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  1. Nice work. Aren't your stitches too short? You are wasting thread and weakening the product.
  2. Does anyone use that glue for leather work? I use it all the time for furniture re-upholstery, to hold the fabrics to the plywood, and for plastic-to-plastic general crafting. But I have never used it on leather. Anyone?
  3. This begs for a sheath and holster to go with. Nice work and great hardware.
  4. I never stop getting amazed by the members' craftsmanship and creativity here and recommend visiting this forum whenever my fellows on the gun boards ask to recommend a source of holsters.
  5. You can only get a comment from me, but no suggestions to get better. Your work is absolutely stunning! The only suggestion I might have is to keep doing what you are doing.
  6. Update: Good news: This list has been cross-posted on a whole lot of other forums. People are contacting the companies on the list and getting some good replies. I, personally, have gone over all of the email addresses and fax numbers above. Currently going through the online contact forms for those who do not list their emails/FAX numbers. Bad news: The madness of this is skyrocketing! A rumor is going around Canada that the ban includes all 12 gauge shotguns with removable choke tubes because allegedly the choke thread makes them over 20 mm bore. If this is true, this asserts my belief that this is the 1st step towards the total ban on all firearms. Please help however you can! It does not take a lot of effort to send about 50 emails and even fewer FAXes, or to click on 50 forms and copy-paste the same appeal. Thank you, everyone who will join our fight!
  7. N to W: New Frontier Armory https://www.newfrontierarmory.com/contact-us/ NoDak Spud info@nodakspud.com Noreen Firearms https://onlylongrange.com/contact-us/ internationalsales@onlylongrange.com North Eastern Arms Noveske https://noveske.com/contact/ Olympic Arms Palmetto State Armory Quentin Defense https://www.quentindefense.com/contact/ Rainier Arms https://www.rainierarms.com/contact-rainier-arms/ sales@rainierarms.com Fax: 253-218-2998 Remington https://www.remington.com/contact-us info@remington.com Fax: 1-336-548-7800 Robinson Armament https://robinsonarmament.com/contact/ sales@robarm.com Fax/text: 1 (801) 355-0402 Rock Island Armory https://armscor.com/contact-us/usa-contacts/ support@armscor.com phillip@armscor.com johnmcclain@armscor.com Rock River Arms https://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=page.display&page_id=28 info@rockriverarms.com Fax: 309-792-5781 Ruger https://www.ruger.com/dataProcess/customerService/ Fax: 603-863-9371 Sabertooth Defence Sabre Defence Industries https://www.sabredefence.com/html/contact_us.html guy@sabredefence.com Savage https://www.savagearms.com/content?p=contact Seekins Precision https://www.seekinsprecision.com/contact.html export@seekinsprecision.com SI Defense https://falkordefense.com/ SIG Sauer https://www.sigsauer.com/company/contact/ publicsafetysales@sigsauer.com Fax: 603-610-3008 Smith & Wesson https://www.smith-wesson.com/customer-service/contact-us https://sales.liveperson.net/hc/s-90007204/web/ticketpub/msgcontroller.jsp Fax: 1-413-747-3317 (USA) 1-413-731-8980 (International) Smith Enterprises http://www.smithenterprise.com/contact.html smithent@phxcoxmail.com FAX: (480) 921-9987 SNS Industries Spike’s Tactical https://www.spikestactical.com/contact-us/ sales@spikestactical.com Kathrine@spikestactical.com Stacie@spikestactical.com Paul@spikestactical.com Cole@spikestactical.com Springfield Armory sales@springfield-armory.com STAG Arms https://www.stagarms.com/contact-us/ SWORD International https://sword-int.com/contact/ military.leo@sword-int.com Troy Defense https://worldoftroy.com/contact/ Wilson Combat https://www.wilsoncombat.com/contact/ Fax: 1-870-545-3310 Windham Weaponry le@windhamweaponry.com information@windhamweaponry.com
  8. E to M: Essential Arms Company F&D Defense https://www.fddefense.com/support/ FMK https://fmkfirearms.com/support/contact-us/ Fax: 1-714-646-4465 Franklin Armory https://franklinarmory.com/contact-us/ Info@franklinarmory.com Fulton Armory https://www.fulton-armory.com/contact-us.aspx info@fulton-armory.com Fax: (301) 490-9547 Grey Ghost Precision https://greyghostprecision.com/contact-us/ Service@GreyGhostPrecision.com Heckler & Koch https://hk-usa.com/contact/ cs@heckler-koch-us.com hkinfoboard@heckler-koch-de.com Hogan Manufacturing Holland Gunworks https://www.hollandguns.com/ContactUs.html BestRifles@gmail.com FAX: 541.439.2105 Hughes Precision jack@hughesprecision.com Interarms https://interarmstx.com/contact-us/ interarmstx@gmail.com Inter Ordnance https://www.interordnance.com/page/contact-us SALES@IOINC.US ULI@IOINC.US Intrepid Tactical Solutions Iron City Rifle Works INFO@IRONCITYRIFLE.COM Juggernaut Tactical https://jtactical.com/contact info@jtactical.com Knights Manufacturing Company info@knightarmco.com Lancer Systems https://lancer-systems.com/contact/ LS_sales@lancer-systems.com Les Baer info@lesbaer.com Fax: 563-289-2132 Magpul Armament https://magpul.com/about-magpul/contact-us Matrix Aerospace http://www.matrixaero.com/contact/ Fax: 603.542.0697 Maxim Firearms https://www.maximfirearms.com/contact/ McDuffee Arms McMillan http://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/contact/ info@mcmillanfirearms.com Mega Machine Shop https://www.megamachineshop.com/contact-us/index.html larry@megamachineshop.com lane@megamachineshop.com arlyn@megamachineshop.com Midwest Industries https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/Articles.asp?ID=259 Miller Precision Arms Mitchell Arms https://www.mitchellarmsandammo.com/contact.php Mossberg https://www.mossberg.com/contact-us/
  9. As some of you may have heard already, the government of Canada has banned private possession of almost all semi-automatic and even some bolt-action rifles. They used a legal loophole that they had invented, to prohibit the ownership of about 1500 makes and models of firearms, mostly AR-15, M-14, and everything in the 50 BMG caliber. The gun control in Canada follows in the steps of that in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, since the man actors - the "Coalition for Gun Control" - runs this worldwide disarmament scheme, and our liberal government listens to them. This is coming to the US soon, as the anti-gun left in the US of A plays by the same book. You can help! The idea is to fight the ban with another ban of our own! Not a single gun for the tyrants! Not a single round of ammo for the tyrants! Let us write to each and every gun and ammo manufacturer in the US and ask them to ban sales of guns, parts, accessories, and ammunition to any Canadian government agency. Some US gun manufacturers who value the spirit of the 2nd Amendment already ban sales to the anti-2nd Amendment regimes. One of them is Barrett. They banned sales and services to California and New York government agencies. Our appeal to the listed manufacturers should be: The government of Canada prohibits Canadian people from owing your products. You should prohibit the government of Canada from owing them too, in order to maintain the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, which keeps you in business! The Canadian government has banned you, now you should ban the Canadian government! Below you will see the list of manufacturers whose products Canadian government does not allow people to own. It is enormous! A to D: Accuracy International http://www.accuracyinternational.com/contacts.html aina@accuracyinternational.us FAX: 540-368-3109 Adams Arms https://www.adamsarms.net/contact-8 support@adamsarms.net Adcor Defense https://www.adcordefense.com/contact-us/ AdeQ Firearms https://adeqfirearms.com/contact-us info@adeqfirearms.com Advanced Armament Corporation https://www.advanced-armament.com/Contact-Us_ep_49-1.html salesinfo@advanced-armament.com Aero Precision https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/contact Alexander Arms http://www.alexanderarms.com/company-information/contact-us support@alexanderarms.com Alien Armory info@alienarmorytactical.com Ameetec Arms American Defense Manufacturing https://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com/contact/ sales@admmfg.com American Precision Arms American Spirit Arms American Tactical Imports https://americantactical.us/contact.html Customerservice@americantactical.us Anderson Manufacturing Angstadt Arms https://angstadtarms.com/contact/ Ares Defense Systems Armalite https://www.armalite.com/Armalite/Contact-Us Badrock Tactical https://badrockrifles.com/ sales@badrockrifles.com Barrett Firearms https://barrett.net/connect Fax: 615-896-7313 Battle Arms Development https://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/contactus Export@BattleArmsDevelopment.com Battle Rifle Company https://www.battleriflecompany.com/content/contact_us/contact_us info@battleriflecompany.com 866-804-3049 Fax Black Rain Ordnance https://blackrainordnance.com/contact-us/ onlineorders@blackrainordnance.com Brownells https://www.brownells.com/aspx/general/contact_us.aspx Fax: 800-264-3068 Fax: 641-623-3896 Bushmaster (Remington) Cadex Defense https://www.cadexdefence.com/contact-us/ patrice@cadexinc.com dmiller@cadexinc.com Cavalry Arms https://www.cavmfg.com/contactus.sc office@cavalrymanufacturing.com Centurion Arms https://www.centurionarms.com/Contact_Us_a/83.htm Century Arms https://www.centuryarms.com/contacts support@centuryarms.com Christensen Arms https://christensenarms.com/contact/ Cobalt Kinetics sales@cobaltkinetics.com Colt CS@COLT.COM Fax: (860) 244-1379 Conquest Arms travist@conquestarms.com Cross Machine Tool https://www.cmttac.com/index.php?route=information/contact Fax: 731-424-3888 Daniel Defense https://danieldefense.com/contacts Delaware Machinery Delphi Tactical sales@delphitactical.com Dennys Guns Desert Ordnance https://desertord.com/contact/ sales@desertord.com Fax 775.313.9852 Detroit Gun Works https://detroitgunworks.com/contact/ info@detroitgunworks.com Devil Dog Arms https://www.devildogarms.com/about-us/ Diamondback Firearms https://diamondbackfirearms.com/contact/ info@diamondbackfirearms.com DPMS (Remington) DRD https://drdtactical.com/support/ cs@drdtactical.com export@drdtactical.com Dynamic Arms Research
  10. DrmCa

    Binocular case

    I am curious about the origin of the Carl Zeiss stamp!
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