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  1. Rockoboy

    New Artwork

    Its a carton. You can't worry about details like that in a cartoon!
  2. Rockoboy

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Hmmmm ... when you make armour like that, you get girls like the 3rd last pic? I gotta find me some armour patterns!!
  3. Rockoboy

    Mountain lion for my wife

    That picture looks so real, I hope it does not get fleas, or termites in the timber! Stunning work worth serious money!
  4. Rockoboy

    Problems with access to

    I think the main consideration is the spirit in which the banter is delivered. A little bit of banter can be ok, but outright sledging to upset the opposition is, IMHO, cheating. Play the game on your ability, not inside the other guys head. I am a few months north of 50 (about 62 months in fact), so I don't remember Bodyline, but I do remember World Series Cricket. Those were the days!
  5. Rockoboy

    Need a little help to get started

    This is pretty much all I do. I have found out a few home-truths ... the most important is ... some leather is thicker than cereal box cardboard, so allowing for the thickness is a MUST!
  6. Rockoboy

    Used cambell randel stitcher?

    I am not an expert in photography or computers or phones ( my phone is my only camera), but what I have found is ... if I email the pic to myself, it reduces it to a reasonable size, so I can post multiple pics per post.
  7. Rockoboy

    First Purse

    Thanks for pointing that out! I had not noticed or thought about it. Sometimes being off centre like this can be OK. The least desired option, IMHO, is close but no cigar. Excellent job. I like the colour.
  8. I know you said it's hard to come by for you, but I use lambs-wool hide, that's about 1" x 2". If its got too much height, I cut the wool down so it's only about 3/8" high and I use a rubber glove. (If the wool is left long, it sucks up a heap of dye, which is wasted in the wool). I could be wrong, but I think the problem with daubers is the size of the wool. When the dauber is loaded with dye, 1st touch on the leather dumps a heap of dye right there, and you end up with a dark patch. All the surrounding areas are then dyed with that same dauber which has less dye on it, there's your lighter patches. I tried to dip dye some leather once. That was mildly successful. I used a cheap oven tray that is about 3/4" deep and about 20" X 11", but the whole thing came out really dark. Do you have space and ability to spray? Apparently it does not give the same penetration into the leather, so I have heard, but it can give great looking results. Some people suggest a coat of pure neatsfoot oil before or after dye is applied. I think this is supposed to help the dye to even out its penetration and coverage, but I have not tried for myself yet.
  9. Rockoboy

    Problems with access to

    Touche'! I hope they leave the sandpaper in the workshop this time!
  10. Rockoboy

    Need a little help to get started

    I totally agree with you Harry. No apology required. If I was making original pieces for customers or developing concepts, I would be more careful. My market is myself, family, friends, work colleagues etc so I have no need to worry.
  11. Rockoboy

    Problems with access to

    Fun for the Aussies you mean!
  12. Rockoboy


    I agree. It does not matter so much about the cost of the item. It's the quality of that item that makes it worth buying if it's good, or not buying at any price if it's not up to standard.
  13. Rockoboy

    Used cambell randel stitcher?

    How long is a piece of string and what is it worth? Is the string old or new, what's it made from, is it coated in oil, worn, stretched and unusable? I am not an expert or even semi-knowledgeable on sewing machine prices in your neighbourhood, but I would suggest, with the information as you have provided, you have asked the unanswerable question. Maybe with a model number, condition report (which might be questionable depending on who writes it) and a couple pics, you might be able to get an indication of a rough-maybe-ballpark figure.
  14. Rockoboy

    Need a little help to get started

    One important point the nobody has made ... pics or it didn't happen! Don't be afraid to post your efforts. Mine are quite amateurish, but I still post them. Posting pics is one of the best ways to get feedback on how to do things differently and/or better. Above all else, the most important thing is "Enjoy what you do".
  15. WOWOWOW!! That is so nice, definitely not my idea of plain either. Excellent job, AND the natural handmade elements add to a beautiful job.