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  1. Kevin King

    Vintage Bicycle Leather Tank

    I like it. Very nice.
  2. Thanks, yo! Even though these big one's hurt my brain trying to figure out the proper order of layers, they're still my favorite to do. Thanks! As Russ stated above, I use a Juki DNU1541. Love the damn thing. I'd be lost without it, actually. Thanks again for all the compliments! KK
  3. I think it looks fine. Make the changes to the stitching...stitch from the outside rather than inside for the prettier stitch, and hide those raw edges on the pockets and you'll be good to go. I might suggest flipping the pocket on the left side of the wallet so that the opening faces the inside of the prevent cards from slipping out of the wallet when closed. I have a Highlead bell knife skiver. Best investment I ever made. Highlead makes just about all of the skivers out there. The other companies just stick their label on em and mark em up. Check em out.
  4. Kevin King

    What Is With This Site, Man?

    Neat. Stolen.
  5. Seven dead animals in this one. Orange, purple, and white lizard; red and burgundy frog; black shrunken bull shoulder, black cowhide.
  6. Sorry about the poor image quality; I'm having camera issues. Messy work bench... The canvas... Fancy Schmancy stitching... Lining time... Quick trip to the skiver... Needle and thread time... Too bad it'll never be seen... All done with customer supplied buckle...
  7. Kevin King

    Ink To Leather

    Thanks! I just took another order from the same customer for another tattoo project. Should be super cool.
  8. Kevin King

    The Ball Glove Experiment

    Some stiff fiber-y stuff. I don't know what it's called. Only in the fingers and thumb and near the wrist. It's basically a glove inside a glove. Still have to make the inner glove, then hopefully stitch and lace it all together. Next week maybe.
  9. Kevin King

    The Ball Glove Experiment

    Thanks, buddy. I can already see some things I'm going to have to change if I make another one.
  10. Kevin King

    The Ball Glove Experiment

    I have always admired, and been confused at how much goes into making a baseball glove. So I decided to give it a go.... Templates Pieces Sewn together Palm Palm and back sewn together Turning Progress so far Still have a lot to go, but gotta get back to the job list. Ill work on it here and there. Wish me'll either be super cool or a huge disaster. One of the two.
  11. Awesome customer supplied photo. Lots of dead animals in this one. Black cowhide for the body of the wallet. Gold cowhide Off-white cowhide Dark brown Cowhide Light brown cowhide Black cowhide Black lizard Red lizard White lizard Green lizard Dark green lizard Red frog Yellow print cowhide Red kidskin Blue kidskin Green kidskin White lambskin Gold ostrich leg Blue sea snake
  12. Kevin King

    How To Turn Sewn Leather Items Inside Out?

    Skiving just the edges should help.
  13. Kevin King

    Making Wallets To Sell

    Thanks! If I knew then what I know now, (about pricing and what people are willing to pay) I would've been charging a lot more back then. It's all about perceived value. Plus, at the prices you listed, you're working for free.