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  1. Looks great bikermutt07. Thanks for sharing with us and giving us details.
  2. Thanks cowhide for responding to my request. Much appreciated.
  3. Would you explain the black and ginger part of your comment? I would like to know what that entails as I’m not familiar with it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks very much gents. That was what I hoping and looking for.
  5. After doing some stitching and edge practice on natural veg-tan I decided to top coat it with Fiebing's Leather Balm. Found that I liked the way it applied, looks and feels but was wondering how it would work on carved and stamped work if not allowed to pool in low spots. If anyone has experience with that would you please let me know how it went? Thanks
  6. Really like your design and the craftsmanship. Well done! Also, thanks for the details on the SPI, pricking irons and stitching material. Thanks for asking the questions MarkCdub. Was thinking the same. BTW stormcrow, was your deer skin supplier in the UK? Thanks
  7. Thanks very much for the info.
  8. After some reading at the Wickett & Craig website I came away with the impression that all of the leather they produce is through vegetable tanning. I'll try a test piece of their English Bridle with the Fiebing Edge Kote and see what I think. Thanks for viewing.
  9. I was going to post a question about Elmer's white glue today and then saw your comment. Thanks Dwight. I've been thinking about using it to temporarily hold a gusset until I can align and stitch it.
  10. Wondering if any one knows whether Fiebing's Edge Kote is compatible with Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather. If not what would you all suggest? Thanks for any replys.
  11. Great tip from a reliable source!
  12. Alex, very, very nice work. Thanks for sharing with us and also sharing your wet form and explanation. Want to go there some day so always interested in wet form approaches. All the best.
  13. Been looking for a small square to use in cutting my leather. Can't find mine so went to Taylor Tools this morning and found a small machinist flat square that fills the ticket. Am now a Taylor customer...… LOL Thanks again for pointing them out.
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