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  1. I received the M&P Shield blue gun today. Looks great. Thanks for a good deal.
  2. Interested in the S&W M&P Shield. Message sent.
  3. I put a thumb loop on my shotgun sling and I like it. It allows me to hook my thumb in the loop and relax my hand and arm while stabilizing the sling and preventing the shotgun from sliding back.
  4. I was in the same boat. I wanted to make a portfolio but needed a primer as to how it goes together. I purchased portfolio 9B from Holly at https://www.leatherdiystudio.com/product-page/portfolio-no-9. Once I made one from her pattern, I was able to design my own with a different interior layout.
  5. I purchased Don Gonzales's Introduction to Leather Floral Design eBook for $20. While it is not bad, he has a YouTube video that covers the exact same information.
  6. I line the back of the sling with suede. It provides grip and a padding for the shoulder.
  7. If you have a 3D printer you can just print your own for a lot cheaper than someone else's acrylic set.
  8. I use a wooden paint stirrer. It is free, light, and when working in a narrow area, can be used on its side.
  9. It can't be too bad if you can recognize it. Great tutorials for both the pancake and avenger. Thank you for making them available.
  10. While I printed several guns and made holsters, I only reality tested the Glock 17. Here is a holster I made from the printed model with a real Glock 17 in it. I assume the others are as accurate.
  11. If you have a 3D printer you can download the stl files for both from thingiverse.com.
  12. Once I sewed a belt using one length of thread. It is nice to know that I can do it, but I will never do it again. Now, I sew like tsunkasapa describes, only I start out with two fathoms of thread. Unless I really look for it I do not notice where the threads overlap.
  13. I also made one of those. It seems to be a convenient size for general purpose. I am sure he will appreciate it.
  14. From their Facebook page: Additional contact info http://www.sinabroks.com/ +82 31-352-8589 sinabroks.jin@gmail.com
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