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  1. You are very near Leather Machine Co., in Ontario, Ca. I have 2 of their machines. A Cobra 4 and a Class 26. The Class 26 is absolutely superb for anything leather up to 3/8" thick. (About 24 oz.) It will handle up to #138 thread. Both fabric and leather needles are readily available. The Cobra 4 is mostly for heavy duty work, up to about 3/4"-7/8 ". I have dealt with Steve and Dave, both are great!! I have found them both very honest and offer superb customer service. jr. I would contact them at: Leather Machine Co, Inc. Warehouse 2141 E. Philadelphia St. “U” Ontario, California. 91761 Business Hours: 7 am to 3:15 pm (PST), Monday thru Friday Contact: Customer Service 7 am to 3:15 pm (PST), Monday thru Friday 866-962-9880 For technical or mechanical issues please email: info@leathermachineco.com
  2. My Sailrite will not sew anything very well over 6 oz. Anything thicker releases top thread tension because the tension mechanism is tied the foot height. I fought this for nearly 2 years, 2012-2014. I never got a response from Sailrite after several e-mails. I guess it was I was sewing leather, not Sunbrella? And the serrated feed dog is a huge issue. Last year I bought a Cobra 26 t go with my Class 4. No Regrets.
  3. Try using a liberal amount on a clean cotton rag or white terry cloth towel. You can use quite a bit on the darkest spots while rubbing lightly and rinsing the cloth often. If this does not help considerably, dipping might be the only solution. Bear in mind you will not be able to get all the dye out or even be very consistent. But it may lighten up the worst areas. When you are ready to retry the dying use a very diluted color and apply the dye solution with a good sponge not the dauber that comes with the dye. Hand dying is a practiced art on large areas. Practice on scraps until you get the coverage and tints you want. Springfield leather used to have a series of YouTube videos on dye and dying techniques. I have not tried to view them, lately. Try to find them, they helped me a lot. Good luck jr
  4. Friebing's dye reducer smells exactly like isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, so I use the store bought Isopropyl. It comes in 75%-78% alcohol solution, at Walmart, and costs less than a dollar per pint, as opposed to $4.00 for 4oz. of Friebing's. You can dilute with water. The alcohol/water mix will dry the leather out when dry. I then treat the leather with Friebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner , it has never failed me. Good luck! jr
  5. Less than 200 visits to website in the last 24 hours. Just crickets. Where have all the followers (sic) gone? jr
  6. Goodbye, Very SORRY TO LOSE YOU. Another one bites the dust. I just checked the views, in the last 24 hours there were only 219, sad. The POLITICS are killing this entire forum!!!!!! jr
  7. I think it is the threading guide that screws into the threaded hole on the top of the machine and is the first tension guide location before you get down to the tensioner assembly on the front of the machine.
  8. A few years ago, there were constantly well over 350 member views, daily. Lately, the number has dropped steadily. I am not a terribly active contributor, but I do scan the threads daily. It seems to me some of the responses are terse, short and have lost the helpfulness they used to have. I feel I am losing a good friend with helpful insight to a lot of common problems. The naysayers and political wonks seem to be winning and ruining the entire culture. My 2 pennies. jr
  9. Yep! That worked, no idea why, but I can reach the banners on Mozilla. Another Windows 10 mystery, I guess.
  10. I have and do run a complete virus scan, twice a day. The system comes up clean. I do not play any games and empty all temp files daily. This has been going on for nearly a month. I can reach all of the advertisers by going to their websites, I just cannot link from the banners.???
  11. This site has been reported as unsafe Hosted by leatherladyproductions.com Microsoft recommends you don’t continue to this site. It has been reported to Microsoft for containing misleading content that could lead you to lose personal info, financial data, and even money. Go back More information Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  12. Springfield Leather in Springfield Mo. is a Cobra dealer: 1463 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65804 | 1 (800) 668-8518 | Mon. - Sat. 10 am to 6 pm
  13. You are correct about educating yourself about the expensive decisions in choosing and getting the right machine, not for just now but the future. It can be daunting. I think most of the members here, that machine sew, have gone through the very same maze. My first machine was a Sailrite LZ, nearly 15 years ago. It was fairly expensive and was slightly better than hand sewing everything, but it was still not what I had hoped. One flaw was the thicker the material you sewed, the less upper tension you had, because the presser foot height controls the tension feed. And with no servo to slow it down it was always a juggling act to control speed and not ruin seams. So, I got a Cobra 4P, from Leather Supply Company, WOW! I thought, geez this is my dreams come true. Total speed control and ease of punching through hard, thick leather. It was all I wanted until I started making a lot of wallets, purses, pouches and bags. It still worked well but because the needles were so large the thread choices and stitch locations were hard to completely manage. You have to be very careful about how close the stitches are from the edge without blowing out the holes, with the huge needles. So, in October I bought a Cobra 26, from Dave at Leather Supply Company, WOW! Now I have upped the quality and my pleasure in putting pieces together. It is much better and faster, and I enjoy the process again. I still have the big machine set up to handle holsters, bullet loops and thick belts, etc., and the 26 for quick stitching, not needing to reset anything for everything else. Long story short: Talk to dealers like Dave at Leather Machine and all the other dealers that advertise, TechSew and Toledo (Cowboy), on this site they are all straight shooters that care as much about you and your needs as selling you the machines. They want you to come back and to endorse them. I am convinced they strive to make everyone a satisfied customer. I am sure they all will listen and take your needs and wants seriously. One issue I am sure you will run into is availability. The supply chain problems are plaguing everyone. It could be months to get a Cobra 26 or comparable TechSew or Cowboy (they are all similar or identical units). So, if you decide to get a new machine, decide exactly what you need and get one ordered soon. The longer you wait the farther back in line you wind up and the longer it will take to really enjoy the pride of good, quality crafting.
  14. It sounds like this is what you may be looking for. jr CONCHO SNAP ADAPTER 10 PACK BY TANDY LEATHER $3.99 or4 interest-free paymentson orders over$35with SKU 11383-00
  15. e-mail Steve ASAP, @:Leather Machine Co, Inc. 2141 E. Philadelphia St. “U” Ontario, California 91761 Hours: 7 am to 3:15 pm (PST) Monday thru Friday Customer Service 866-962-9880 For technical or mechanical issues please email: info@leathermachineco.com
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