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  1. Yeap i know it :) but i dont cut it, Just engrave some letters and numbers Thank you :)
  2. Can you show me your filter ? Because in my country i can only buy a big filters boxex like this
  3. I've never felt it, and I know how hydrogen cyanide stinks. The worst thing I've ever smelled was cutting PVC and I don't do that anymore.
  4. Yes, only engraving, no cutting
  5. Hello, i have a question about engraving chrome tanned leather. I live in Poland EU and our regulation about chrome tanned leather are quite restricted and they cannot have more than 3mg/kg chrome in leather. But anyway i am afraid about toxicity of this materials, so i wanna ask you, how do handle with this, what about ventilation and another security measures for that purpose. I heard about filters, that reduce all kind of toxicity about 99,9% and not only from leather, but also acrylic, PVC and that kind of stuff. I don't engrave much, maybe 9 hours a week. Regards PS. I am talking about laser engraving
  6. I am using another 10 dyes from then and i never had that problem. Only with chocolate
  7. Of course i shake it the problem is i use another 10 dyes, and never had that problem with another one. Only chocolate cause this problem
  8. Hello everybody, i have a problem. I am using fiebing pro dye chocolate and i dont know why it's getting grey color instead of chocolate. It's look like this, each photo is made on different leather.
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