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  1. I just bought two from him, too small. Thanks just the same. Buckleguy on the left.
  2. Anyone happen to know where I can purchase a 1 1/2 inch heel bar buckle in antique brass with a 5mm pin?
  3. Tubular rivet Search: 20 results found for "tubular rivets*" (ohiotravelbag.com)
  4. Solid Brass Clinching Nails (zackwhite.com)
  5. I've made contact with Service Thread, thanks for the information.
  6. I have heard of VanNatta through Gerald Beranek (High Climbers and Timber Fallers). I have webbing slings and use them occasionally but my primary slings are loopie and whoopie made from Tenex. These straps were purchased new and still are but without eyes for reasons unknown to me. Without at least one eye they are pretty much useless, even as a tie down.
  7. Now that's beneficial information, thank you. Let's not assume I'm using these for any critical applications. My working slings and ropes are the best . I was given these straps because they didn't have eyes, they could be used for securing brush or small trailer loads of lumber, hold a refrigerator to a hand cart among other things.
  8. Just a loop on one or both ends. Found it, http://www.coatsindustrial.com/en/products-applications/industrial-threads/dabond
  9. Dwight; The straps webbing strength is 10,000 but the working limit is 3300lbs. The strap is 1/16" thick by 2 " wide. These are not for resale but my own non critical personal use and I'm well aware of load limits. I'm just looking for the proper thread to use in my CB4500.
  10. I want to stitch a 10,000 lb. cinch strap, what thread and where can I purchase this thread? Thanks.
  11. Cut what you can and then sand it. Too much flesh left when they skinned it.
  12. How do I get rid of this column?

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