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  1. Hello I am selling my Leather equipment and more. I have a Luberto Classic, Landis 8" splitter plus everything in photos. I am selling it all for $4000 to be picked up here in Oklahoma City area. Pleas PM me if interested. Thank you. Randy
  2. Hello. I am selling my Cowboy 0797 sewing machine. It is in great shape. I sew with thread #138 mostly and it does a great job. I would need it to be picked up locally. I live in the Oklahoma City area. I am selling it for $600. It has its own oil pan that keeps everything oiled really well! Thanks for looking. 405-205-3274 Randy
  3. Frodo. I will let you know hat happens. Thanks R
  4. Hi David. I remember our conversation, and will let you know. Thanks
  5. I will do that. I have some folks that have asked if I am parting out. But for now I would like to sell out as a whole. But I will keep it in mind. Thanks Randy
  6. Hi JL. Its caiman. The side I am holding up is cape buffalo. Belt blanks are water buffalo. Hi Rodney. I would like to sell as a lot. I am in the OKC area.
  7. Hello. I am selling my leather working equipment. I would like to sell it as a whole. Also would like to have for pick up here in Oklahoma. $5000 for all I have! What I have are the following, I wont have everything written on here because there is a lot. 1- Luberto Classic stitcher. 1- Cowboy 0797 sewing machine. Landis 8" splitter (new modle). 3 in 1. All kinds of leather tooling. etc Also leather from Wickett and Craig. Side of Cape Buffalo from Amburg Leather. Belt blanks (water buffalo) and buckles. Chemicals, dies, hand stamp tools, Barry King maul. round knives, skiving knives, punches, etc. To much to list. Thank you for looking Randy (405) 205-3274 >
  8. I have a 12" Fortuna band knife splitter or sale. It is used and in good shape. I moved into a different direction with and do not use it. I am in Oklahoma City area and would like to have it picked up here. Let me know if you are interested? Asking $1200 Thank you Randy.
  9. The Artisan has been sold!
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