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  1. Corter Leather Has a good example. And a good (IMHO) take on the bump jig thing here.
  2. Thanks. Have been saving patterns for years just waiting till I can get the time. I have been thinking about maybe the sight starting a library of patterns for organized browsing.
  3. I use high count(number thus more colors to choose from ) permanent markers making it easier to (color ) match. Then I use either a finish, thoronol or bees wax. And bonding another piece behind the torn piece binding both sides (big and small piece) should work. And just wondering have you thought about hiding the repair behind a "lining"?
  4. Sharp blade. Was having a hell of a time till I started using a strop.
  5. Have you tried grommets? A 2 piece eyelet like appliance.
  6. I get 1/4 inch conveyor belt material from a local company. Just rolled up with 10 bucks in my hand and asked if I could get some off cuts or cast offs. they not only cut if to size for me the gave me the rest put in my trunk and waved off the money. it lasts me about 5 to 6 months before I have to either turn it over or move to another space. BUT I was using an unstroped blade and WAY too much downward pressure not knowing how to strop. As of late it has been more than a year and still going strong.
  7. Ever think of doing a vid?
  8. Grumpymann

    Snowman and Girl

    I love watching the evolution of your art.
  9. Nice shop I want one now. Good call on Lincoln IMHO.
  10. Not sure about the one by the snap hook. But I use the bleed knot on leashes and inform customers that " In order for the hand loop to give way or tighten on your hand or wrist the integrity of the whole leash has to give out." Meaning that it's stable, strong has less medicinal parts to fail. You can attach a bleed knot in the hand loop AND the thump snap on the same leash. ...And it looks nice, cheaper (Even by .04 Cents) and faster. And better in IMHO.
  11. You should be happy AND proud! Looks great, nice design, solid fundamentals.
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