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  1. Oy very cool looking, especially with such a vintage guitar. Great! I haven't picked up a guitar in 5 years. But now I wanted to make myself such a cool strap for my guitar and play some chords.
  2. However, re-treatment of the leather after a period of time will not necessarily improve its ability to burn or transform it in any way. The effect of re-treatment depends on many factors, including the quality of the leather, how it was treated, and how long it took to dry.
  3. For motorcycle saddlebags, it is better to use chrome-tanned leather, as it is more resistant to moisture and resistant to scuffs. Herman Oak is made from natural ingredients and has good strength and durability. It can also be water resistant if treated with special protectants.
  4. Ooh great! I made these too, but I used suede. + I added an engraving on top, looks really cool. Try it!
  5. I used recoloring creams. It's great stuff. It works. But first, you have to get rid of all the mold.
  6. Here are a few of the most expensive furs: 1. chinchilla 2. Sable 3. kelp
  7. Thanks for sharing. А very detailed tutorial.
  8. Do you cut it by hand or mechanically? Very cool.
  9. Listen, this could have been a pretty good corset.
  10. This is purely my opinion. But CO2 laser machines are much better. They are faster and more powerful. So you will get the job done much faster. Why wouldn't you consider this type of machine?
  11. Listen, it's not a bad option to find inspiration for creating a logo in a neural network. A lot of people are doing that now. You write down your thoughts, what you want to see on the logo, show it to the designer, and he already draws it. It's easier to find a designer who just draws than a designer who knows how to develop good designs.
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