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  1. Don't know what you are expecting, but as a user of many of Barry's tools, they make sharp and distinct impressions Terry
  2. I also use paper towels to get the majority of the paste and then follow up with wool to get the paste out of cuts , impressions. Terry
  3. The key to using Fiebing antique paste is using wool shearing, either real or synthetic. If you are trying to remove with any kind of towel, you aren't getting it all. I learned the hard way. Tandy sells synthetic wool with as.pads or by the yard. The pads can get expensive, by the yard not to bad. Terry
  4. The biggest problem I can see is Tan Kote is not normally used a resist. You are far better of using Clearlac or Fiebings Pro Resist Terry
  5. The depth of the background is determined by the depth of your swivel cut Terry
  6. If the glue sets for a period of time, it will separate, but it is easily stirred(not sure about gallon size can). Your pieces either need to hit with a hammer or pressed together with some force. I have never experienced the problem you are. I also keep some thinner around to stir in if it starts getting to thick. Terry
  7. Where in the bell did this yo yo come from? Whiz is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people on this forum. When was the last time you imported a machine into the United States from China? If a person was highly proficient with sewing machines it may be workable, most of the people looking to buy are not. If this is any indication of what we can expect from you, I respectfully suggest you go find another place to offer your sound advice
  8. Angelis leather paints, especially if you are spraying. Just be sure and get some "2 Thin" from Angelus to thin the paint. They recommend a 2.: 1, ratio, but I am using more like a 1:1, it seems to spray better. If you follow directions, this stuff is really tough. I don't think the oil dyes will work any better for you. Trying to dye over a white background would be a disaster in IMHO. It might help if you are using the paints as Angelis recommends this be done with some of their neon colors. Hope this helps, Terry
  9. I have been using Clearlac ever since Tandy removed Neatlac and have never had a problem with it subduing color.. I have to admit I never use black, too many problems associated. If you will try Fiebings "Cordovan dye" 99 out of 100 people can't tell it is not black, and you don't have the problems normally associated with black. I have never tried thinning, can't tell you about that. Hope this helps Terry
  10. Terrymac...appreciate the tip on the edge dressing / edge paint.  Thanks.

  11. Easiest way I know is to use a back beveler. It rounds off the "back" side of your cut. Barry King sells them Terry
  12. To get a longer lasting shine, paraffin is used as the final step, usually burnished with some sort of a mechanical device. The problem is this only last for a period of time, especially when worn everyday. I have gone to using edge paint. It is a much more tedious process, but when applied properly it is tough. This stuff lasts. I am using Venis or Herrera, both sold by Rocky Mountain Supply.
  13. Excellent background article. The people from southeast Asia have jumped on this style and many have become proficient. The All Stohlman award winner a few years ago was a little lady from Japan who had actually spent a considerable amount of time with Don King in Sheridan studying under him. The problem when discussing Sheridan style, 95 percent of the people on this forum call anything with flowers and circles, Sheridan. A few years ago, Hidepounder wrote a piece on the various styles of western floral tooling, trying to educate people on what the differences are. I am sure you can do a search on this forum and find this In my mind, the premier Sheridan tool maker is Don Kong's grandson Barry King. He is carrying on the family tradition, using the tool forms started by his grandad. Terry
  14. It might work if the tack is made from veg tan leather rather than bridle or harness. The latter are infused with oils during the tanning process. If veg tan, I would use a glaze reducer to remove the finish on top. Angelis sells a deglazer that seems to work well. I would also recommend Angelis paint as it is made for painting leather. Terry
  15. I feel the most important factor in smooth carving is having a sharp swivel knife blade. You will be surprised at how much easier carving can be. The other thing I see is you are leaning the knife and undercutting on some of your curves. What Oldtoot said is awfully important also Terry
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