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  1. Really appreciate the welcome guys and Robert, thanks for invite to sew on your machine but way too busy to make a road trip right now.
  2. I started fooling around with leather after retirement about a year ago and really enjoy working on gun holsters, mag holsters, knife sheaths and pouches. All my projects I've been hand stitching, but now have been experiencing trigger finger in my thumb and making it very difficult to hand sew. So now I'll be ordering a industrial machine sometime this week. I've been going back and forth on several of the heavy stitchers and finally decided on the cowboy 4500, I hope this will be a good choice. I will also order a couple of 346 and 277 thread I'm hoping to somewhat duplicate the hand sewn look with this machine and thread. Been reading and watching all the material that I can about these 441 clones on how they operate and to familiarize myself on threading and tension adjustments. As I've had read some folks have had issues with their stitches. I'm wanting the thread to look similar to that of hand sewing is this possible with this machine? Here are a few pics of my projects.
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