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  1. Have you tried leaving a little bit extra room say an extra 1/8th inch on the border and trimming and sanding the edges?
  2. Very true, that's why I tell them I'm using it as a cutting mat.
  3. I use conveyor belt cut offs from an industrial conveyor belt. I got it from a company that makes them. For free and Much more than I needed. All for the low low price of letting the guy help me put it in my car. (It was close than the dumpster.)
  4. I use Denatured alcohol then water now a days. before I used windex (without amouna ) cut 25/ 75 with water for a fast clean. with a brake down and swab clean about once a week when I do heavy use week.
  5. I would agree. I use at least 70% alcohol and an conditioner after a few uses of the former.
  6. Not to be an ignorant American or anything but I thought cow leather was kind of taboo in India. Oh yeah my ignorance is showing goat ect. ..... Nevermind.....
  7. Never thought about that! My next shop buy. Thanks!
  8. I would lay it down on a piece of poster board trace the blade and work out the final project over on the poster board.
  9. Really sucks that cleaning an airbrush is part of weekly shop maintenance. An end of use simple blowout vs. a full brake down and clean. And I thought it was supposed to save me a lot of time! (In truth AB save lots of time. You can do some great effects, even delve into AB art. Drying time is about 5 to 7 minutes if that much. On smaller projects it's dry before I do a simple blow out of the AB. More consistent color throughout a piece. The color I use is so much closer to the color advertised, no more darkening a project beyond recognition trying to even out the color. And I end up using less dye.) All and all I call it a win.
  10. If they are too long that may happen as well. try trimming the shaft a bit.
  11. I would use a light coat of neatsfoot oil on it just before the compound.
  12. I did It just docent come out in the Pic. that or I just didn't do a good job at it.... I think it was the latter. Thanks Frodo!
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