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  1. Thanks you soooo much! Anvil (i buy the mini one) + cut shorter the rivet length (1-2 mm max) = work great!
  2. I cut off at maybe 3-4 mm over de burrs. Will check for an anvil and try again. Thanks for your andwer, I will let you know how it goes after this ajustment
  3. I have trouble to use rivet #9 I use the hole tool to push de burr in the copper rivet. After it cut the edge excess but when it come to make the finish with the dome tool, tue burr goes out of the rivet. What i make wrong? First i think the rivet was too short, order longer rivet but have the same effect.. :/ Could it be because I don't use a anvil on the base?
  4. Ohhhh thanks for your answer. I will check for copper rivet.
  5. What is the name of this rivet to fix a flat rigging plate like this ? The back of the rivet don't have a cap, is it a hole. Thanks! :)
  6. Hi, I need to repair an old saddle and i have to rivet a flat rigging plate but i don’t know the name to find the rivet. The rigging plate look like this Image but the rivet is nickel of something like that and it is seam bigfee than a copper rivet with blurr. Also the back of the rivet is not cap (it is an hole). thanks for your help
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