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  1. The company that makes Tokenole went bankrupt and another company has bought the product, but is going to take sometime to set up manufacturing. In the meantime there are going to be shortages. The manager of the local Tandy said it should only last a few months, but you know how that can go.
  2. Hi Terry,
    I know it’s too much to hope for, but do you still have the two Dixon irons?  I think they were a size 7??      Skye



    1. terrymac


      Yes,I still have them. Sorry about taking so long to respond, I’m the worlds worse about checking notifications

  3. I have a set of #7 Dixon pricking irons. One as eleven teeth and one has four teeth. $90,00 for pair. Excellent condition.
  4. Normal, (Tandy) bevelers have a 15 degree angle. Barry's steep bevelers have 30 degree angle, and his extra steep have 45. Hope this clarifies.
  5. Clear lac, made by the same people who made the old Neatlac. Terry
  6. There is a picture in one of the coaster. Difference in bevelers is as follow: Standard bevelers (Tandy) 15 degree slope Barry King steep. 30 degree slope Barry King extra steep. 45 degree slope Hope this helps
  7. 3M packing tape with filaments. This stuff sticks and leather will not stretch. Have never tried applying to wet leather. Once stuck, don't know I would dunk in water, but I use water spray to case,.and no problems with the tape. Only downside is when pulled off, it will raise any loose fibers your leather may have. Hope this helps Terry
  8. If you have paste that will pour out, something is wrong. I have never, in 60 years, encountered that. If you just recently purchased, I will bet it was frozen at some point. With all of the cold weather, it is entirely possible. You can't tell the difference between light and dark brown in the jar. They both look alike. Terry
  9. I have used Quik Slick for years and works well. Now using a product sold by Bobby Park (Hidepounder) called Magic Edge and seems to work better. No experience with Martin's Mix, in fact had never heard of it. Terry
  10. Please send me a PM and we can discuss your particulars. I am doing some custom sewing Thanks Terry
  11. Don't know what you are expecting, but as a user of many of Barry's tools, they make sharp and distinct impressions Terry
  12. I also use paper towels to get the majority of the paste and then follow up with wool to get the paste out of cuts , impressions. Terry
  13. The key to using Fiebing antique paste is using wool shearing, either real or synthetic. If you are trying to remove with any kind of towel, you aren't getting it all. I learned the hard way. Tandy sells synthetic wool with as.pads or by the yard. The pads can get expensive, by the yard not to bad. Terry
  14. The biggest problem I can see is Tan Kote is not normally used a resist. You are far better of using Clearlac or Fiebings Pro Resist Terry
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