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  1. Good to know the consistency from W&C direct is good. Thanks for the info. Yea, it seems like a lot of suppliers are seriously backed up. Crazy times indeed!
  2. Hopefully it won't happen again! So far the odds haven't been great with this particular supplier but finding a solution does go a long way and they seem to be willing. Tool holding is a great idea, thanks for that!
  3. I actually did contact Matt while trying to solve this. They said they are 30 + days behind on their harness so I'll have to wait to direct order. I found out that they do not have a minimum order which is nice. On another note, the supplier I purchased from is going to send another piece out in the end. It took a bit of back and forth and a few days but it's now resolved.
  4. Thanks! It's an embossed cow hide. I guess this pattern is more on the scale of a smaller reptile but it's also available in a larger gator pattern. I purchased it from OA Leather supply in Canada.
  5. It was Wickett and Craig harness, sold as "1st and 2nd run usable edge to edge." full price. I actually ordered two other quarter sides that were in perfect shape. I contacted the seller but it's been a couple of days and crickets. Good to hear your opinions on the leather's condition. I felt like it was too damaged in too many spots and did contacted the seller. Still waiting to hear back so I thought I'd check in here to see if I was over reacting concerning the usability. I just haven't been buying long enough to fully know what I should expect each time and since this is happened before, I wasn't sure if it was the norm. I'll try a different seller. Thanks for all your experience guys!
  6. I'm working on it. I'm pretty new to buying leather and I'm starting to buy larger quantities so I'm not totally sure what to expect as far as consistency goes, so your feedback is valued. Thanks! I'll check out Hide House and Maverick.
  7. Thanks Gary, what do you think about the condition of the leather based on the pictures? For me something like this is pretty unusable for finished goods....
  8. Hi There! I recently placed an order to a supplier and for the second time in a row they sent over some, in my opinion, pretty questionable pieces. Now I realize that there will be imperfections on a hide and there were so with the other quarter sides I ordered but I feel like those were acceptable.. But one quarter side was : a) sent in two pieces equaling the square footage but not disclosed as such. Also because of this not close in color. b) pretty scuffed up. Do you think I'm over reacting by reaching out and wanting to send this back? Or should I expect this kind of quality crap shoot in the future? Also, who do you think has the best consistency in quality and customer service in Canada (or North America) ? Should I order direct from the tannery?
  9. I would agree that you can likely get a comparable edge on most tools, assuming that they have a decent amount of carbon in the alloy. Edge retention results would vary though. I've had great experiences with D2 so I'll have to check him out. It's a solid tool steel.... Thanks for the recommend. Agreed. All the manufacturers have spec sheets for the heat treat. With a digitally controlled kiln it's fairly easy to get repeatable results. I was an avid knife collector and have tried most of the steels out. I'd say there's an cavernous difference between good and bad, but less of a difference and more preference between all the good steels.
  10. Is the issue using the laser cutter with a Latigo the toxicity of chromium burning out? I'm getting interested in laser cutting too.....
  11. It's beer 30 here right now. Although in this house we call it beer 0'clock as not to be constrained by the 30 minute intervals.
  12. I've been using Wickett and Craig black Latigo for the same reasons you're experiencing and have had better results. I've read that Latigos are a bit more durable than a straight veg tan and that's been my experience, but I'll confess now that I'm a noob when it comes to leather work. A second opinion on a Latigo vs Veg tan for bendy bits would be valuable. I see you're in Berlin.... If you were a few thousand km closer I'd drop a piece by your place to try!
  13. Thanks, I'll have to see how long the edge lasts.
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