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  1. Eben, thanks for the leather, still thinking about projects to make with it!!

  2. Thank you very much for the links to obtaining waxed canvas!
  3. Looking great, waxed canvas just difficult to get hold of
  4. Wreford

    Sami style coffee bag

    My prototype, next one will be much better. Google it to some really nice ones
  5. I recently made the above bag. All the photos of the bag on the internet are with the seams on the inside. Does anybody know why that is? Makes making it more complicated.
  6. Wreford

    Tool roll conversion

    Thanks, have to try it out for a while to see if it is practical
  7. Wreford

    Tool roll conversion

    This is what i ended up with. Should I treat the inside which is very soft and silky with something like wax or oil?
  8. Wreford

    Veg Tanned Leather

    Hi Eben. Im in Bloem, leather working on a small scale as a hobby. Will definately cobtact you for leather. Thanks
  9. Wreford

    Tool roll conversion

    Hi Riem Im from the FS, very limited access to any of the above. Very frustrating! The positive about that is that i learn to do things the basic way, slowly but surely improving - i hope.
  10. Wreford

    Tool roll conversion

    Thank you Kiwican, much appreciated. I'm a total novice as far as leather work is concerned and eager to learn. It all started when i needed to make a pouch for the wooden pens i make by hand and im just worried now ... Is this addictive???
  11. Wreford

    Tool roll conversion

    Good morning I'd really like some assistance please. I want to make the attached link roll out of leather. Will it be as easy as just folding the bottom part over and stitch the pockets or will the 'fold over' section have to be bigger and separate in order to make room for the bulges of, for example deodorant? Their tutorial says to cut two similar size pieces and sew together. Any assistance in this regard will be appreciated.