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  1. Looking to buy Singer shoe patcher 29k series or similar in or around Los Angeles or Las Vegas NV. I do not want the cheap Chinese version modified or not.
  2. I got rid of my techsew 5100 and bought a cobra class 4. Way better machine IMO. However, both of my machine i bought used so previous owners care and maintenance most likely made a difference with the machine. Techsew wouldn't help me at all because I didn't buy from them. Cobra on the other hand has great customer service in my experience. Both machines are made in China. Probably from the same factory.
  3. Is there a machine you are looking for to replace this? I am in CA so not to far out of the way.
  4. I am sorry you are experiencing issues that prevent you from something that you love. Especially with your kind of experience. Are you selling the items?
  5. Wish I was closer to get this. Great price!
  6. Do you have the Springfield XDS 9? Someone just requested me to make one and it will be my first holster.
  7. Do you have a sample belt you put through this machine you can post?
  8. Sent you a message and I emailed you back. Sorry for delay.
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