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  1. I like it a lot! I like the message too.
  2. Rohn


    Wow! that is beautiful. I'd be interested in knowing the details of how this was done. Love it!
  3. Rohn

    Latest holster

    Looks great! Nice work on that one!
  4. Very nice carving!
  5. Rohn

    Latest seat

    That is very beautiful!
  6. Looks like you did a good job. Is that alligator hide easy or hard to work with?
  7. Sell them they are beautiful. If you do get a return so be it. You can't please everybody, just sell it to someone else. I think your straps are beautiful and very saleable.
  8. Rohn


    Very nice for sure!
  9. That is very nice. Those boys are fortunate to have you as a Father and Grandfather.
  10. Very nice work and I am sure they will get hours of fun with it.
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