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  1. GatoGordo

    Dieselpunk pattern sale

    It is always 25% off.
  2. GatoGordo

    Buffing wax edge burnishing to a shine

    Paloma, Would you please explain how you make the gum tragacanth gel. I assume you start with the gum tragacanth powder.
  3. I use Angelus dyes. I started off by cutting the dye with denatured alcohol, but then switched to using isopropanol as it is much cheaper. I did not see any difference when I changed and I like the smell better.
  4. GatoGordo

    Proposition 65

    Proposition 65 was a good idea that got wildly out of hand. Currently, it seems that everything in the universe is known to the State of California to cause cancer. Even Starbucks has a Proposition 65 sign because the roasted coffee beans are known to the State of California to cause cancer. As such, the warnings are simply ignored by everyone I know.
  5. GatoGordo

    Zippers in bulk

    I went to the web site and found several things I want to purchase, but it appears that Ohio Travel Bag only sells to wholesalers. Is it true that you do not sell to individuals.
  6. GatoGordo

    New Thread Company Advice

    Is the new thread still in the works or has it been abandoned?
  7. I use Angelus dyes and have had great success with their jet black leather dye.
  8. GatoGordo

    Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    Thanks Stetson912, that is exactly the feedback I was looking for. I purchased the eBook this morning, but probably will not get to it until next week. I will report back what I think about it. As for Bob Park's book, I have looked at it several times. Since it is over fifty dollars and I am unable to actually scan through it before purchasing, I have put off purchasing it. I will consider it again after I finish Mr. Gonzales's book.
  9. GatoGordo

    Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    I may be cheap, but twenty dollars wasted does not make me happy. Since ABHandmade says it is worth the money, even it if is peculiar, I guess I will go ahead and give it a try.
  10. I like floral design but have no talent in drawing the designs so I am looking for a resource with which to learn. I really like Don Gonzales's videos on YouTube and see that he has an eBook Introduction to Floral Design. I was thinking of getting it but before purchasing I wanted to see if anyone here has already read the book and has any thoughts either good or bad. Also, are there any other resources you can suggest that would be helpful in learning how to do floral designs. I would think that a resource with progressive exercises would be ideal.