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  1. GatoGordo

    Did I ruin it?

    I wish you had not deleted it as I thought it was a good approach to resolving the problem. Who knows, the OP may have eventually given it a try.
  2. Here is the first project, a biker's wallet. It looks a little beat up after the folding. Here is the exterior stitching: and here is the interior stitching: I am very happy with the Kevin Lee French Pricking irons.
  3. First of all, let me say I really enjoy hand stitching. I find it relaxing and since I do this as a hobby, I am in no rush to finish. I have been using a set of Craftool 7 SPI (3.85mm) diamond hole irons and have been quite happy with them. However, after seeing the French pricking irons, I was sold. I ended up buying a set of 8 SPI (3.38mm) pricking irons. Here is a picture of the holes made by the diamond and French irons. Here is a test of actual stitching. The top row is with the diamond chisel while the other two are with the French chisel. The top two lines are with 0.6mm Tiger thread and the bottom is with 0.55mm Twist linen thread.
  4. GatoGordo

    Dyeing veg tan - leather becomes stiff

    I use olive oil without any problems. I can buy a gallon of it for about $14 and use it for both leather and frying on the griddle. I started using it after discovering that Don Gonzales uses it. If you decide to use neatsfoot oil, check at your local feed store as it is used on horses. Ours sells it for far less than the leather stores or Amazon.
  5. GatoGordo

    Print A4 pattern in US Letter

    I do pretty much what LatigoAmigo does. I tell my printer that I am printing A4, but load the tray with US legal. Sometimes, you can get away with printing on US letter, but it often cuts of the bottom of the print since A4 is a bit longer than US letter.
  6. GatoGordo

    ISO of Zippers for Project

    With that many kits to build, wouldn't it make more sense to buy the zippers in bulk? Purchasing 13 feet of chain and 22 sliders then cutting to length would have to be easier and cheaper than trying to purchase 22 completed zippers and hoping they are the correct length.
  7. GatoGordo

    Burning thread

    I recently started using a thread zapper II. When I first got it I used Costco batteries and, just like you, I went through batteries left and right. I then purchased some eneloop rechargeable batteries and now one battery runs a long time. In fact, I was able to finish my last project using just one battery without a recharge. As for fragility, I have never noticed that problem. If you prefer a lighter, try a butane lighter. There is no soot, but it still sometimes chars the leather and is difficult to get into tight spaces.
  8. GatoGordo

    I made a stuffed leather cow!

    The link is still there. It is included in the thread posted in the Patterns and Templates topic.
  9. In the past, I always used contact cement (Barge). However, with my last zipper install I used double sided tape. It turned out to be much easier, quicker, and cleaner. You might want to give it a try to see if it works for you.
  10. From your pictures, I think you are pulling the thread at the wrong angle and this is causing the stitching to be flat. Take a look at UK Saddlery's video where he shows how the angle at which you pull the thread affects how the stitch appears.
  11. I don't have a picture, but I do have some experience. I usually order Hermann Oak sides from Panhandle leather. The last time I ordered from Panhandle, they called and told me that they really did not have any good sides in stock so I cancelled the order and ordered two Craftsman grade sides from Springfield leather (one 4/5 and one 6/7). The price difference between the two orders was ~$20, Panhandle being the higher price. I was so disappointed with the quality of the sides from Springfield that I will continue to buy from Panhandle in the future.
  12. GatoGordo

    Weaver Leather Supply

    You need to read it again. Hildebrand called Weaver leather and was not happy. He ended the entry with "I have had good luck with Montana Leather and Springfield Leather." Tony is from Springfield leather with whom Hildebrand is happy. There was no salesman spinning anything around.
  13. Would you please explain how you do the lettering? Do you stamp the letter and then paint it with a brush? Do you do the outside color first or the inside color first? What paint do you use?
  14. GatoGordo

    Pricking iron vs punches

    If you check, you will find a video he made where he discusses various stitching methods and states that he likes the punched holes and straight stitch. I do not, but I still have made a few of his patterns. I just use a diamond punch and saddle stitch.
  15. Your voice only comes across as rude because you are posting in the wrong place. This is an interesting topic, but one that you should create in a new topic and not attack an absolutely beautiful project created by the OP. I truly request that you create a new thread in the general discussion forum where we can openly discuss the evolution and future or leather design and fabrication. I, as I am sure others, believe that the purse presented in this thread is beautiful and one that I would be proud to create and one that my wife would love to own..