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  1. Why do you need a pattern for an essentially straight piece of leather? You can model it out of corrugated cardboard and do just as well as with a store-bought pattern.
  2. Flies don't need that much firepower. 1-3 oz is plenty enough for them. Heavier stuff splashes them into ugly splotches (or busts them into ugly blotches?) whereas lighter leather leaves them nicely knocked out but intact for sweeping.
  3. Sounds like a furniture item from Ikea
  4. Wow! Nice machine! How do you turn its head?
  5. When I was in a pinch for a belt, I used an accessory belt from my car, sliced in 2 halves, so from 4x Vs it leaves 2 pieces with 2x Vs on each. Even if slightly cracked after being on the car engine for a few years, they still work fine for sewing machines. A V belt does not need to be a perfect fit or only 1 specific size. There is quite a bit of adjustment on the servo motor, so a slightly longer or shorter belt will work. You are looking for a 3/8 belt. Hardware stores normally have 1/2 belts that are too large and stiff. But industrial supply stores have both types.
  6. For fairness sake, police have recently released a copy of the warrant to the widow and her lawyer. It is a 28-page warrant that details how on 2 separate occasions a 1911 handgun registered to Mr. Kotanko was found during a search of a suspected criminal. Both had serial ## milled off. Police then applied for the warrant on the basis that Mr Kotanko was a gunsmith, so he probably owned a mill, and that he could benefit from selling handguns to criminals. This ignores simple truths that thousands more hobby machinists in Canada own mills, needless to say thousand factories and fabrication shops, and that a fully-tuned competition 1911 built by Mr. Kotanko fetches $7000 any time of day, so there was zero financial interest for him to sell one in a standard configuration. They also used 2x of his criminal charges from 50 years ago as justification: one for possession of cannabis and the other for having built a flintlock pistol never proven working. 50 years ago late Mr. Kotanko was 19 years old. Both charges did not prevent him from obtaining a firearms license or gunsmith license and staying above the law and perfectly compliant for 50 years. The judge just winked and signed.
  7. True, but most of them are too heavy for a portable setup, in my particular case. Also, sewing machine servo motors are already CCW.
  8. Just don't do it in front of Canadian RCMP!
  9. You really can't expect real leather to behave the same as vinyl. Try a real test piece on scrap. For bags, you want a cylinder arm and sometimes post machine. Flat bed won't cover 100% of operations.
  10. What you miss is that good people in the US are under tremendous pressure from the scum of the world sneaking into their country. No other country in this world is overrun by millions of illegal aliens with no concept of law and order from crime-ridden countries. US people are wise to carry and entitled to that. And slap-jack is a less-than-lethal alternative for keeping the scum of the world in line. Do you prefer them just being shot instead? I would, but you probably don't.
  11. You did not heat it high enough. It's cast iron. You can heat it as high as you wish. Then spray the stuck part with WD40 and hit. Also, dremel works on cast iron like a charm, for those who are not comfortable with the heat or blunt force.
  12. If you know how to set it up, go for it! But for me personally I am exploring the option of using a lawnmower PMDC connected through a speed controller. PMDC allows to reverse the rotation to CCW that the Chinese patcher needs (most other motors are CW), and the controller allows to slow it down to a crawl by way of a tiny pulley. My patcher is on a portable base, so I cannot afford the weight of a full-blown servo motor, which you may very well consider.
  13. Nice! Just the right amount of tooling for my liking. The horn is pretty stout. Is that a special purpose saddle?
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