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  1. SickMick

    First holsters

    Well done!
  2. SickMick

    Bond Arms Driving Holster

    Beautifully done sir!
  3. SickMick

    Wallet in progress.

    I personally love the looks more like the ground the skull may have been sitting on and is just a very unique approach. All your work is pretty darn incredible. Thanks for putting up the gives me something to strive for (or cuss at because I'm not quite ready to try something like that.....yet)
  4. SickMick

    Cow and Bison backpack

    Great looks awesome.
  5. SickMick

    Holster for percussion pistol

    It looks like it'll do the job very well. You're happy and she's happy....what could be better than that?
  6. SickMick


    Looks great! "Problems" just mean that it wasn't produced by a robot running a computer program producing thousands of them......and to me, that's just enhances the beauty of a hand made piece.
  7. I concur......well done! I'm all about makin' 'em look old too.,....
  8. SickMick

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    Well done..... just what a good bag should be.
  9. SickMick

    Leather Top Hat

    Great job! Love the band.....
  10. SickMick


    How do you like this machine?
  11. SickMick

    Bandolero for my father

    Gorgeous and unique. Great job!
  12. LOL...that's my local Tandy as well........