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  1. I appreciate what you're saying and it does apply. I have made some positive moves and have decided sell everything off anyways regardless of school. I don't want to rebuild with what's left. You see I built it all for her. I don't know that I as a singular unit wants or cares about any of those things if they are not to share. I look at this opportunity regardless how unlikely as a means to reach fir my dreams. The things I would do for myself. Not for her. I can appreciate that this seems "haphazardly" but I assure you this is a means to an end. That end being positive in both ways. A cleansing purge of the past and a possible new beg coming studying something I know is my passion. The masters program is $22,000 which is not far off of most art schools. It is a year long course. The second semester I am elligable to apply to be the "course reporter" which would save another $10,000 off of final tuition price. That and my $2700 scholarship would make it unrealistic not to attend. If I was to spend a year in Italy studying I would not want to leave anything in storage because I would not want to be held down in the face of opportunity. 3-8 graduates stays in Italy for internship or continued school for a second year. I appreciate healthy reservations and I appreciate most that you took the time to look into the school at least a little bit before nay saying. That is a very easy route for people who have never taken a chance. I figure at 34 years old with no children and no one to answer to the only one I would be upset with for not trying everything possible to make it happen would be myself. I only have to live with myself now. Thank you for your input to is acknowledged.
  2. Up for sale is an Artisan NP-7 bell knife skiver. servo motor operated. has table with wheels and lamp on table. Only selling because I'm trying to attend a leather arts school in italy and can't keep it all. I'd gladly buy it back the moment I got back to the states! Anyways it retails at $1550-$1650 machine is literally like new and has very low use. price is negotiable starting at $1300 available in the portland area and would consider delivery for a fee. I would also like to keep the machine until the second week in February. If all goes right class starts the 24th of february and I would like to continue to work until I leave. Any interested parties please feel free to contact me however you like. link to the same skiver: http://springfieldleather.com/30147/Bell-Knife-Skiver/ Anthony Loughan 715-271-9558 lousfineleather@gmail.com
  3. I've got a Consew 206rb-5 with all the bells and whistles. I am not including any pics because the machine is in beautiful condition and you can just image search one if you want to see it. I will provide pictures to any interested buyer of detailed mods. This machine was upgraded to include: speed reducer/torque increaser (2 belt system) http://www.allbrands.com/products/13324-superior-sr-2-speed-reducer-3-6-9-pulley-sr2-insta servo motor ($160) roller edge guide ($100) I also modified the servo motor so it has a much wider range in the pedal. You can sew as slow as you want in the beginning and also run at bobbin winding speed at the other end of the pedal. Machine is finely tuned and I have also had several walking feet modified to have lower profile and be easier to use in tight in spots. For the record. I love this machine it is my daily work horse and has been well taken care of. I am only selling because I hope to attend a Leather Arts School in Italy for the rest of the year. That includes selling off everything I own and moving in a backpack with my designs and a laptop. Don't want to store tools. I have a unique request of the interested buyer. I would prefer to keep this machine until I depart for classes. That would mean that the machine would be available for pick up the week of the 16th-22nd of February. If this works for you or any where around there I would appreciate you contacting me. I am firm at $1000 for the machine. It truly is ready to work! Its all going towards Tuition! Thanks for viewing. Anthony Loughan 715-271-9558
  4. Cheers Joeyrsmith! Thanks for the link! looks interesting for sure! A good possible option if I can't raise the loot in time for Accedemia Riaci
  5. I was awarded a $2700 scholarship to Acedemia Riaci in Florence Italy!

    1. LNLeather


      That sounds pretty exciting!

    2. SLudlow
  6. Cheers WScott! I got some news from the Acedemia Riaci in Italy today!!!! They awarded me a $2700 scholarship! Still a long ways uphill but I'd never be upset with myself for trying! Thanks for sending that article too. Its awesome what a camera can capture anymore. I use mine instead of a scanner all the time too.
  7. At this point it is my dream! I've recently had to define those dreams after a life changing decision was made for me by my ex-fiance now. I know you're right! I can't afford not to take this opportunity! Its really a scary time in my life. I don't want to let go of what I've built to this point but that was all with a woman that doesn't want that any longer. So its scary to work in this direction to realize the permanency of the most difficult thing I've faced to date. Thank you kindly for your support. The words you composed have meaning to me. This opportunity might not have come had other things not happened in the first place. Some of those things are just out of our control. The way you compared being able to afford to NOT take the risk truly strikes a note with me. Thank you for taking the time to send this message. And I'd love to read that article... to make it easy if you have a scanner you could just email it to me. lousfineleather@gmail.com
  8. It should only ever be the $6 plus nothing for handling if you ask me. You can order all your flat rate boxes from USPS for free. Only cost is tape and time. 2 of which I provide for my customers choosing to do business with me. I agree there is a large void to be filled by a proper retailer. My biggest struggle is finding unique hardware for upscaled design or tastes. Its all based off of western saddlery. Either that or the only reasonable selection you have to shop through a physical PAPER catalog then cross reference with a price list, then build your order like its 1970. Good luck to you on this venture!
  9. i think that makes a lot of sense! i'm excited to give that a try. I've had quite a few requests for this wallet and I haven't been happy with them. Thank you very much.
  10. I did use my new skiver and that did improve every area... regarding the skiving. Trouble is my pattern. I don't have the cover and liner pieces sized properly to work together. They are just off enough that it has messed with me. I can't seem to end my bottom inside stitch in a consistent place when I roll the other side edge of the wallet. these pics are just phoned in but I think you can see where the bridge stitches and construction are not symmetrical... its bugging me. I think I also make assembly more difficult than it needs to be too. But I'm sure I'll stumble upon a process after a few more.
  11. I have since attempted that wallet pattern several times without near the success. I think HCM hit the nail on the head. My pattern design is off. Pretty sure he's right because I have had different results each time i've attempted this wallet. Back to the drawing board and I'm bringing his notes. Thank you for the kind compliments on this wallet and the photography. I love how just creating a clean white background can create the focus on your work instead of busying the field. It really draws the eye to construction and detail. I have been working to include more models in my photography to show scale and application. that adds a lot to product shots too.
  12. Anyone know where to apply for scholarships having to do with Leather Schooling? I have an opportunity to study in Florence Italy and seeking a little help.

    1. WScott


      Congrats, what a great opportunity

    2. Leather by LOU

      Leather by LOU

      Thank you! I'm excited! just have to make it happen!

  13. I am writing this post on the off chance that someone, somewhere would like to help someone reach their dreams. While I carry no expectations of help, it couldn't happen at all if I didn't put this out to the universe. I am a motivated designer and maker of leather goods. I have been pushing my designs to as high a level as I feel I can teach myself. I am at a point in my skills that I seek some formal education regarding design and construction. Please view my website to see my work. www.portlandcustomleather.com There is a gallery and also some new bags I have made under "new totes" link. I am asking for help with tuition to this school. While tuition is quite steep the program offers many things that would not be possible any other way. I will be paying most of this out of pocket but am seeking help to complete the tuition costs. I am a person that works hard to improve the lives of people around me always will be. I promise with your help I too would pay it forward in the future. With the skills and things I learn at this school I plan to help teach others on this forum through videos and tutorials in time. I truly want to contribute what I learn to the rest of the people here that make this site so great. If you would like to read about the school and the program I hope to attend here is a link: http://www.accademiariaci.info/academics/leather-working/ And here is a link to my GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/63nfvk It is a page that allows for secure donations to my future! If you have any means to help donation levels are open to any amounts. Thank you so much for viewing this post and if you don't mind spread the word! Anthony Loughan Lou's Leather
  14. Curious if anyone here is familiar with this school I have been reading about. Below is a link to the program. It is based in Florence, Italy and has several year long programs in shoe making and bag making. 2 of which really appeal to me. While tuition is quite steep and most likely not the wisest investment in time and money I am considering it in regards to a big life change and find more value in the location than necessarily what I will take away. Either way I have been told by admissions that my prior experience and works would make me eligible for the master course which eliminates another 1 year prerequisite. Part of the reason I would like to study in Italy is because this program includes tours of tanneries, and manufacturing plants. Along with a "corporate research" program that allows the student to work with a major bag manufacturer to develop a design for production. You can read much more information at the link below. The program seems quite in depth and short of the cost seems like something i want every part of. Thanks in advance for any information regarding this school. I am also interested in other foreign options of leather school regarding complex construction of either apparel or bags and shoes. http://www.accademiariaci.info/academics/leather-working/
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