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  1. Genius! It's exactly the topic that I was looking for. How did you find it?
  2. That's how it is supposed to work.
  3. Could the foot pressure be set too low, on top of what Wizcrafts said?
  4. I too am confused. The listing says in its title that it is for Adler 69. What is causing your doubts?
  5. Yes, that's the one I meant. NP!
  6. I am referring to the right-most bit in the row #4 from the top. Between the cone and what I refer to as pancake.
  7. Needle files should do just fine. Dremel kits also come with diamond 45 degree slot tools that can be used as well.
  8. I was going to make something like this but when I received the quote for cat 8 machine screws from the local fastener chain I realized that it is cheaper to buy boutique leather goods.
  9. Finally, received the 30 strap package and went through it. Overall, it is pretty useless, no different from other "deals" I've seen elsewhere. I got: 1x of 1 1/2" strap with a very minor flaw, that a nice belt can be made from. 3x of 1" straps that Okay belts can be made of. 4-5x 3/4" straps that can be used for bags. 3-4x 3/4" strap that will make nice loops for a cartridge belt. 1x totally ruined 60% belt Several short 1 3/8" straps in natural with black edge paint. Overall, it is a total loss of $45 plus $35 shipping and $30 duties of which I might recover $30. Won't buy again.
  10. It is not on the back of the dial. It should be under the plunger, inside the casting, over the thinner step of the plunger.
  11. I really wish I knew a factory in the US that makes snaps locally. I would then buy from them only and screw China.
  12. I could be wrong and ways off, in the current economy, but about 10 years ago it was cheaper for me to buy a real anvil with proper square and round horns locally than to buy an equal weight of an RR track but shipped. Is Ruger factory far from you? I know that they smelt lots of RR tracks.
  13. Wow, kgg, you've reached a new pinnacle! Is that patcher flatbed attachment 3D printed too? Or is it cut from a sheet?
  14. Unfortunately there is no universal solution to the problem of poor quality products. I usually buy a small quantity and do a test. Members here praise Ohio Travel Bag but I never bought from them due to prohibitive cost of shipping. I used to buy directly from a factory in China but they closed down a few years back. Since then it is mostly Aliexpress for me because the cost of the product is the same or lower than in North America but the shipping is free or very cheap. Recently, Aliexpress has become pricey. I have not bought new notions in quite some time, except for a few rivets that work fine. Anything and everything that you may find at local stores, mortar-and-pestle or online does not matter, is made in China anyway. The only difference is whether you are paying an intermediary or not.
  15. I personally only make textile-lined bags. Binding can be liner leather or binding tape.
  16. It could probably do with binding on the inner seams but otherwise looks very professional.
  17. Your machines are incredibly impressive! I love how you used a hatch strut for tension. I also keep all of my kids' rollerblade bearings for such project one day.
  18. Must be defective. Bridge rectifiers in square packaging should pass 50A w/o breaking a sweat.
  19. I'd be careful following such a fishy email addy.
  20. I never had to use that much cooling on a rectifier
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