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  1. I'm not sure, I think one of the guys I did the order with spoke some french so he was the one who contacted them. The price was <18euro per container. Not expensive really, but shipping is what will get you if you're in north america.
  2. Sorry Matt, me and a few others already went ahead with this. I'll probably organize it again a year from now as a few people expressed interest after the order had been placed.
  3. The leather is thinnest at the spine of the binder...soft pigskin inner, 2oz veg-tan stiffener, and then a slightly firm 1-2 oz kangaroo outer if I remember correctly. 6oz of stiff leather may indeed be quite tough to fold smoothly. Keep in mind that the same thing might apply to a wallet, but after being sit on for a while it will lay flat! Also keep in mind that when the binder has a normal amount of stuff in it, it will have a few inches of materials inside and will not need a super sharp fold at the spine.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Please clarify and I'll do my best to answer
  5. I've never used it personally, but that's a cool idea. Have you consider doing a rolled edge? It's quite thin and would likely benefit aesthetically from doing so.
  6. I can't remember exactly what it's called. High-impact polystyrene or high density polyethylene. I get it from a local plastics store and it comes in large sheets (16 square feet I think?). It's exactly the kind of thing you need. It's stiff, but easy to cut. At the right thickness, it won't bend too much and I use it for all of my patterns large or small.
  7. Very clean design. I like it! I did something a few years back with the buckle & snap closure and it's incredibly convenient not having to do up two buckles every time. The snaps are barely even visible too, so it works out great. I think your bag would benefit from a coat of edge paint if you don't want to do a full edge burnishing. A slightly darker brown on the edges would be pretty quick and easy and would really step the bag up a notch in aesthetics. Great work!
  8. "see the attached file"...I think you may have forgotten to attach. PM or post and I can better point you in the right direction
  9. I was just in Vancouver last weekend, and there's a place that carries some roo. The owner thought they were sold out, but while going through the rows of hides with me he found some in a denim blue colour that he might still have! I believe it was chrome-tan. Pretty stiff, with a fair amount of marks. The place is called Lonsdale Leather. I've seen them carry kangaroo in larger stock. Just ask how soon they're expecting to get more in, because they had quite a lot stocked last year. edit: I also remember seeing quite a bit of kangaroo lace in-stock.
  10. Very nice work. I really like how the scales on the alligator inlay become smaller as the inlay tapers. Super cool.
  11. Hi all, I finished this project a week or two ago and thought I'd share! The front is an old burgundy alligator skin, the back in aniline kangaroo, and the interior is pigskin. It's customized for everything an accounting student could need in a portfolio! Completely hand-stitched and finished Back: Aniline kangaroo in Bone -Back pocket fully lined in pigskin (to match interior) -Loop closure in alligator with kangaroo strap Interior in full-grain tan pigskin -Notepad slides in and can be swapped out -Strap holds in calculator, which can be replaced with a smaller or larger item and adjusted with strap -5 pen/pencil holders + 1 larger sized holder for eraser or highlighter -2 open pockets for phone and cardholder, sticky notes, etc Close-up of stitching. Completely hand-stitched and finished
  12. Not yet. I learned about it from a craftsman who was trained by a retired Hermes craftsperson. He's not sure if they're still using it, but at his time of training, that's what Hermes used. I've seen photos of work done using this edge paint and it really is fantastic. I'm still interested in going ahead with this group buy. I've got a few people interested but nobody is in any particular hurry, so I'm waiting a bit longer.
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