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  1. The rope tool was made by Raymond Tipton of bunkhousetools and he used his emboss roll #164
  2. Have you tried talking with the folks at Tippmann? They have always been very helpful to me... Tippmann Toll Free tech line is open M-F from 8:30-5 eastern. 866-286-8046 Please ask for the service dept. Hope this helps!
  3. I agree totally - If I'm using Super Sheen 2 coats work much better and then let it it over night... Also, if I use a damp paper towel to wipe it off, I fold the towel many times, * I have a firmer piece of flat towel to work with, which will leave more antique in the low spots, and you can also unfold and refold the towel to use up the other cleaner areas of the towel. Hi kkikoss This is some Antiquing info I got from Raymond Tipton of duckcreektraders and this is just some ideas to try, on your journey of learning leatherworking..... A lot of leatherworking is trial and error, and just finding what works for you - it is not always an exact science. Something to do is try doing what he says, on a small sample of leather - just to see how it turns out. Then next time while you are doing this, feel free to make changes or do things differently if you like how it looks. If I understand your question, it is about the 3rd picture where it says “I use the Feibings Antique with Tan-Kote at about a 50/50 mix? * This is to dilute the Antique - which will make it last longer. ** When I use Feibings Antique I use a separate jar to dilute my antique – one for each different color of Antique. *** Then when I am done with the leather dying/antiquing I put a cote or two of finish on. I hope this answers your question… ?
  4. YES, Thank you very much for posting these pictures - wish I was there too! How Wonderful finding all those photos - And yes I can smell the leather and various finish & dressings... I love the smell of leatherwork.
  5. Getting a Custom Emboss Die from CustomMadeStuff at https://www.etsy.com/shop/CustomMadeStuff - should be here on Tuesday

  6. I like your plain wallet and your stitching is grreat. I'm sure he will love that and use it well... I prefer the color of plain aged &/or sun tanned leather!
  7. Wooahhh - I'm glad I didn't miss this one. Awesome - This Is Nice!
  8. Getin' a sun Tan (leather of course)

    1. LNLeather


      Yeikes - it's Waaaay too hot here now....90 - 94 next week... Too much sun now

  9. OH Good - you are welcome camano ridge. I"m glad I was helpful and now I know what my next new stamp will be. Would you mind sharing Robert Beard's contact info or should I contact him via facebook? Yeah! I have Really liked that Rams Curl stamp since I saw MattW 's holster
  10. I know this is an old post, but periodically I look for stamps I don't have but Want... I also know this is not the same as the original poster's pic, but it was mentioned that maybe it was a Ram's Curl I thought I'd post a pic of the Ram's Curl stamped on leather. (pic is a close up from a holster by MattW here at LW.net) Hopefully I will find the stamp before I am too old to use it.... heheheh
  11. Basket Stamp is Barry King - Border tool is Wayne Jueschke

  12. Hi Thor, Thanks, 2 of my favorite stamps * Basket weave is Barry King - Basket Stamps: Rope Size: 3 * Border tool is Wayne Jueschke - Leather Stamp #171 You can Google Wayne Jueschke and find web info and images of his stamps - he doesn’t have a website and the best way to contact him is to call on the phone. Wayne Jueschke P. O. BOX 1895 Elko, NV 89803 775-738-4885
  13. Very Nice! I love your work Bob. I like the different backgrounding and how it is so even - that really shows off the knot work. I also really like the tooling on the spine and how that came out all so even... I think I"d probably goof that up. Nice piece, Really Nice Notebook!
  14. Hi again, I have collected some tips over the years - from others - and thought I might share some... * try beveling in the opposite direction than you usually do. It not only helps to learn how to tool both directions, but you may also find your tooling is cleaner going 'backwards'. I found out lately by doing this that my beveling is cleaner when I go left to right instead of right to left even though the latter feels more natural. * The other thing that you could be doing is pushing the tool downward on the leather as you are tooling this causes the tool to catch on the leather as you move it along the cut. Try holding it a hair off of the surface of the leather, this will take some practice but keep it up and you will have it down in no time. * When you are done take the beveler, and use it like a modeling tool by running it over the section you did to iron out the highs, and lows. Don't hit it, just slide it over by hand. Also, there is a plastic beveler available from Springfield Leather that fits in a swivel knife handle that works well for long & straight lines Blade Plastic Beveler Hope this helps
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