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  1. I use AutoCAD to draw the pattern and punch out slits with an 8mm flat chisel. The slits are offset by 1mm.
  2. The entire back side of the weaving pattern is glued to another piece so the small spaces don't break.
  3. Hello, Matt I would be very interested in some edge paint in other color such as white.
  4. wow. this is what I was thinking the other day. Very nice. Can you tell us where you got the hardware? retractable handle, wheels, stand...etc.
  5. Navy blue lambskin 0.7mm weaving pattern. Lining and the card slots are made of 0.6mm vegetable tanned natural cowhide. Faille cloth was used for the interior of the card slots.
  6. Thanks guys. To avg--- It is chrome tanned leather, and I will look into pergamena.
  7. The leather is just regular pebble leather. The exterior is 1.2mm, and the interior is 0.4mm. It's difficult to find 0.4mm leather in the U.S.
  8. If you are gluing the grain side you have to buff the surface to make it rough
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get my leather split and reduce the thickness? I live in Southern California area.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get my leather split and reduce the thickness?
  11. Hi guys, Do you have any recommendation for splitting leather down to 1 oz?
  12. This is how I made it: 0.8mm lamb skin for strips, pattern, and lining. total of 2.4mm when stacked 1. Used AutoCad to draw out pattern. (See image) Pay attention to the corner. 2. I used an 8mm flat chisel to punch slots. Make sure the slots are offset by a little bit. 3. cut 8mm strips and weave through the slots. 4. Adjust the strips so the weaving pattern is not crooked. 5. Glue a lining on the back. make sure to get all the strips so they don't move around. Please advise.
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