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  1. Thank you, I would've liked more detail but It would've made it difficult to properly seat(or remove) the firearm. I agree the one on the right could've used a bit more detail up near the sight line however.
  2. Its one piece instead of two unlike the traditional pancake. The front and back piece are connected in front of the barrel.
  3. The new owner was happy with it but wanted to post it here for any critique, good or bad. Thank you.
  4. My first attempt at making this holster to accommodate a taclight.
  5. fks1

    Tippmann Boss

    I purchased my Boss new in Mar 2016. It has been inside my house since and is still being used. I purchased a center presser foot, left presser foot and material edge guide which is included. This is in the same pristine condition out of the box. Buyer pays shipping unless you can meet in OC California. 1200.00
  6. Nice work! Where are you buying your hardware from? Crystals, spots, rivets or studs?
  7. I have purchased "pro oil dye" online on two occasions. The bottle that i received said "Pro Dye" but does not indicate "oil dye". Are they the same?
  8. I dont know from experience but I would think that the Neatsfoot would affect the adhesion of the acrylic since you're putting a water base over oil.
  9. My advice would be to lay the belt in a way that will emphasize the detail. A burlap is nice background for a leather belt. Take the pic outdoors in the morning when the lighting is more overcast or softened by the clouds, yet will cast soft shadows that aren't too contrasty. The idea is to try to emphasize the area that you are most proud of. It may be the stamping, or the burnished edges, or just the thickness etc. Lastly and probably most important is to shoot the pic in manual mode at the widest aperture possible (2.8-3.5). This will blur the background and put the point of focus on the beautiful work that you are proud of.
  10. Ill second what BillyBopp says. I bought a "master AB kit" from Amazon and am happy with it. Its great for painting Angelus paint, dye, and I use it to spray 50/50 Acrylic resolene with water as well. Its quiet, and has little to no overspray. I would prefer it to be able to spray more paint or cover wider surface but its only to save time and cover more area in a shorter time. Im waiting for another gun (Master) to come in the mail which has larger needle tips, and I bought extra cups so that I can store the paint that I thinned after using. I have not tried any other brands and so I can't compare Master to Pasche or Iwata.
  11. Sorry I didn't see that.
  12. Where are you located?
  13. Is this still available?
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