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  1. Chux

    Woodstove bellows

    No need to apologize whatsoever. Been a bit busy myself so I've neglected checking on the post, but that being said those bellows are NICE!! Bee smokers you say...hmmmm, now tou gotta show those!
  2. Chux

    Woodstove bellows

    Looking forward to seeing your work on them!! Yeah I can relate with you on that point. Unfortunately bank account seems to win hands down!
  3. Chux

    Woodstove bellows

    The most satisfying part is seeing those coal just GLOW and not getting lightheaded hahaha!! It was a fun project, not gonna lie, but would have been less aggravation with the proper tools to get it done. I've seen some blacksmith bellows when I was getting inspiration for these and some of those a just massive! Post pics of the ones that you're working on, if you don't mind. I'd love to see it!!
  4. Chux

    Woodstove bellows

    Thank you! I didn't even know Tandy had a kit like that, might have to work on my goog-fu and see if I can find out more... Tooled leather...hmmm I would have never even thought about going that route. Perhaps I'll have to give it another try and go that way
  5. Chux

    Woodstove bellows

    Thank you! I wasn't able to get the carving as complete and refined as I had in mind, since I got a quarter sized blister on my palm and decided I was good enough and that's where I came up with "rustic" part of my design.
  6. Happy new year to everyone here and thank you for the interaction and lessons learned since i joined! I've been wanting to make this for a while now but never seemed to get around to buying the supplies that I needed. That being said, I decided to just wing it and attempt a prototype. I scrounged some pallet slats and glued them together, then I RE-glued them since I don't have any actual woodworking tools such as clamps, let alone a planner, joiner or bandsaw and so had to make do with what handtools I had available. Having those would have made this process much, much simpler lol. Anyway the body is the aforementioned pallet pieces, the nozzle is from a former ceiling light that I straightened. The plan was to keep it simple and basic, but nooooooo I couldn't do that!! I attempted carve it and make it pretty, not so much haha but not gonna lie I'm pretty happy with it since it works and I won't have that light-headed feeling anymore. Besides, that, I've invented a new "style"...I'm calling it "RUSTIC GOTH"!! thanks for looking!
  7. Looks damn good to me!! I don't know anything about beading but this makes me want to learn how to do it!! Beautiful work!
  8. Chux

    Appointment books

    Thank you. Its something that I'm leaning more towards, but affording it...well that's gonna take some doing so it'll probably be a while. If only I could see "small imperfections" lol
  9. Chux

    Appointment books

    Thanks. Making these certainly opened my eyes to how an engraver would be useful! Can I ask WHY you have THREE?? The thought of getting one gives me anxiety lol.
  10. Chux

    Appointment books

    Thank you. I can't take any credit for the design though it's their artwork I just tried to copy it so it looked good. You see variations I see mistakes,lol, but I'll try and see it from your point for now on. Variations are a way better way of looking it things. Thank you for pointing that out, I feel kind of stupid for not seeing it that way myself...
  11. I made a few appointment books for a new tattoo studio( full disclosure, two of the three co-owners are my daughters) made tattoo machines that slip on the pencils, just because that was the "vision" I had in my head when I thought of it. I'm not a huge fan of doing multiples, simply because I feel lucky if I can get one thing to look good, let alone more than one to be identical. New shop will of course have new keys so made each of them a keychain as well. To be honest the whole thing made me think about lazer engraving. I kind of don't feel like it's "cheating" anymore just a different tool. If it ever comes down to being able to get one, I might just remake them so that I feel that they are good and not just good enough. Thanks for looking
  12. I'm a little lost with these disks, tbh, I honestly thought it was the rings (like the ones you see on the inside of a day planner) that were showing. Kinda of curious how that all comes into play and works. Sorry if this is a dumber question than I already think it is
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