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  1. I have bought several of the Bunkhouse tool company molds including most of there blackpowder offerings and have been happy with them. As to Denix, I am a distributor for them. There list price is expensive however I sell to fellow leather workers at my price plus shipping so it is very close in price to blue guns, denix ect. PM me if you want more information.
  2. Are you still doing custom embossing plates? I have one i woulld liek to have made in two sizes.  Let me know. I will send you a picture of the art work and you can let me know if you can do it and price. Thanks.


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    2. camano ridge

      camano ridge

      Nick, sorry my in box was full and I did not know it. Attached is the art work I would want to be as close as possible, if possible. I would need two, one approximately 1 1/4" tall and the 2nd one 2 1/4" tall Width would be proportionate.


      Nick, if it is easier here is my direct email  kreimans@aol.com.


    3. Studio-N


      let me work on it and I'll let you know.

    4. tossik


      I also need some maker mark stamps, can you contact me with pricing at tossik@gmail.com? Thanks!

  3. I have Sig P238 with CT. However I currently have 4 holster all wanted by Christmas. So it will be a bit before I can loan it out. FYI you can get the Crimson Trace shell for I can't remember if it is $25.00 or $30.00 it will fit on the P238 blue gun.
  4. Correction to the above it is Jared, Defensive Carry Concepts http://www.defensive....com/index.html they don't list the mold guns they make on there site email him from there contact us and he will get back to you with a list of what they make. I checked and the last one I got from them is a Kimber Ultra CDP II.
  5. There is a guy that has been on these forums that makes some that no one else does. Pretty sure he has the Ultra carry II. I think his screen name is Jerod and his company is Concealed Carry concepts. I will see if I can find his posts.
  6. For a vertical old school style, Stohlmans holster book has a pattern.
  7. I would mold first then antique then seal. When yo seal you are trying to make it water resistant also the Eco Flo is a water based product you stand a good chance of washings ome of the antiquing away.
  8. That might be problematic, it is not going to break as cleanly as a snap. You might have to grab a tab and pull it a part instead of just a quick flip with the thumb like a snap.
  9. Glue and stitch. The problem you may find is that the hook part will want to grab onto some clothing. I this a full flap or a thumb break type.
  10. I am not sure what you are referring to. In the top hole of the stiffener is a rivet, in the bottom hole is a line 24 snap. Snaps and rivets can be purchased from Tandy, Springfield leather most leather supply stores.
  11. Larry this might help, here are some pictures of thumb break. T warren said he is cutting off the unslotted end of a hose clamp then he would have to drill holes in it and round the ends off. You can get ready made ones. From the bluegunstore.com High Dessert Leather or Springfield Leather. I just bought some from Springfield I think they were about .59 cents each. I have bought from bluegun and High Desert in the past both products are good.
  12. Collete, My sources for gator and croc are Roje leather http://www.rojeleather.com/ Mark Staton Company http://www.markstatonco.com/ and Johnny Fong in San Fransisco http://johnfongexoticleathers.com/ Both Johnny Fong and Mark Staton Company will cut pieces to your specifications. They charge a little more per foot but it is cheaper then buying the whole hide. Spring field leather often has croc back strap.
  13. I assume the LEO is aware hazards of a SOB. Usually one of the concerns of the SOB is that if a person were to fall backwards the gun would end up being between the spine and the ground. For most people it would be unlikely that they would fall or at least a small chance. However being LEO puts him in situations of possibly running in pursuit or tussling with the bad guy, so the opportunity for injury increases. Also it is in the middle of his back that puts the area out of his forward and peripheral vision. Because SOB's do not usually have a thumb break or other retention strap it would be easier for some one to get to the gun and harder for him to retain it. Not much a holster maker can do about those. It will be up to the user to have awareness of those problems. .
  14. I am glad he clarified things for you. I am a knife maker and sheath maker. No way are things going to happen the way he first described. However if you notice he has a logo or what ever it is supposed to be there is no doubt that is acid etched. O would say he is right it had nothing to do with your sheath. It was there before he put it in the sheath and did not notice it. Any acid strong enough to pit metal in two minutes would have destroyed sheath.
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