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  1. Hey! We love coming to the place where there is a mutual love for leather! Popping in to share our newest addition to the line! Check out our colorful collection of Italian Nappa Lamb leathers: https://tannerynyc.com/collections/fine-italian-leathers See the array of colors offered. Find your match today! Free Shipping on all orders! Order before Noon (12.00PM EST) to have your order shipped SAME DAY!
  2. All this feedback is great, thank you all so much! We are glad to find the different uses of customers in terms of Order size. For all those looking for specific colors to match, you can reach out to us directly and someone will send over a link to listing of our closest color! Email: Contact@tanneryNYC.com
  3. We want to hear from you all! Do you prefer working with Full Sides? Or leathers Pre-Cut to specific sizes? What types of projects do you work on with Pre-Cut Leathers? What colors would you like to see that most Vendors don't currently offer? We'd love to hear some feedback! https://tannerynyc.com/
  4. A majority of our leathers are Chrome Tanned, Full grain leathers in a range of colors. We also offer Veg Tan and Top grain leathers as well. No, our leathers are natural grain and NOT corrected grain. We are very much in touch with Johanna and started advertising from your comments a little over a month or two ago. We are very happy with the output and traffic driven from this wonderful blog and are thankful it is offered as a tool. And Johanna knows how we feel too! She mentioned that she is cool with us posting promotions in the blog body as well.
  5. Dropping in to let you all know about a SALE we are now offering! Select Pre-Cut 8.5" x 11" Pre-Cut leather pieces are on a huuuuge sale. Value packs are even less! We're introducing a 10-Pack. 10 Pieces, 8.5" x 11" $54.99 !!! https://tannerynyc.com/collections/sale-pre-cut-leathers
  6. Yes! Thank you for the help! Most of our Leathers are sourced from South America but finished here in the USA. We have a small selection of leathers sourced & finished in Italy. Mostly Chrome Tanned with select Veg and Semi Veg articles!
  7. This is awesome!! Worth taking the time. Did you do the tooling yourself?
  8. Hey Everyone ! https://tannerynyc.com/ If you haven't shopped with us before, we'd like to introduce ourselves! TanneryNYC is a New York based Online Leather Supply store. We specialize in Soft/Supple cow leathers in a range of colors, finishes, and foils. From small Pre-Cut pieces, to 20 Sq Ft Sides, to even 55 Sq Ft Whole hides! We've got you covered. Fulfillment is done in NYC and we offer FREE shipping. Use our code for your first order to get 10% Off!! We also offer Wholesale pricing by request. Contact@tannerynyc.com for any questions !
  9. We've got a full range of Whole Hide Leathers (Link Below) Upholstery grade, but can be used for all applications. https://tannerynyc.com/collections/home-auto-upholstery
  10. Hey! Popping in to share our company! TanneryNYC is a New York based online Leather Supply company. We offer NO Minimums order requirements and Free Shipping anywhere in the US on order $25 & Above. See our site for industry best Soft hand feel Cow leather (3Oz / 1.1 - 1.3 mm Thickness) as well as more! We also offer Pre-Cut leathers, Half Sides, Full Sides, Whole Hides and More! We also offer the most exclusive craft accessories. Check us out: https://tannerynyc.com/ Use Code: WELCOME for 10% off First Orders!
  11. Hi! Thats an interesting idea actually. Repurposing used clothing to create leather goods. We actually recieve tons of positive feedback on our Nappa Lambskin to use as a liner for shoes and sneakers. Could definitely be used as a soft & supple liner for your handbag projects.
  12. Sorry everyone - We are new to the platform and were not aware how to use correctly. We hopefully will see some of you at our shop soon!
  13. See a photo here: Thanks Bob. Do you have a contact? I am super interested. Thought this was the best way
  14. This company specializes in making this amazing Leather Fringe! I haven't seen it anywhere else. Check it out here: https://tannerynyc.com/collections/leather-straps/products/black-leather-fringe-sold-by-the-foot
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