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  1. The temptation of 3d printing a small pulley is almost irresistible. I am going to try it tonight.
  2. China works in Imperial and Metric depending on the order. I own custom order taps in fractional inches made in China and their quality is superb. As they use almost 100% CNC machines, it matters not what unit the blueprint/model uses. North America can continue using imperial units just fine even though it gets much of its goods from China.
  3. DrmCa

    slow speed

    Depends on what you plan to sew, a servo might work, or a servo with a reduced pulley. How many stitches per inch are you interested in? The shorter the stitch, the easier it is to saw. If you have to stitch 4 SPI/6mm stitches, it can be hard to control at first.
  4. Imperial or metric really makes no difference for CNC but if you have a manual lathe, it does one or another but not both. Imperial fractional wrenches and socket heads are very straightforward: they either do not fit over the bolt head, or spin freely. With metric sockets it might feel like you got an 11mm bolt, but in reality it is 10mm and you have to test 2 sockets, or you are rounding it. I hate metric bolt heads even though I was born and received my engineering degree in Europe. Standard metric M threads are finer than standard fractional imperial threads. Each has its own uses. Imperial thread as fine as the standard metric thread requires a non-standard hard to obtain tap or die. US and Canada should stay with imperial and Europe should stay with metric. Says a European expatriot.
  5. DrmCa

    Cowboy Dealer in Ontario

    It could be just an unscrupulous crook's spamming attempt, which it likely is. "We are the dealer" adds weight to the listing and they are hoping somebody falls for it.
  6. If you fit pulleys to shafts often, look for a set of adjustable reamers, but stay away from the soft made in China or India fakes. I bought one of those fakes from KBC Tools in Mississauga, Canada, to compliment an incomplete Made in the UK set I had, and the the square shank twisted as soon as I started rimming. Returned it and the salesman said yes, we know... Why sell them then?
  7. DrmCa

    UK beginner, need cheap leather for practice

    However surprising this might sound to you, old leather furniture could be the cheapest source. Whenever I see an old leather sofa on the road side, I cut off the back and sides and use for training/experimenting. Do not confuse leather with vinyl though lol The modern "ecoleather" could be surprisingly similar to genuine leather in looks.
  8. DrmCa

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    Yes, they come with and w/o pneumatics, and the automatic machine is approximately $300-400 more expensive when used. The head weights about 80kg. I know - I carried it to the 2nd floor of the house once.
  9. DrmCa

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    If you are serious about industrial sewing of knits, you would curse everything if you bought a 5-thread coverstitch w/o an automatic thread trimmer. I have the Kansai 5-thread coverstitch which is almost identical to the pictured machine and if I had to cut threads by hand instead of reversing the pedal up, I would hang myself. Save some money for an automatic machine and a compressor.
  10. I happened to be at the local sewing machine shop before reading the above, and they showed me DAX1. They are even shorter, than DBX1 by about 2mm. Sounds like all I can do is lower the needle bar for DBX1 as I still want a longer needle.
  11. Greg, Do you happen to have textile needles in 88X1 in sizes 70, 80, 90, ideally TIN coated? If you do, where and how can I order them? I am also looking for the throat plate for the same machine, marked in metric units. I know it shows up in searches around the world, but most suppliers only carry fractional inch marked plates.
  12. Got it. DAX1 is different from DBX1. I missed that part.
  13. Cannot do: I no longer have the old needle.
  14. Bought this machine not long ago and used it with the needle it came with, but it is now dull and I have to replace it. According to the parts catalogue widely available on the net, the system is DBX1 or DAX1. In my books this is the same as 16x257, which I have tons of and used them in my older Juki DDL 553. These ones I have are 37.8mm long. But when I replace the original needle with DBX1, the machine skips stitches on light-weight slippery fabrics like silk etc. seemingly randomly, while stitching any cottons perfectly. I can fix this by lowering the needle by 1.5mm. Therefore it sounds like this machine needs a different needle system or... has a wrong needle bar??? Any ideas appreciated! I know this is a textile machine, but this is the only stitching forum I know of.
  15. DrmCa

    Adler 220 Minimum needle size

    You can always sleeve a smaller needle, but as Constabulary pointed out, an adjustment may be required.