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  1. Beautifully executed. Probably the nicest example, in my opinion, of a western style sheath I've ever seen. The design, tooling, and finish is just perfect.
  2. Nice job man! You should be very proud of that bag. Tons of work involved
  3. Ha that box is where all my misfit tools live. Anything that has a weird shape, doodles, tools that wont stand up on their own etc. My space always looks this way unless i'm in the thick of it; i clean it after ever session. Hate a cluttered work surface. I've had the hammer for a few years, no rust yet! A mentioned the thing on the was is just a thread sample card. The "burner" is a Regad 3000. Purpose built leather hot iron/creaser. Many different tips are available for different tasks.
  4. Yes im sure to some degree it magnetizes the steel tools. That being said there are no "filings" in my leather work area that would get drawn to the tools. That being said if they SHOULD get magnetized id do have a demagnetizer at my disposal.
  5. Here is my space. Its small but the layout works for me and the kind of work i do.
  6. Thanks very much. No shots of the interior; nothing worth documenting on this one as it’s unlined. Thanks man ! Thank you. That’s very kind. I’m sure you’ll nail it when you give it a go!
  7. To be totally transparent, I didn’t love working with this leather. It’s attravtive, hard-wearing, and you can tell the calf that they start with us good quality as it very dense with a tight grain. That being said, you’re correct; it feels plastic-y. It doesn’t burnish at all, impossible to see my pricking iron marks and does not hold a hot crease with my fileteuse iron. Plus it doesn’t have that intoxicating veg tanned aroma. Im happy I gave it a go but likely won’t look for this kind of leather in the future. I’ll stick to full veg Horween or Sedgwick sides lol. Thanks very much Thank you! Yes, I made the pattern for the bag.
  8. Hey guys Here is a duffel bag I recently finished. It was made with dead stock calf skin leather from the YSL (yves Saint Laurent) accessory line. It has an embossed pebble grain/stingray pattern with a durable top coat, much like Saffiano leather. The bag is sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with 432 fil au chinois thread. Nickle plated hardware. Riri zipper. Leather is 4 oz. Thanks for looking Chris
  9. It really depends on the bag weather i have it finished with leather inside (Like Hermes) or if im doing a fabric lining. This specific bag has a "drop in" lining. Its essentially a bag within the bag. It gets fully sewn around the opening. You can see it in pic #8 Looking for pics of the Inside?
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