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  1. Needle plates are dime a dozen. It only matters, with which units they are engraved
  2. I am in need of a metric needle plate for my Mitsubishi DB and Juki DDL. College Sewing has them, but they ship with DHL which would cost a whooping 35 pounds. Within the UK, it only costs 4.50. According to Royal Mail's web site, it would be between 5.70 and 8 more, from the UK to Canada. Would any of you, in the UK, agree to forward the plate to me in Canada?
  3. I absolutely love your jacket. Amazing job, especially for the 1st one! It seems that this is happening: your parts follow the tracing of the original, stretched parts. Next time you might want to holistically look at the pattern that you got by copying, and to straighten some lines. Also, this plain zipper puller does not do justice to the wonderful jacket itself. You may find fancier pullers online. None of this "critique" should distract from the exceptional work that you've done. I want this to come as encouragement. Hope you understand.
  4. Also, check if your 3-hole thread guide is worn. This is a very worn part that I had to replace. See the thread damage around holes? Also, there may be similar damage on other parts along the thread path: lifter arm, needle bar thread guides, etc.
  5. Flatbed zz machines are used in making male suits. This is lucrative business, so they are pricey, even used.
  6. This is super cool! I've been contemplating making the same kind of wrap for my vehicles for a long time but never had the courage to get on with it.
  7. What's the difference? I have access to quantities of these snaps, and I did not know that they are any special.
  8. My Huji 43-6 patcher has arrived yesterday as well. It can stitch well, right out of the box. I built a portable desktop mount for it, out of a sofa foot and a hardwood flooring board. Looks ugly but functions well. Then I went to motorize it, thinking that a domestic motor would work, but bummer! I need a CW motor whereas domestic motors are CCW. My next question is: are HAx1 needles available in LR point at all? If they are not, then how can I adjust the needle bar for 135*16?
  9. I love the pouch. You should have probably used the thread that is on the snap button patch throughout, but this is just my taste.
  10. Any oil is fine while it lasts. A thicker oil will stay longer. Since the motor only runs at about 3500 RPM, you can use the same engine oil as in your car. If you are not running a 24/7 factory, it practically does not matter which oil you use. I keep leftover oil from engine oil changes and transmission fluid changes and use it in my motors that have similar lubricating wells (for example, I have a bench grinder that uses the same sort of lubrication).
  11. My Bonis runs on round leather belt with an S hook. I can make either of them whenever I need.
  12. Hoping I am not too late to the fight. Whenever one has tension issues at the start of the seam, make sure to hold the the tails of threads and gently pull on them when you begin to stitch. If you let them hang, the first stitches may be loose.
  13. +1. If it runs quiet, smooth, with no vibration or overheating, then it can run forever. A bit of lube won't hurt. Mind you, clutch motors are noisier than servo, and they cost more in the electric bills in the long run.
  14. What size bobbins are they? Are they non-standard?
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