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    Holster / Pattern Videos

    Yes, good idea. I want to see how Jeff pronounces "hte".

    Snap problem

    This is the a Concho to ligne 24 snap adapter from Tandy's website, Item #11383-00. I have used them several times. I use a dollop of Loctite.jr

    Tandy Business Pricing....

    About 2 years ago I bought a 68 square foot 1.5-2.0 oz. whole upholstery hide in a great medium brown, from the local Tandy on sale for $79.00. It was massive but beautiful, only flaws were on one edge. I continue to use it to line bags and courier satchels and make interior pockets. It gives a real finished look and allows me to sell nicely lined products for about a 25% more than unlined bags. I figure the hide has more than paid for itself a few times. I just bought another couple of whole hides on the $99.00 sale. This time one was only 56 and the other 52 square feet but just as good a quality as the first one, only one slightly darker and the other lighter in shade. I was able to hand pick the hides and went over 40 or so to get the best available. I am leery of not being able to inspect the leather before I shell out $$$$. I love em! jr
  4. Thanks, you two. I did just that by using a borrowed GI issue WWII holster, from a buddy. I guess I was wishing for a little quicker (read lazier) way.
  5. As the title topic says; I've tried Google and the 2 billion topic subjects in Leather Worker patterns. Something might have been there but I missed it. The gun is about 80% of an original 1911 full size. Browning sells a replica flap holster for the 1911-22 for about $50.00 that is ok in quality and material but the boy wants PaPa to make one. I have a Cobra 4 and have done lots of different holsters. I just wanted to save some time, material and energy with a decent pattern, (I know I can make a trial and error pattern but at this stage in life easier is better!) I think it would be keen to craft one for posterity, an heirloom. I am getting on in age and slowing down. Two bouts of Big "C" has taken its toll and I want to do as much as possible before I can't anymore. Funny, as a kid I bet I had 10 old 45 Army surplus GI holsters filled with a Hubley 1911 cap gun. And one containing several a million caps, one filled with rock-dirt clod grenades, spent casings an other treasures, But alas they are all gone. Any suggestions will help. THANKS! jr

    sewing thread and suppiers

    I agree with Mark842. I have always been satisfied with both companies. I also like that Thread Exchange certifies a living wage of 20% above local average for their hourly employees. Their prices are still very competitive. Great suppliers! I have never had any issue with quality, color or delivery with any order. jr

    Diluting Pro oil dyes

    If you smell Fiebing's dye reducer it smells exactly like isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. 4 ounces cost at Tandy's is around $4.25. You can buy a quart of 90% isopropyl for about $1.50 at Walmart. I have never had any issue with the rubbing alcohol. Just keep accurate track of the exact ratios, of alcohol to dye, you are using. A small difference will alter the color. jr

    Cobra Steve and Leather Machine Co. WOW!!!

    I want to second the excellent customer service Steve and his staff have always given me, and recommend Leather Machine Company, Steve and his staff to anyone considering a leather sewing machine. From our first conversation I have been treated like his only customer and continue to be amazed by Steve's patience, genuine concern and making the extra effort. jr

    Outer Presser Foot Stutter on Cobra 4

    I second that motion, Uwe! If he is happy with the fix, that should be all that matters. jr
  10. JREESER1

    Outer Presser Foot Stutter on Cobra 4

    If you just purchased a new machine, call the dealer and describe your concerns. I'm sure they can ease your mind and find a solution if there is a problem. jr
  11. JREESER1

    Scabbard lining

    Some deer/elk hides are tanned with an abundance of tannic acids that play heck on bluing and even wood finishes, and you cannot trust leaving your firearm touching the hide for any length of time. Any brass, as in ammo can fester and turn green and get a moldy looking patina. I have had good luck with pig skin as a lining but still be careful, especially with any blued weapon. I have not had much experience with stainless steel. jr
  12. JREESER1

    Naming my leather business/shop

    Just my opinion, in this particular period of time, I would personally shy away from any business with any form of crooked in the name. Just sayin'! jr
  13. JREESER1

    Cowboy 3200

    Congratulations! I understand the wishing, making the decision, pulling the trigger and elation of getting the machine you wanted. Keep learning all you can and share all the shortcuts and issues you encounter. My Cobra is everything I could have hoped for. I used the expertise and help from my dealer and picked up tips and advise here on this Forum. You will have many fulfilling hours and days of getting better and better at the craft. jr
  14. JREESER1

    Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    I just bought another, from Harbor Freight, for my kid. And it has 4 felt lined drawers. Just sayin'. jr
  15. JREESER1

    Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    I bought that Harbor Freight bench almost 2 years ago and found it is exactly right for me. I bought two 24"x 18" cutting mats from JoAnns and laid them end to end with double sided tape to hold them down. It rigidly supports ponding on my marble stamping slab and anvil for setting rivets and snaps. I use the end vise/clamp to hold a stitching pony and to clamp long pieces of glued leather before sewing. I have a 28" stool that puts me at the right working height.The only issue I had to deal with was to glue and clamp the bottom shelf into the dado groves. It wanted to spread the rails and not support the weight, I wanted to put on it. I would definitely buy another, especially on sale, at $120. I think I paid $160. jr