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  1. The pattern didn't fit the required file size so here it is Witcher_purse_pattern.pdf
  2. Now this took a while to make.... Not much else I can say other than point you to the video of making it
  3. Thank you! It is meant to resemble a quill so it’s mostly a design choice
  4. I once designed a simple cylindrical pencil case which ended up holding some of our tools. This meant we still couldn't hold pencils in anything else other than jars :D so we needed something more adequate. I came up with this meanwhile and struggled a bit to implement it but I think it was worth it. You can watch it being made here
  5. Would you like to make this? If so, use crazy horse / oil tanned. Don't forget to grab the pattern Tarnished_hip_bag_pattern_by_Leatherhub.pdf
  6. A bag based on one of our older designs that was made to carry 17 inchers. I recently bought an M1 Mac and I was very eager to make another since I really liked the first. You can watch it being made here
  7. It came out great and I very much appreciate the support. I presume you'll be taking a well deserved break for your hands. I surely did
  8. Haven't posted for some time but here is some of our latest work. We used some soft .8 mm goatskin and stuffed it with a pillow. How do you like it ?
  9. As part of our commitment to making things easier for our community, we made a bag where the knots needn't be tooled but cut and stitched instead. I once made a wallet full of Celtic motifs and it took me two days just to tool the cover whereas the same time was required for this bag to be constructed bottom up. Well perhaps the result is not as good as could have were it tooled but I think it's satisfying nonetheless. The process of making it was captured here and the pattern can be found along with many other project on our website. Thanks for the time!
  10. I second this. I use Inkscape for patterns and all of the graphics I need like logos, watermarks etc... I find it a really pity that people avoid it in favor of AI whose interface is less intuitive and slows you down. I get it, it's meant to serve as a language in a sense so that it can continue to be industry standard but for us non professionals I think we're paying for something we don't benefit from. I think Inkscape is more similar to Corel Draw which I never used but which had I to, I'd take instead of AI at any time due to its one time payment option. I must admit that AI is faster and works better on Macs but you'll hardly notice differences in performance if you'll not be doing advanced graphic design. Lastly, I think people tried it on Windows where it sort of lacks in performance almost the same as it does on Mac OS ( slow canvas rendering, zooming and other issues ) but were you to try it on Linux ( which is also free ) its performance might impress you.
  11. Hi! We've been at it again and this is what came out. It's made out of 3 oz veg tan and stuffed with a full polyester pillow. Everything is hand stitched and dyed just as you like it. We have a video for it if you'd like to take a look and of course the pattern which can be found at our website.
  12. If you'll make this one first then the egg will seem much easier so perhaps you should build them the other way around. They're both fun projects and you should be prepared to part with them quickly after finishing. We already had several offers for ours. I guess we're accustomed to declining after we resisted selling the facehugger mask several times. Thank you very much for supporting our work and we really hope you'll be having fun.
  13. Thank you! It really was a lot of stitching but It made everything we made so far much much easier. I guess that's how one pushes oneself.
  14. Hello everyone! We've been busy lately and this is what we have to show for it. Quite some work went into this project and you can watch it being made here. Pattern, photos and more information here
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