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  1. Just called him today, picking up sometime soon. Thanks!
  2. Yes, the price of shipping makes it impractical for me.
  3. Thanks! I'll give him a call. Are his prices usually good?
  4. So I called the number a few days ago and got the answering machine for a company called Kitro Corporation. So the listing is wrong, which is sort of disappointing. I've decided just to order from Wickett and Craig in the states because buying a side of their best quality leather, shipping it over here and converting to Canadian dollars, it still ends up being cheaper than buying lower grade bridle leather in Ontario. Its too bad because I would like to support local business and not wait for shipping but the price difference is just too high.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I'll try out that number today. I'm in Toronto. I've emailed with Aaron Martin and Tundra Leather, Tundra doesn't have any bridle leather in stock and Aaron Martin only has black right now. So I think I'll try out that Wickett & Craig number from Markham and report back.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if somebody could recommend a supplier for english bridle leather in Canada, specifically ontario or at least nearby. I've been able to find a few places out west to order from but the cost of shipping doesn't really make it cost effective. I've also looked at American suppliers nearby but with the American dollar so high it ends up being more expensive than shipping a side from out west. I would be a really big help if somebody could recommend a supplier. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info! I've decided on a double shoulder.
  8. Thanks for the reply! If I were to buy a side how many belts could I expect to get from it. I know there is variation in shape and size but I'm just curious how many belts (1.5") the average side would yield.
  9. Hi, I'm hoping somebody here could answer some of my questions. I'm interested in learning how to work leather and making belts but I'm not sure what leather to buy. I know it should be in the neighbourhood of 8-10 oz (for belts) but I'm not sure what cut I should buy (double shoulder?). If somebody could recommend a cut that would be great. I'm probably going to buy from tandy this time and I would prefer un-dyed. I'm also wondering how belts (1.5") I can expect to cut from the piece I buy. Thanks!
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