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  1. Thank you. Working thorough the mistakes is the fun challenging part. Even better when they are happy mistakes that make the end product better. As for the color I have just the tiniest bit on my sponge so the color stays light and just barley touch the edges with the black for the sunburst effect.
  2. Hello Everyone, First off been on here for a while just haven't posted yet. I just wanted to say thank you all for someone who is just starting out. About 6 months into leatherwork, I'm also into music/recording/making audio gear, artwork and writing when I have time. I've been mainly working some small stuff. I did a breifcase/messenger bag for my laptop/tablet and a sketchbook. I can post pictures of that later, that I view as more of an excercise in what not to do. A. I used sewing machine thread for it since that's all I had around, and I didn't want to invest anything/know where find or what kind of thread to buy, Especially since It was made out of a shoulder I had lieing around for years and it was a huh, lets see what I can do with this sort of project. (B.) I sewed on the gussets FIRST . . . yeah . . . Attaching the shoulder-strap was a headache. But here's two other things I 've done since then. First Is a "Gaming Notebook" I made my wife. We met on World of Warcraft so I figured it would be a fitting gift for here, that and she's always jotting down notes on stuff when she's playing games so I thought huh, let's make something she doesn't have to fish through a pile of scratch paper on her desk when she's looking for notes. Also got a cheap calculator for her to run stats for the inside poket . I do know I need to finish that inside pocket edge, just need to get more purple dye, I might just run black down it though, haven't decided yet. Next the WoW theamed mousepad,This again was leather I had around, as you can most likely tell by looking it's been around for a while. It was a crap I used as part of my soldering station(thus all the burn marks). I just started using as a mousepad because I couldn't find mine after we moved, and it was already on my desk. So I carved a horde logo(using a cuticle trimmer that I use for also for rounding my edges) and put some die on it. I used red ecoflo for the logo orinally, and tried to keep it light when I dyed the rest using fiebings, but it went darker, It's ok though, looks ok and is functional. Thanks for your time, and again, for being a great community! Feel free to let me know what you all think as well and where I have room for improvement
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