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  1. Thor

    Coffee and donuts

    That could really be misunderstood :-D
  2. Thor

    Coffee and donuts

    Mike had all the donuts, the dog ate all the icing and the holes have no calories just like kleenex. Can I get a cinnamon roll then, please?
  3. Thor

    Coffee and donuts

    That explains it. Hope you gave one to Nat at least.
  4. So @Johanna said there are coffee and donuts on the table here. I found the but where are the donuts?
  5. These have been ordered by a customer from Austria. He's sent me 2 pictures and wanted the horse tooled on the fenders including the horse's name. With only a couple of days time for everything, they turned out okay. Surely not my best work, but he was totally stunned and is happy to have one of a kind present for his wife's birthday.
  6. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    You're welcome. Thank you sir.
  7. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    That's a good question. I don't have an answer to this. I'll just re-link it from my fb page.
  8. Thor

    Hello from Kamloops, BC

    sounds about right
  9. Thor

    Hello from Kamloops, BC

    Welcome and say hi to the Thompson for me.
  10. Thor

    Easter saddle

    Looking good
  11. Thor

    Third Saddle

    What a difference from your first to your third and I liked your first a lot already.
  12. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    Thank you @Sofaspud
  13. I have found something for you. It's around $350 and the guy you can order it is this fellow 


  14. Thor

    Still fairly new to tooling.

    Best would be to get a book for Sheridan tooling or to get some of the Stohlman books. At this point I don't want to spam you with suggestions and limit it to this one advice only: "Only cut as deep as you will bevel and bevel as deep as your cut is."