break it. It's got strength from the grain running in different directions, just like ply wood.
  3. Nice knife and sheath, but .. the retainer strap appears to be an afterthought.
  4. Hi Tim, All of your projects look pretty good to me. Are you maybe, being a little hard on yourself by seeing blemishes that are not really a blemish, but a "design feature"? Keep up the good work.
  5. I like the numbers, good use of a natural feature (as natural as it came to you anyway).
  6. Thickness? Size of the piece you need?
  7. The underbelly in the pic looks like its undyed, maybe some NFO to texture it a bit.
  8. Another factor to consider when cutting some materials that are less desirable (like chrome tan leather, PVC, polycarbonate etc) is the gas given off can coat the lens. This coating will etch the surface thereby reducing the effectiveness of the machine. This coating and the damage will require the replacement of the lens.
  9. I am not an expert, but I think anything handsewn is done by hand, and there is no good way to duplicate that handsewn appearance with a machine. IMHO.
  10. WOW! She … turned it DOWN? Such a great looking piece of luggage. I especially like the lining fabric, that's a very nice twist.
  11. I am following this thread to see what the 'experts' come up with. I think the press idea could work over a large area if there was a thick top plate placed on top of the stamp/die/embossing plate. I bought, in a pile of second-hand gear, some stubby-holders (I think USA call them drink coozies?) with designs that were around 4 inch X 3 inch from memory.
  12. I never stitch across a strap or belt like I see in your pics. I found a really nice watch on the ground many years ago. The band had failed along the stitch line and the owner had not noticed when it fell off his wrist. Think of that stitch line like the serrations between 2 postage stamps. I wonder if the leather in your 1st pic is a pull-up leather, so its designed to show wear and tear as it ages. . As for darkening a line along the edge, you could try some antique.
  13. I totally agree. A couple times I have responded to requests for information about where to get some item, or a good repairer, when the person has not stated their rough location. I don't bother anymore. If somebody needs to protect their location so badly, I will respect their wish by not requesting their details to compose my reply accordingly.
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