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  1. chrisash posted one last year in the Share your CAD files, STLs, etc thread that is nice. He included a lip on the base to catch drips.
  2. While it is not gold, this kit includes a snap with the BSA logo: https://www.scoutshop.org/multitool-sheath-kit-7121.html
  3. I watched the video to understand your problem. Aaron uses a plastic coil zipper that does not have the directional teeth of the metal zipper. That is why his works. You can use the metal zipper by using two halves with the teeth in the same direction. Where the two halves meet could be hidden under the D-ring holder that Aaron shows on a second case at the end of his video. However, as the design of this case allows the pistol to come in contact with the zipper (repeatedly as it bounces around), you would be better off using the plastic coil that won't scratch.
  4. Your second picture shows two problems. The zipper on the right shows the problem that Rocky Aussie pointed out. On the left side the bumps go up while on the right side, the bumps go down. The left zipper shows a different problem. While the bumps on both sides go the same direction, they are backwards with respect to the slider. When holding the slider with the closed side down and the open side up (as shown), the bumps on the chain should be facing up.
  5. if you watch this video and skip to 11:32 Mr. Armitage shows how to stitch right handed.
  6. Buckleguy calls them collar fasteners. Collar fasteners at Buckleguy
  7. I live in California and use Angelus dyes which are alcohol based just like Fiebing's.
  8. Depends what type of leather you need. For example, if you want a side of Herman Oak vegetable tanned leather, I would recommend Panhandle Leather. On the other hand, I just received an order of Italian vegetable tanned leather from Maverick Leather.
  9. The stitch is a basic saddle stitch and the holes are marked as normal. As you point out, there are fewer holes on top than on the side. Luckily for us, Nigel Armitage shows how to do it although he does not explain what he is doing. In the attached video he starts the top at 4:45. You can see him mark the holes with the same spacing. The trick is to reuse the holes on the top. Look at 5:13 and you will see him use his awl to drill back to the previous hole on the top. By reusing the holes on the top, the stitching eventually works out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Vux9RY9Vw
  10. I have used olive oil for a few years now and not one item has gone rancid.
  11. I have no idea if the difference is because it is rechargeable, or because one is alkaline and the other is nickel-metal hydride, or one is Kirkland and the other Panasonic. But, I do know there is a significant difference in how they behave in the Thread Zap II. Since you have some, give it a try and report back.
  12. I, too, use the Thread Zap II. I started off using Kirkland batteries from Costco and, just like yours, they lasted a very, very short time. By short, I mean one session. I then switched to eneloop rechargeable batteries from Panasonic. It is not just that I can recharge the battery, but it lasts a long time on one charge. I recharge the battery less than once a month.
  13. How about this for the briefcase? Classic Leather Briefcase With Accordion Gusset
  14. Here is a corner radius card. It is similar to the ones offered by several vendors, except that it includes both outside and inside corners. corner radius card.stl
  15. That is beautiful. Is the pattern your own or did you find it somewhere?
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