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  1. No interior pockets in this one, only an outside pocket. Want to add interior pockets if I make another one and probably line it too thank you all and especially thanks to the answers in Dutch
  2. Been a while since I have posted anything but I certainly was busy and made two weekender bags, both fully hand-stitched as I don't have a machine. Lot of work, sore hands, but worth it The first one was more of a tryout of some furnish leather I still had laying around. It was way too thin for any straps, so I lined them with black pigskin and folded the edges over to get a black accent. Stitched over it to reduce stretching. Did not put tie down on this one yet, as I did not know how with the side pockets being in the way. Someone liked the bag a lot, so it was sold before it was even finished (which made me quite proud). I did not ask much for it, but the money I got gave me the chance to buy some nice new leather and make a bag for myself, using the experience of the first bag. Still made some mistakes and have some not so nice stitches (lost focus at some point), but happy with the overal result. I've used 4oz tan color veg leather for the bag and 5oz black for the bottom and straps. Also made a shoulder-strap lined with black pigskin to prevent stretching. As I had some leather left I also made a backpack. The black at the back is an outside pocket. Patterns are from DieselpunkRo and for the weekend bags I modified the patterns myself. Let me hear what you think and if you have any tips or modifications I should take into account next time.
  3. That is great to hear! (sorry for my delayed answer, for some reason I just don't get notifications of responses, so look at this forum occasionally). I love the patterns of Tony too! What's your name on his page? I'm Mary I just finished the Boston bag (maybe you have seen). Need to make better pictures and will post here too. Now I'm working on the Messenger bag. I've just watched a video from Armitage Leather on YouTube about edge burnishing. It's a skill I do not quite master yet. Armitage is using 2 kinds of burnishers though, 1 more rounded and one for the more flat edges. It is key that the burnisher touches the leather well. Haha.... the stitching plugs... it's a pain in the but! I have a piece of tape at hand to 'pick them up' and also a cup to put them in, as I have a simple punch that I can close off with my fingers and empty in the cup when needed. On this weekender bag I used edge burnishers in a Dremel tool, which made it a lot more convenient I must say, but still, they could be better.
  4. That is really nice! My basket weave skills are terrible when I see this.
  5. Thank you all for the kind and positive comments. @ Scoutmom103: It definitely can carry weight Lot's of unnecessary stuff I carry around.... LOL. I've got the pattern from DieselpunkRo @ Etsy. Lot's of nice DIY patterns. Dimensions are 12x6 inch, but you also get a larger pattern of 20x10 inch @ Riem: dankjewel. Yes I hand stitched. I like hand stitching, don't want to use a machine (don't have one, can't buy one either). That said, I'm looking into buying a good diamond chisel cause I like that more than the punched holes. Might be difficult with these patterns though, cause they are all perfectly aligned with the amount of holes. I used rubber cement for the lining. Yes, edges of the strap are more rough. It was a different piece of leather as I did not have a piece long enough and for some reason the flesh side was more rough too. Still figuring out how to get the edges real smooth. It's getting better with the next bag I think, just a lot of practice I need to do. I use a little gum trac now, then edge with my Dremel and an edger with different widths on it (via eBay) and then again with some bees wax. Next time I want to try some edge kote. It's still not as smooth as can be. I think I either use too much or not much enough gum trac? @Flashmojo & Sheilajeanne: yes correct, Fiebings Pro Saddle Tan @ScoobyNewbie: Color is mainly the dye, the pure neatsfoot did not do that much anymore, but I only applied 1 coat after dying. Luckily it's not that shiny because of the resolene. I was afraid too it would become to shiny. I've cut out all the pieces for the next bag, did the edges and applied two coats of pure neatsfoot now. It darkened a little, but still not much, so I think I'll do another coat tomorrow. Then I need to decide if I put mink oil on or carnauba creme, or maybe both? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Long time I have done anything, years.... Now I've done a handbag from a pattern. Dyed with Fiebing's pro tan dye, then oiled with neatsfoot (unfortunately compound, the pure was in the shed and I forgot), then finished with resolene. 6oz veg tan leather. Lined with black pig skin. Turned out a little stiffer than I anticipated. Some say I should oil first (with pure neatsfoot obviously), then dye, not use resolene. My next project I'm thinking of only using neatsfoot and finish with carnauba creme or mink oil. Any advice is appreciated. Still happy with it though, it's in use
  7. No luck at Ohio travel bag or hardwareelf, they don't know where i would be able to get these end caps. I give up , have to think of something else...
  8. Still not the rights ones, sorry... Macculloch has round ones, what i'm looking for is not round
  9. Thanks Tree Reaper. I already looked through their whole catalogue, but cannot find these particular ones though.... Does anyone know if it has a particular name?
  10. Thanks, but I'm really looking for these ones with a screw as it's for the exact same type of bracelet.
  11. Can anyone help me where I can find these kind of end caps? I'm googling for two days by 'end cap', 'end cap for cuff', 'end cap for bracelet' as well as via 'how to.....' but just cannot find them. Help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Marietje


    These are awesome! Can you explain to me how to make the knots on the connector? Not on the end of the reins, but the single one connecting to the reins itself? I'm hitching horse hair reins and need some rein connectors. Cannot buy nice ones in The Netherlands so I want to make them myself with a 4-strand round braid (or more strands if that is better?). As the whole bridle and reins are made by myself I would like to finish it off with own-made connectors too When making the loop I get 8 strands in total and want to make a nice knot with that. I know how to make a crown knot and can do with the 8 strands in 4 pairs of 2, but it does not look that good and I'm afraid the knot is a little too small? Do you use a core in the rein connectors? I have a leather braiding book but cannot find how to make a knot with 8 strands. Any way you can help me?
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