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  1. I was in the model train section at PM hobby craft and found these. I thought they would work great. https://excelblades.com/search?q=sanding+stick&type=product Alternatively, they have cheap sanding sticks (grit glued to color-coded wooden sticks) like the nail file sticks mentioned above but specifically for hobby craft. I think this link is for them but there isn’t a picture. https://www.pmhobbycraft.ca/sanding-sticks-50-piece.html
  2. 1- most frequently I use paper with my pattern printed on it, glued and cut out of poster board. I have also used cereal boxes and even cheap vinyl floor tile, but have move away from this. I have also had a few templates cut out of acrylic from Makesupply 2- I use Affinity Design for my software. Adobe illustrator got to be too expensive with the subscription and I wasn’t using it to its full potential.
  3. Hey Blue thanks for the reply. I am building a zippered bag for a small laptop. Simply lined with a divider. No shoulder strap. Using thin 2-3oz oily leather for handles and design elements and canvas for the sides. So far for stiffener I've been using craft foam or glued-in pellon interfacing. In the picture I am showing a test piece of piping I've created from thin rope. Also in the picture is the pieces I'm using to attach the handles to the bag (1/2" Dee ring). I am gluing rip stop nylon to the back of pieces that might stretch for reinforcement. The reinforcement tape example in the video link would save time and would be easier/cleaner. But I've only found the sheet stuff I linked above. Is it equivalent? Does anyone offer a peel and stick tape option in the US? For the piping, I've asked employees of fabric store for piping and they didn't know what I was asking. I haven't seen it on their shelves. I've been making do with paracord and rope for the last couple projects. I'm still learning and would like to learn the right habits.. what is the right material for the job vs what can I rig together to make work? In the videos they usually use leather cording. I think the stores in the US call it round lacing. Is the stuff I've linked above the same or equivalent to what is linked in the video? I like your idea of weed whacker string though. I think I have a roll of stuff that was too thick for my last machine that might work perfect. Thanks again for reading and responding. Tim
  4. That stuff is neat! Thanks for the link. I’m not sure if that’s the stiffener, but thats got me thinking about cosplay costumes and armor inserts. I watched the video of the toe cap install on the cowboy boot. Boots and shoes are something I haven’t tried yet. thanks again, Tim
  5. Hey all, I’m looking for some help figuring out where to get some supplies. I live in US and am looking for stiffener, reinforcement tape, and piping for bags. I am teaching myself leather craft one project at a time. One source of information is online videos. One such video showed a few materials I’m not sure how to get ahold of, or if they are equivalent. Stiffener - Salamander Bonded leather Like the product used in this video at https://youtu.be/OkdxZsqxtdY?t=557 It looks like cardboard but I think its bonded leather like this stuff https://www.colliniatomi.it/en/regenerated-leather-foils-salpa.html This looks similar https://www.rmleathersupply.com/products/salamander-salpa-reinforcement?variant=14647738630253 ($28 for 58"x36" for 0.5mm natural) or Is this equivalent? https://www.springfieldleather.com/Bontex-Bag-Stiffener. ($9.99 for a 48"x44") Reinforcement tape Like the product used in this video at https://youtu.be/OkdxZsqxtdY?t=1342 This stuff from RM Leather looks like it comes in sheets, is it the same stuff? https://www.rmleathersupply.com/products/premium-non-stretch-tape-high-strength-reinforcement-0-25mm?variant=32420672733293 Is ripstop tape similar? I see a lot of tent/sail patch kits, is that similar? What about binding tape, is that the same? I’ve seen it used on the back of pocket corners too, to prevent tearing. Piping. Like the product used in this video at https://youtu.be/OkdxZsqxtdY?t=1385 Currently I wrap thin leather around paracord. Where would I find the leather piping some bag makers use? Like this stuff https://www.colliniatomi.it/en/2-mm-round-leather-lace.html in the US Is this the same? https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/30-1800/round-leather-lace/pr_55747/cp_/shop-now/hand-tools/hand-stitching-lacing/lace I did search for several key terms before posting, but I didn't find what anything similar to the video references. I did look at some of the sponsor sites before posting, but part of the reason why I'm asking is because I'd like know if there is equivalent options. Sorry if this is duplicated from a previous post. Thanks for looking, Tim
  6. dang it, missed it. I was able to get a bunch of the doodle pages but missed out on the books.
  7. I believe that pattern is for non-commercial use. It was great for me to use and learn from, that is why I posted it. But hearing that you own an export company, makes me a little concerned.
  8. Sorry no book suggestion but a similar looking bag (without the external zipper pocket and shoulder strap) can be found on the tube (Studio Hael) along with a pattern.
  9. hey all, Thanks for the nice comments and for looking. Yes I am hard on myself. I think most of us crafters are. I take pride in what I build; I need to have confidence that it will last. I think it will. I have a retention snap to hold in the gut hook. So as it loosens over the years it can only be pulled up and out once the snap is opened. I don’t think it would work up and out when worn, nor fall out if not on a belt if the snap is closed. It’s a good question though and I will see if I can pull it out without opening the snap. its probably only been used 6-10 times (in rain and snow) so far and it’s worked well.
  10. Hey everyone. I started my leather journey in 2017. I craft for relaxation and for a hobby. I tell myself that someday I will offer up my goods for sale in a craft fair or farmers market but that day seems farther away than ever. I pick projects for myself. Some days its a project that I think will be easy and bring me relaxation, others it is a complex project that provides a challenge. I have built commissioned pieces a couple times and I've disliked the experience. I prefer to build the things I like and hope someday someone else likes it enough to buy it. The problem is I can't seem to get through a project without that one blemish or faux pas. LW has helped a lot, and I thought I should finally become a member, a member that participates. Thanks to the content on LW, I've recently picked up the TechSew 2750 Pro. Tim
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