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  1. I am sorry to the participating group. I had agreed to complete this challenge but was called out of state for a family emergency. I have notified Halo of my situation and advised I believe Yintx should received her coaster. If I'm incorrect, please let us know. Again, I am sorry. Tammy
  2. Scary, but I'm in; looking forward to the lessons. I get so much from this forum, so thank you to all who help us rookies. Tammy
  3. ColoradoGirl

    Tooling Detail Guidance Needed

    Wyowind - they are indeed. Had to provide an actual tooled piece before final approval. Whew, I passed. Protective heads up ALWAYS welcome. T
  4. ColoradoGirl

    Tooling Detail Guidance Needed

    To Wyowind, got it done, hence, exactly why I'm learning to do it right. . Thank you all. I have thought about a die, and will check all the leads. Inversion idea sure could make it better. So glad this is such a great forum for resources and coaching. Tammy
  5. Hello from Wyoming (name tells you I'm a transpant). Need some guidance to tool this small detail I'm using as an onlay. Horses mane, and all the nooks an crannies, are challenging me. Will be using this logo onlayed/tooled onto smaller items, to include totes, headcovers, wallets, etc. Hand painted, to date. Mostly using canvas and chrome tanned leathers. Size is no more than 4" high, as seen in pic. Need to go down to 3". Recommendations to find smallest tools, and techniques to consider. I appreciate any help. Tammy
  6. ColoradoGirl


    Thank you so much. Now for more practice.
  7. ColoradoGirl


    Thank you. My brother designed them and wears cuffs everyday.
  8. ColoradoGirl


    This was a gift for woodworker friend, but I sure could customize one. Right now, will work for materials cost and the practice.