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  1. Rockoboy

    Father and son project

    Lettering is straight, stitch-line is fairly even. A good first job and always a wonderful experience working with a parent or child.
  2. Rockoboy

    Hello all

    BUGGER!! I am gonna be old in 18months.
  3. I don't know anything about saddles, never done any upholstery, never done any quilting, My threads are on spools, a few different colours, I think some is linen and some is poly-something, no idea of which is better for what ... that's all I have to offer ... sorry I have nothing to offer.
  4. Rockoboy

    Leather dyes

    The solvent can evaporate, so that can change a dye. I think the worst thing that can happen to dyes, coatings and adhesives is massive temperature fluctuations. Anything near freezing or getting close to boiling is bad.
  5. The main problem with carving the bend (spine) of the wallet is, the design will flatten out fairly quickly, and may ruin the look of the wallet. The 'cookie cutter' knives you are looking for are called clicker knives. There are several listed around on this site, some are heavy duty made out of forged steel and will last for years. Other less expensive clickers knives are made from steel rule type of thin band material, which will work for a while, but less durable. Usually used with a clicker press or shop press, but I have heard of a maul/hammer version. (Somebody with more experience may be along really soon). Buckstitching? Do you mean lacing? That white roo lace will look amazing on a wallet, if you take your time and get a job done with it. (I bet it wasn't cheap!) Personally, I would use some less expensive plain lacing on a few smaller jobs, like a dozen drink coasters. This will help you to learn how the lacing performs, what looks better, what to do and what avoid. Good luck with whatever you do, and don't forget .. all the world loves a picture or two.
  6. Rockoboy

    1st (wallet) and 2nd (holster) projects.

    I am guessing the bolt removed from the rifle is a safety feature and/or legal requirement, about the same as not leaving a rifle loaded whilst not being used or whilst it's being transported.
  7. Rockoboy

    1st (wallet) and 2nd (holster) projects.

    Nice looking work. Your stitching is better than some more experienced folk can manage. I especially like look of the pouch for the rifle bolt.
  8. Rockoboy

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Thank you for your assistance.
  9. Rockoboy

    Reconditioning vintage suede jacket??help!!?

    WOW! What a question. I am following this one, because I have no idea on where to begin.
  10. Rockoboy

    clamp vise?

    Many jobs I do of all sizes, that I use one of my 3 stitching pony's or clam. I have a small table top unit bought online for $18AUD, a homemade mid-size unit that can sit on a table that can take a wider/deeper project and a homemade floor clam that will take a larger, deeper and/or thicker project. That clamp you have pictured appears to be a handyman type of woodworking or metalworking vice system that was being promoted at our local woodshow a few years ago. It came with a couple of clamp options to fasten it to various surfaces, and different attachments to clamp different materials IIRC. The good quality brand were not cheap at about $300AUD.
  11. Rockoboy

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Sounds good to me mate. Depending on if @RockyAussie wants to mess around with a few dozen, how heavy they are and the cost of a postage tube-full, I was planning to offer them around to anybody local to me who wants some.
  12. It all looks pretty good, but as a suggestion (from somebody who knows little about lacing), would the lacing lay better if the holes were slightly elongated, like a football shape rather than round?
  13. Rockoboy

    Hotdog collar

    Hi Craig, Good looking paint job. What can you tell me about the collar? Lined or unlined? Brand of paint? How many coats? Brush or spray?
  14. Rockoboy

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Hi Brian, Thank you for your kind offer. Cost of delivery is a major consideration. Can you take a guess (or try to see) how many you can get into the largest mailing tube, then check the weight so we can guestimate the delivery cost. I do not have a commercial operation to use all that you have, but I know some people who might like to make a few belts, bit n pieces.