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  1. terrymac

    What's your favorite skiving tool?

    For a skiver that won't break the bank is the one Lisa Sorrel sells. It comes sharp and the key to any skiver is keeping it sharp. Lisa advertises on this site or she used to Hope this helps Terry
  2. terrymac

    Dixon Pricking Iron

  3. terrymac

    Glued edges and finished edges.

    No, I am saying if you don't glue all the way to the edge, you will a line of separation at some point in the future. Hope this helps
  4. terrymac

    Glued edges and finished edges.

    Not pulling too hard is important, but normal usage will also affect it. You don't glue the edges on a belt or wallet all the way to the edge,. they will separate. Promisw e
  5. terrymac

    Dixon Pricking Iron

  6. terrymac

    Dixon Pricking Iron

    I think I bought these new five or six years ago from Booth n Co. Do not have pictures.
  7. terrymac

    Dixon Pricking Iron

    I have a set of #7 Dixon Pricking Irons for sale. One with eleven teeth and one with four teeth. Like new. I have given up on the awl and have gone to KS Stitching irons. Eighty dollars for both, shipped and insured in the US. Overseas, will have to check shipping charges,
  8. terrymac


    What is sad is there used to be a number of people on this site that when they gave advice or a suggestion, you could take it to the bank. For whatever reasons they no longer participate. I can only guess the reasons. I am sure Hidepounder got tired of trying to explain what Sheridan style carving truly is. He could go thru a complete explanation of why flowers and circles do not automatically translate to Sheridan and he might as well have been talking to a wall. Charlie from Equs Leather used to be a regular contributor, but I will bet he got tired of arguing with people. Oh well, nothing stays the same and life goes on.
  9. Sheilajeanne, your instructor was wrong. Pear shaders (thumbprints)can be utilized either way. If you would look at the cover of the latest "Leather Crafters" journal, you will see a piece tooled Bobby Park (Hidepounder) on which every flower is treated the way Yin Tx did. It just all depends on the effect you want Terry
  10. terrymac

    Fiebings Antique Paste - haze? Help?

    Get some wool ,, if you are using rags or paper towels, I'll will guarantee you are not getting all of the residue. Tandy sells some synthetic wool that works great. At this time on your project, use the wool and reapply the Tankote, and work into the leather. I'm afraid the oil you applied may hinder the excess residue. I always apply oil before the paste and I personally will use only Bees Natural Oil. I threw the underfoot oil away a long time ago. Bees will not darken your leather. Hope this helps, Terry
  11. My SOP is to apply Bees Natural oil (will not darken leather) and after dried, apply Clear lac. Never have had any rub off. Might add Clear lac and saddle lac are two completely different products. Terry
  12. Try Bee 's Natural Saddle Oil. Has no smell and does not darken leather. Hop e this helps Terry
  13. terrymac

    suppliers that split english bridle

    I could tell it was split as the thickness was uniform on the entire side. Ain't going to happen without splitting. Terry
  14. terrymac

    suppliers that split english bridle

    They charge a small amount if you want the leather "pasted" back. You can't tell it was ever split. Good people Terry
  15. terrymac


    Is this number correct? Cannot get text to go thru Terry