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  1. Gorgeous bag, great video -- thanks for the descriptive presentation of the production process!
  2. Why I like it complicated and don't simply scribe a middle line on a belt (with angled BW) I explained in anaother thread ("simple basketweave belt"). Here I present another Philosopher's Stone. Actually I'm aiming for a machine in which the stamp clicks in and is then moved automatically from position zu position. In the Video I show a more simple prototype : https://youtu.be/BDUniAceKmo
  3. Yeah … the obsession ... I'll throw something together. But I do not consider myself being qualified as a teacher here. I'm happy with every little progress I make and from time to time I discover the Philosopher's Stone which, after a while, proves to be just a stone ...
  4. Thanks for the compliments! Since I had ruined a belt recently, I reassessed the angle I had found (paper ) on leather as well - its exactly the same! To me this is important because I want the impressions to run along the fold line. As I said ... it's an obsession. ..
  5. Thank you @noobleather and @Smartee! I didn't do much in the meantime. Just oiled the piece and did the single-layer-edges: Moistened, slicked, dyed with oil dye, rubbed in a mixture of bees wax and glycerin soap (which might be nonsense from a scientific point of view but seems to work well [Woody Allen: "Whatever Works" ]).
  6. Thank you, @hawgrider !
  7. @SickMick, @fredk and @YinTx thank you for the compliments! @fredk you are right. I should have added some more rows on the backside and completed the border stamping.
  8. Thank you both, Vyo and Rohn , for your kind words!
  9. …and still obsessed with angles. Since I've ruined a belt strap lately I was in need of some kind of self-therapy and this is what I came up with. It's a modified Stohlman-pattern for a C02-revolver that I've bought some years ago for my then adolescent son. Certainly not a spectacular piece. But I'm ready now to attack another belt strap. Comments welcome.
  10. I had the same idea but gave in to time pressure and made my first 4 dopp kits (christmas presents) the simple way. 1 Inch wide straps of 8-9 oz leather, I guess?
  11. LederRudi

    Vintage style briefcase

    I'm impressed! That's serious leatherwork!
  12. LederRudi

    Practice Flower Done

    Thanks for the info!
  13. LederRudi

    Practice Flower Done

    Another flawless piece! Beautiful design, beautiful Carving, perfect stitching! What you are telling about the thread might for my Level of understanding as well be chinese. I'm using thick prewaxed thread from Tandy. Some of it responds to the lighter flame after finishing the stitching, some of it doesn't. That's all I can say. Seems that I have to do some research in this field.