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  1. That could really be misunderstood :-D
  2. Mike had all the donuts, the dog ate all the icing and the holes have no calories just like kleenex. Can I get a cinnamon roll then, please?
  3. That explains it. Hope you gave one to Nat at least.
  4. So @Johanna said there are coffee and donuts on the table here. I found the but where are the donuts?
  5. These have been ordered by a customer from Austria. He's sent me 2 pictures and wanted the horse tooled on the fenders including the horse's name. With only a couple of days time for everything, they turned out okay. Surely not my best work, but he was totally stunned and is happy to have one of a kind present for his wife's birthday.
  6. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    You're welcome. Thank you sir.
  7. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    That's a good question. I don't have an answer to this. I'll just re-link it from my fb page.
  8. Welcome and say hi to the Thompson for me.
  9. What a difference from your first to your third and I liked your first a lot already.
  10. Thor

    The Old Cowboy

    Thank you @Sofaspud
  11. I have found something for you. It's around $350 and the guy you can order it is this fellow https://www.facebook.com/clint.haverty 


  12. Best would be to get a book for Sheridan tooling or to get some of the Stohlman books. At this point I don't want to spam you with suggestions and limit it to this one advice only: "Only cut as deep as you will bevel and bevel as deep as your cut is."
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