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  1. You should be happy AND proud! Looks great, nice design, solid fundamentals.
  2. .... I remember going in person to Tandy.......
  3. try putting some non slip tape in the back of your straight edge. and sanding works great for small adjustments in a straight edge on the leather.
  4. love the way you seem to have industrialized it.
  5. I airbrush as well I picked up 4 of them (not all at the same time) 1 for black another for green, blue and puprle another for red and pink and the last for finish. The one for finish is adjusted for that and that alone. I picked them up at harbor freight for a 20 spot.
  6. Modified Steamer trunk. As soon as I can I'm going to start to make one.
  7. I will not introduce my self, and I will send you my address in PM. I would love to adopt the orphan.... I all seriousness, great and innovative idea. have you ever thought of doing a textural?
  8. You mean there is ANOTHER way to do it? So yes I have.....
  9. Cant say for sure but I've had something that looks kind of like that. I just make sure there no wet dye on the surface I'm dyeing on. The paper, cardboard or benchtop ect. Call it transfer if you like. still have to be careful when I use an airbrush.
  10. for the scabbard you can check the Tandy leather craft library I think.
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