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  1. Glenn, thank you! Like the ones in my picture? There are different feet for different 45K models.
  2. Thank you! I'm not sure I should try, will need some changes.. Let me get some measurements tomorrow.
  3. Would it be possible to make a presser foot somehow? It's hopeless to find feet for a Singer 45K58. Would 3d plastic be too soft/get worn out too fast?
  4. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it! Good suggestions, this might be the way to go! And no, I can't have the guns in the shop. I guess the customer can bring them here and show them to me, but not much more, but I have to double check with the police.. I have sure looked for a new model Blackhawk pattern, but no luck this far.
  5. Thank you! I also had the thought about similar guns, but I don't have enough knowledge about guns.
  6. Thank you, 327fed! I found the Stohlman and Tandy patterns. Will look through them now
  7. Any ideas about where I might buy/find holster patterns for "Ruger new model blackhawk 7,5" and "Colt army replica uberti 7,5"? Due to guns laws here, I can't have the guns in the shop for pattern making etc, and it'll take too long to get blue guns here (if there are any blue guns to be bought).
  8. The WSV7 is finally up and running! I have not found any difference between this and the W124, it has the same gears, same needle travel, etc.. Possibly something was done/changed/removed before I got the machines..
  9. Bought 2 "110" machines for 10 bucks.. A "110WSV7" and a "110W124" Does anyone have any information about the more unusual "110WSV7" model? They are both in bad shape, they don't turn (I'm not sure why yet. The roller feed on the SV7 doesn't move, but the hook does) and are missing parts. Am I wasting time trying to get them up and running again? Can I find parts, and where might I find parts? Have spent some time on google, ebay, and some online sewing shops, but haven't found much.. I have the parts- and user manual, but haven't seen a complete machine in "real life", so I'm kind of unsure about what each machine is missing since there seems to be some differences among the different 110 models. Thankful for any info and help!
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