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  1. Thank you all for the nice words! I needed them because I am not too happy with the piece although there is a lot of work in it. AND I measured the length from the last hole instead of the middle hole! Sheilajeanne: Background is painted. YinTx: You are right, the next belt will have a turnback loop again.
  2. I tried my hand on a design of Don Gonzales – still a long way to go. It's meant to be a present for a friend who won't be too critical. Comments welcome.
  3. I'll second this! And I like the word "Pigasus"!
  4. I see your point but it would be nice to have clean, sharp edges not needing to be sanded.. Have any of you ever sandwiched first and tooled afterwards (and thereby avoided the need of taping )?
  5. Don't scratch it. I'm interested because I seem to be unable to glew two straps together (lined up properly). I'd use oversized straps and cut them to belt size after glewing. But what to do if the outside is tooled ... ? Nice video btw.
  6. This is ART! Not what I would want to pack the big iron in when I were roving around in the wild west, but nevertheless proof of exceptional craftsmanship! My favorite is the eagle-skull.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words! I filled the whole strap with impressions, cut off the excess and made a keeper of it. It would be my pleasure if you could make use of the idea!
  8. The template made of a plastic folder and two rulers helped a lot. Comments welcome.
  9. Gorgeous bag, great video -- thanks for the descriptive presentation of the production process!
  10. Why I like it complicated and don't simply scribe a middle line on a belt (with angled BW) I explained in anaother thread ("simple basketweave belt"). Here I present another Philosopher's Stone. Actually I'm aiming for a machine in which the stamp clicks in and is then moved automatically from position zu position. In the Video I show a more simple prototype : https://youtu.be/BDUniAceKmo
  11. Yeah … the obsession ... I'll throw something together. But I do not consider myself being qualified as a teacher here. I'm happy with every little progress I make and from time to time I discover the Philosopher's Stone which, after a while, proves to be just a stone ...
  12. Thanks for the compliments! Since I had ruined a belt recently, I reassessed the angle I had found (paper ) on leather as well - its exactly the same! To me this is important because I want the impressions to run along the fold line. As I said ... it's an obsession. ..
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