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  1. Lo and behold, the leather Jack O'Lantern with pattern and tutorial just in time for Halloween. Time to redeem your souls for all the pumpkins that suffered by your kitchen knives!
  2. My daily commute backpack got a bit of an upgrade and a new pattern and video tutorial.
  3. Thank you! We wanted to achieve that finger like look and also that everyone would be able to.
  4. Indeed that's possible. Thank you for clearing it out! Thank you!
  5. Hi! So I uploaded this a couple of days ago and got it taken down. Asked why for, didn't received an answer. An error perhaps? Anyway here it is again, our take on the facehugger mask. You can watch it being made here
  6. In our quest for diversifying the craft and because we were commissioned for a biker hip bag, we came up with this design that didn't get too much love from the crafting community. I suspect it's the grumpy face that keeps people away :D. In any case it was a very fun and challenging project and we're proud to present it whenever the chance occurs.
  7. Thank you! It won't fit my head but here are some with its actual owner :D
  8. Straying further away from the traditional applications of leather we tried something new and while not particularly useful, this was a challenging project which pushed our skills a bit further. We used 7 oz for the mask and 6 oz veg tan for the horns. The mask is also wet formed in the nose and cheeks area and the teeth have also been modeled a bit. TL;DR, here's how we did it.
  9. Thank you sir! Please contact me on Etsy if you need my help.
  10. The longer strap fastens the flap on the vertical side and the smaller ones secure it on the horizontal. The leather is reinforced at the end of the long strap because I didn't use veg tan and there's no chance it can come off without unfastening the small strap that's sewn on top of it ( which slides through that loop pretty tight ). What you get is a flap that won't move sideways nor will it wobble while the bag is being held by the handle ( I have a problem with those ). It's a really functional build and any extra accessories would be just for decor. I aimed for a bag that uses little to no hardware and this is what I came up with. I carry my 17" laptop in it and it's just fine. I really love your wonderful work!
  11. Back to making less weird stuff, we made a cap. How do you like it? Well actually go get the pattern and show us instead of saying it . Oh also don't forget to see the video of its making.
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