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  1. Folks, An opportunity has come up for my wife to take a very well-paying position out of the country, and it's more hassle than its worth to get all the legal stuff transferred to move my business. We've grown significantly since we started about a year back, and are currently the primary seller of Ritza25 on the market here in the US, as well as one of the major sellers of John James Needles. We are an online retail setup that has a fulfillment center in South Bend, Indiana that handles all of our orders (we ship the inventory to them, a purchase is made on our site, and it is then shipped out from there automatically). We have good relations with Julius Koch, with our Warehouse, and with a little tweaking could be off the ground running for you very quickly. In the sale includes: The Legal Entity, Ludlow Enterprises Group, associated EIN, and dba Ludlow Leather Supply Co. The Domain, LudlowLeather.com, as well as other associated domains and emails. Contract with TechnologyDrive fulfillment services Shopify store, themes, images, and all associated elements therof. Current inventory of thread and needles. Store inventory of leather (several hundred square feet of 3/4 and 4/5oz leather from Marfil Tannery, as well as over a hundred of our $7 belt blanks) All present business contacts, and contacts, and a rundown on how to get inventory from supplies into the shop All present bills and debts for the business at $0 Negotiable: Seiko clone of the Consew 206RB with ~15 hours on it, number of tools, manuals, magazines, etc etc Transportation of all physical items to a location within the continental US Price for the entire kit and caboodle, $5,000 Please contact me at 317-213-9437 to discuss. I've got all the inventory lists and such and can provide a more detailed rundown of our current state. As a note to our current customers, this is no way effects how we are running things, and we are continuing to update our inventory. We just run through it so bloody fast.
  2. SLudlow


    They also sell directly through "Tannery Row," it should be on their website. Springfield will get it to you quicker and for less, though they do sell only seconds.
  3. I fully support those who want to buy smaller quantities to go through those with Etsy shops. I know a number of the folks who run them, and they are great craftsmen in their own rights and certainly worthy of your buck! Now then, on to business. I got an order in this morning from the postmaster, and it contained the following: 0.8 Brown JK21 0.8 Cream JK6 0.8 Havanna Cigar JK77 0.8 Colonial JK79 0.8 Mid Brown JK7 0.8 Orange JK247 0.8 Red JK62 0.8 Blue JK14 0.8 Yellow JK56 1.0 Black JK23 1.0 Brown JK21 1.0 Cream JK6 1.0 Dark Green JK11 1.0 Havanna Cigar JK77 1.0 Beige JK2 1.0 Mid Brown JK7 1.0 Orange JK247 1.0 Red JK62 1.0 White JK1 1.0 Yellow JK56 These are going /firstly/ to the patient folks who have been waiting for nearly a month to get their orders. Customs is a real pain, and half of their orders got caught up in some rickamarole purgatory, and I got fed up enough to hire a customs broker to make sure this last package went through without a hitch. So, when these go up on the shop, there might be some limited availability. I know Colonial Tan in 0.8 is going to probably sell out quickly. So, expect these to come online at the shop sometime this week. That is of course in addition to the stuff we already have online.
  4. Just as an update, we just placed another order for about 60 kilometers worth of thread. So, hopefully soon all colors will be represented in the shop.
  5. Just as a follow up, we found them, and are having them shipped our way!
  6. I have no trouble having my Seiko variant of the 206rb sew two layers of 5oz leather, and even 2 layers of 9oz. Have you had the machine looked at by a professional by chance?
  7. Ah, fantastic! Thank you for the clarification.
  8. I appreciate the feedback. For every A grade 60" strap we get, we put aside maybe two or three B and C grade that we put aside. I've made belts of all sorts myself, and I know how frustrating it can be to pay money for something you can't use. The straps are now online at LudlowLeather.com Lead time for thread can be up to two weeks, simply because our supplier takes their time to get stuff out the door... Time to do a bulk order and get the stuff in permanent stock I think.
  9. Looking through their catalogue, it looks like they have stabbing awls, but I don't presently see any sort of sewing awl. They also have longer bookbinders awls. Reference is from their tool catalogue here: http://www.jjneedles.com/downloads/pdf%20jj.pdf
  10. I'd be happy to order some for the shop! I absolutely love John James, and think they would be a fine addition. I'll order a selection this afternoon.
  11. I've used the amazon display phones in the past; they work perfectly.
  12. Just wanted to update folks. We now carry John James Harness Needles, #2 and #4 at LudlowLeather.com Price is $4.50 for a pack of 25. Thanks! -Stefan Ludlow Owner, Ludlow Leather Supply Co.
  13. Landwerlen Leather Co. In Indianapolis has great buckles. Solid Brass Single Bar 1.5" at 3.75, and reasonable prices from there. All his buckles are top notch. (317) 636-8300 Ask for Eric. Tell him that Stefan sent you, ask to ship via a small flat rate box and your S&H should be less than $7. He's not going to be overly friendly, but ask SPECIFICALLY what you want and he will get it to you.
  14. There are of course different tannages. Could be the belt shoulders are tanned quickly in higher strength solution, giving a stiffer and slightly lower quality leather? Could be a number of things.
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