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  1. Would you continue on with them at this point if they wanted to do business?
  2. Nice where did you get your stamp?
  3. I have become a skull person lol it seems thats what I do more than any other image lol. Thanks! Here is the image I used.
  4. Yes that was the look I was going for. Thank you so much! Thank you, I need to share more. Its nice to hear other people like my work. Its that extra motivation to get better. Thanks I lost some of the detail when I folded the holster to sew it together.
  5. I have found the more simple the image the harder it is to tool... this image took three tries to get it to look like I wanted.
  6. ITs projects like that hits you in the feelz....
  7. What material do you use for the stamp?
  8. I would but its an online order. I ended up doing just that. Thanks
  9. I am making a holster for a Ruger p85 and I have tons of of molds but not the P85. Was hoping one of you gun guys can point me to a compatible gun to use to help with the making of this holster. Thanks
  10. Thanks! Yeah I have done a little of that lol. it kept her alive lol I hope so, maybe I can make a few bucks... I need to advertise as seen on tv lol.
  11. Anyone know Savoy? Seems like the dropped of the planet....
  12. Circles are almost a deal breaker lol they can be very difficult.
  13. Thank you! First! Thank you for your service!!! Second! Thank you for the compliment!
  14. Man it make me want to make one! Yours looks great. Whats the story on the eye and number?
  15. Thank to all that commented! I was very honored for them to allow me to work with them! I cant wait to see the movie. I did get some cool Autographed pictures!
  16. This is the Holster thats in the movie, its just all black in the movie. This shows the details a little better than the all black one.
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