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  1. Oh, here is the picture video of it.
  2. Here is a pattern for those Welders Arm Pads. Pipeline Welders need something on their off side arm to protect them from the heat of the pipe and the sparks that burn up their shirts and arm. I tried to find some help a couple of years ago to make some of these. Well, I was told to build my own, so here it is. Someone else might want some help. I've tried several and this one is the easiest to build and works good. Welders Arm Guard by Mark Condit 2020.pdf
  3. Thank You so much. I will be calling them monday morning.
  4. I am looking on the internet for Valley Stirrup Company,, can NOT find it. Is there such a company? does anybody have website? phone number? catalog? how can I get in touch with them?
  5. Oh, I have asked them, can't ever get a straight answer, I get answers like ole so and so had one and it was really cool, sure wish i had one like that. The last on said he saw one that had some kind of buckles like were used on harness,,,,,,,,, i was hoping somebody had some pictures,, I kind of know what they want, since they can buy one made in china. I'll get something figured out then go from there.
  6. any body out there make an arm pad for pipeline welders? I have some requests for such a thing and would sure like some input.
  7. Oh, not much to say, enjoy leather work, try to build a saddle every once in a while.

  8. I need to know where i can buy those angled stirrups. Not those aluminum ones, I want wooden ones covered with sheet metal, that I can cover with leather. I have seen them so I know they exist. I would like them 3" wide in the deep roper version , over shoe size.
  9. mwcondit


    What do you use now instead of Neatlac?????????? or can you buy Neatlac somewhere? i can't find it anywhere
  10. Does anybody out there make an arm pad for these pipeline welders? I need some ideas, some photos maybe. I just happend to know lots of these pipeline welders that use a leather arm pad to lay on the pipe to brace themselves. They can buy one that is made in china of course, but some of them talk of some hand made ones. I have not seen any and could sure use some ideas, patterns, photos, thanks.
  11. from the looks of your knife making skill, you will not have any problem with the leather. Tandy Leather Factory of course handles an Al Stolhman book about hand stitching, which will tell you all you need to know about that, and I would say that hand stitching would be the best way for you, every stitch can be perfect. and they also have some books from Al Stolhman about building covers and boxes,, there are three of those books, very good information in them that would help you.
  12. Ok, I am looking for the best way to put the "In Skirt" rigging in. I think it will allow more forward movement of the stirrups and less pinch on the leg. What is the best way to put it in for heavy roping saddle. There is a guy here in Oklahoma that puts cavilar into his rigs, stitched between the skirt and the filler kind of,, I think that is OVER KILL,,,,,,,,,, What is the best way?
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