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  1. To me it looks like one thread used for both sides. Knot tied under the flap, then flap glued down.
  2. Cobra specs Specifications: 9 ” Cylinder Arm Best and most versatile presser feet in the business Sews from 6 oz. to 7/8″ Thread sizes from 69 to 415 Triple Feed mechanism Reverse stitches in same holes Stitch Length from 3-22 stitches an inch Sews pads, blankets,webbing, canvas, bio-plastics, upholstery, etc… 28 LED Super Beam Lamp Heavy Duty Speed Reducer Digital DC Servo Motor
  3. Highlead specs Sews up to 7/16" Compound Needle Feed Walking Foot Big Bobbin (M style) Uses thread sizes from 69 to 207 Safety Clutch for hook protection Digital D.C. Servo Motor Heavy Duty Speed Reducer Flat Bed stand with locking casters LED light Thread stand and bobbin winder ACCESSORIES: Thread-oil Owner and parts manual
  4. Decided to change some things up here and getting rid of a few machines. With these 3 machine you can cover all of your sewing needs. First up is a Cobra class 3 that includes a few pounds of thread, some needles and the heavy duty roller edge guide. Comes on the standard table with servo motor. Asking $1600 for it. Next up is a Highlead 618 walking foot machine. Will include several packs of needles, some 1/2 pound spools of thread, lots of bobbins and several feet. Have a extra bobbin casing and extra set of feed dogs. Machine is mounted on a table with servo motor and thread rack. Asking $875 for it. Last is a Singer 31-19. It is mounted is a long table with servo motor. Comes with a ton of needles and silicone pots. Asking $200 for it. All machines are located in Southern Indiana. Willing to drive a few hours to deliver for a slight fee to cover gas. Otherwise these are for pickup only. Shipped only if you arrange for packing, pickup and shipping.
  5. Good job Kevin. Thanks for sharing with us.
  6. Hey Wiz how well does the leather tape work. Does it leave any residue on the needle.
  7. It will work with garment leather but not veg tan.
  8. Others might have more to say but I have always been told you only want veg tan against any metal for long periods of time.
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