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  1. Grumpymann

    Practice piece

    Your practice is better than what I sell. I'm just embarrassed. Great work.
  2. Grumpymann

    Round knife cutting mat.

    I use some cast offs from a conveyor belt. The one I have now is 1/4th inch thick I got it for free from a company that repairs them. The last one lasted years and wasn't this thick. I'm new to a round knife, been using it maybe 2 years.
  3. Grumpymann

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    I used Google, search for conveyor belt.
  4. Grumpymann

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    I got a run of 1/4 inch thick conveyor belt 9×3 for free at a place that makes and installs conveyor systems free. I use it as a pound and cutting board. The last piece was more than half as thick and lasted a decade and more. I know you were asking about granite and I get mine free from the same place others mentioned so... But cutting boards wasn't asked about and you are looking for things on the cheap, what's cheaper than free?
  5. Grumpymann

    Learning the Head epiphany!

    Just picked up some new conveyor belt the last one I had lasted me a good decade. If there is a company that makes equipment drop in ask for some cast offs, keep a few bucks in hand but it's rarely needed.
  6. Grumpymann

    Need a little help to get started

    Still trying to get that one down. For now I just leave a little ... “slop space” and pray. With MOST of my stuff 1/4 inch is not too much to club into behaving. If you have a better option PLEASE share it!
  7. Grumpymann

    Zip around wallet

    Nice. Try using a wing divider to set the distance from the edge of the piece in for a stitching line. Use some rubber cement to stick the inner and rear outer leather together then sew. But most of all have fun.
  8. Grumpymann

    Need a little help to get started

    When I started out. I didn’t have a cent. So I made a drawing,expanded it, used a ruler and did a “measured” drawing. And cut. Now I put a different step in before I cut. I make a pattern make sure it all fits together THEN I cut leather. I have a few bucks now bet I still make my own patterns. Wallets, card wallets, purses, messenger bags, keychains, you name it. Try it, see what you did that you don’t like and try again. But what ever you do... have fun.
  9. Grumpymann

    Work surface in small apartment

    I just (last week) went to a place that makes and repairs conveyer belt equptment and asked for a piece of cast off. As the piece I had been using for a decade was getting worn. That gave me a piece 2xs the size I asked for and cut it to size for me. It’s reinforced rubber.
  10. Grumpymann

    Closing shop update

    Just wondering about the letter set? And the skiveing knives.
  11. Grumpymann

    Closing shop #2

    What you thinking on the letter sets? And the rougher?
  12. Now I know why you sold meeting the one you did! Looking good!
  13. Grumpymann

    Hello from Schwenksville, PA

    Yeah trains are real big here.
  14. Grumpymann

    Hello from Schwenksville, PA

    Allentown pa here. Hello, welcome!
  15. Mutt I'm jealous keep making my wife stuff and sh keeps giving it back and saying "meh". Looking good! 70's reference pop achieved.