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  1. Thank you Ron for your clear answer. While I was on vacation, I finally found the “Harmonized Tariff Schedule” at https://hts.usitc.gov/current and it supports your statement. Others may peruse and confuse themselves with that document as desired. Tulsa
  2. Yes there is a website, but key page links to declaration forms are broken, and it makes only vague references to percentages of import taxes based on value, depending on where it’s coming from. Then references trade pacts and what you can, or cannot, take into another country, with no real info about what I want to know. I went to my local customs and border protection station, and was told they don’t know anything about imports, and to call the station in Dallas. 4 calls got no responses. I was hoping someone would report on a recent purchase from Techsew. There is a cobra dealer 3 hours drive from here, maybe we’ll go there soon. Thanks to All, I’m going on a motorcycle ride. Tulsa
  3. You won't find a bigger US supporter than me, but I don't feel the need to write pages of back story to ask a simple question. Feel free to post here if you find a link that defines import duties on industrial leather equipment from Canada, because I can't find a definitive link. Otherwise I'll conclude there are none. My assumption is, if every techsew machine that came South was followed by a tax bill, we would hear about it all the time. Tulsa
  4. My wife has her eye set on a leather splitting machine from Techsew and I’m wondering if anyone here has knowledge of any import taxes or duties associated with shipping from Canada to US? The fine people at Techsew are not aware of any import fees when shipping to US, and the import specialists at the Border Patrol office apparently don’t have time to answer phone calls. Just wanting to consider the full costs before taking the plunge. Everyone I’ve asked is only “…Pretty Sure…” of their answer, and that’s not sure enough for me. Thanks Tulsa
  5. Assuming you are referring to the thread take up spring, I’ve attached a photo that shows adjustment. This is from the 1541S owners manual that came with my machine, Hope it helps. Tulsa
  6. I’m a long time lurker and haven’t posted here before. If I understand what you are looking for, then Maybe.... Maybe the solution is a different needle? You could get that hand-stitched look with the right needle tip. As an example, I’ve attached a technical marketing bulletin from Groz-Beckert, a needle manufacturer. Perhaps a different needle would get your intended result. I have no idea if these are available to fit any particular machine. I enjoy the technical aspect of sewing and leather craft, maybe more than the creation part of it. Or maybe I’m just stupid. Hope this helps. Randy in Tulsa EDIT: Going through this thread again, now I’m not sure this is what you are asking. Back under my rock. BRO_SMN_15_EN_01_20130703_150.pdf
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