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  1. While I printed several guns and made holsters, I only reality tested the Glock 17. Here is a holster I made from the printed model with a real Glock 17 in it. I assume the others are as accurate.
  2. If you have a 3D printer you can download the stl files for both from thingiverse.com.
  3. Once I sewed a belt using one length of thread. It is nice to know that I can do it, but I will never do it again. Now, I sew like tsunkasapa describes, only I start out with two fathoms of thread. Unless I really look for it I do not notice where the threads overlap.
  4. I also made one of those. It seems to be a convenient size for general purpose. I am sure he will appreciate it.
  5. From their Facebook page: Additional contact info http://www.sinabroks.com/ +82 31-352-8589 sinabroks.jin@gmail.com
  6. TomE, that is exactly what I want. Thank you.
  7. I want to make a handle like the one in the picture, but I am not quite sure how to do it. My guess is that there is some kind of core (wood or 3d printed). The leather is then cut into something resembling an O, folded over the core, and stitched. Does anyone have details regarding how to make this handle or a link to a video?
  8. I use either an 8B pencil or a Stabilo All pencil.
  9. I tried a silicon brush like the blue one in fredk's post. Using Barge cement, the brush only lasted a few days before I threw it out. It appeared that the solvents from the cement permeated the silicon to make it more flexible and the head would fall off the stick. This is the brush I purchased. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B009OCEBD2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. No. I saw your thread asking if anyone had any experience with it. I too was hoping for a reply.
  11. As NDphung states, it comes down to personal taste whether you prefer the round Vinymo or the flat Tiger. Especially in the smaller sizes, I prefer the Vinymo. In the attached sample, all the threads are Vinymo #5 except the blue which is Twist 0.45 from Rocky Mountain leather.
  12. If I understand the problem correctly, you are willing to stitch through the liner, but you are concerned with the lack of access within the tube. When I encountered this problem before, I cut my needles to length (left the eyes), filed the tips to get rid of the rough edges, then used needle nose pliers to manipulate the needles where my fingers could not reach. It was slow and tedious, but it worked.
  13. I just finished a belt last weekend. What I did was to cut the belt, tape the back, stamp, dye, resist, antique, and resist. At this point, I removed the tape, glued on the back of the belt, and finally stitched the two together. I now have a belt with a nice looking outside, while the inside has no dye and no chance of staining my pants.
  14. That is a big improvement in a short time.
  15. While talk of chisels and threads is fun, it is not applicable to the OP's question. He needs to develop his stitching technique and his current thread and chisel set is just fine for that. Once he develops some skill, I am sure he will also develop a sense as to what type of stitching appeals to him whether it be long or short stitches, diamond, French, or round chisels, plastic or linen thread.
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