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  1. e-mail Steve ASAP, @:Leather Machine Co, Inc. 2141 E. Philadelphia St. “U” Ontario, California 91761 Hours: 7 am to 3:15 pm (PST) Monday thru Friday Customer Service 866-962-9880 For technical or mechanical issues please email: info@leathermachineco.com
  2. Contrary to one curmudgeon around here, whom seems unsatisfied with anyone but himself. I consider Steve and Leather Machine one of finest, most honest and caring vendors I have ever encountered. I am old enough to know a fine honorable person when I meet them. You will not regret your choice. When I was down with my second encounter of cancer and lost all hope of anything good ever happening again, I sat waiting to just go away Steve came to me, unsolicited and offered me a deal I knew he would never expected to recoup, because of my health, and condition. He fulfilled a dream and gave me purpose and reason to keep trying. I did completely reimburse him, but I will never be able to repay him. He has given me 15 years o fulfilled joy!!! jr
  3. I've had mine for 6 years and never regretted the move, not once. Congrats!
  4. I bought a 28", comfortable bar stool with a back. It puts you a little above your work. I have the same bench setup. jr
  5. I have purchased and used successfully the 1/4 double sided tape from SAILRITE, (The canvas and boat people in Indiana) Part #20306*1. I tried other sources but this SAILRITE tape has always held. Several times, when my BARGE had been neglected and congealed I used the tape with no problems. This SAILRITE 1/4 tape is good stuff! However, on projects with moisture issues I think I would still prefer contact cement. jr
  6. I would give Steve or his staff a call at: Leather Machine Co. Customer Service 7 am to 3:15 pm (PST), Monday thru Friday 866-962-9880 jr
  7. I thought the Forum was much more friendly and amiable when JLS took his hiatus a couple of years ago over getting his feelings hurt. During that snit he wanted all of his content pulled from the Forum, too. I dislike the cute little digs and epithets, and being so damn condescending. His work is impeccable but bitching over and over again about not, being able to easily get super duper leather any longer and how hobbyists will neve be able to see the differences in very good and crappy shoulders and sides (no bellies), and if they do and can't afford to buy 20 hides at once, they can't relate to his anguish and the offense. Or how he goes on for a week about not getting exactly what he wants or expects off of an inter-web site. Or holding a grudge against any vendor that disappointed his ultra high, perceived standards. I researched the top quality leather situation and it's not just Springfield or Wickett & Craig or H,O, it's worldwide, mostly because emerging economies are using more and more quality leather, for shoes and belts and clothing, they have an opportunity to afford now. And less and less people are eating the quantity of meat they used to, thus diminishing the availability. Tried a veggie-Whopper lately? I very much enjoy seeing Jeff's work but I can't stand the rants. I know I don't have to read them and I could delete his ubiquitous posts but I do enjoy constructive threads that the shared, usable advise and shortcuts. No use doing everything the hard way because you don't know what you don't know! Sorry for my rant but I just had to add my piece! Just saying! jr
  8. Sounds to me like you did get A+ customer service! jr
  9. I live in Utah, and got my Cobra 4-p from Steve Tayrie at Leather Machine in Ontario Cal. in 1914. He was so understanding with my personal problems and made sure to see I got exactly what I dreamed of. Call him at Leather Machine Co, Inc. Warehouse 2141 E. Philadelphia St. “U” Ontario, CA. 91761 Business Hours: 8 am to 3:00 pm (PST), Monday thru Friday Contact: Customer Service 8 am to 3:00 pm (PST), Monday thru Friday 866-962-9880 Email: cobra@leathermachineco.com I promise Steve will find out all you need and make sure you get what will do the best job. I cannot feel any better endorsing Leather Machine Co. Great knowledgeable service and they take all time needed to answer every question. Great owner and staff. Good People! jr
  10. Steve at Leather Machine Co., is the most honest, sincere and caring vendor, and one of the finest humans, I have ever dealt with, PERIOD! His only one ambition, every time I have called or e-mailed was to make sure I know he truly wants me to be not only satisfied, but happy I chose him to sell me anything he has to vend. From a new Corbra 4P to bobbins, oil, thread and needles. His walk throughs to fix issues and adjustment problems were easy to follow and I never felt silly or stupid for calling. When he found out I was in remission from my second round of cancer and had huge medical bills he actually made it possible for me to start enjoying my life again, by getting into leather work. He has continued to be a trusted source of answers and help. I will recommend him and his company to anyone, for great service and true concern about your satisfaction. jr
  11. Yes, good idea. I want to see how Jeff pronounces "hte".
  12. This is the a Concho to ligne 24 snap adapter from Tandy's website, Item #11383-00. I have used them several times. I use a dollop of Loctite.jr
  13. About 2 years ago I bought a 68 square foot 1.5-2.0 oz. whole upholstery hide in a great medium brown, from the local Tandy on sale for $79.00. It was massive but beautiful, only flaws were on one edge. I continue to use it to line bags and courier satchels and make interior pockets. It gives a real finished look and allows me to sell nicely lined products for about a 25% more than unlined bags. I figure the hide has more than paid for itself a few times. I just bought another couple of whole hides on the $99.00 sale. This time one was only 56 and the other 52 square feet but just as good a quality as the first one, only one slightly darker and the other lighter in shade. I was able to hand pick the hides and went over 40 or so to get the best available. I am leery of not being able to inspect the leather before I shell out $$$$. I love em! jr
  14. Thanks, you two. I did just that by using a borrowed GI issue WWII holster, from a buddy. I guess I was wishing for a little quicker (read lazier) way.
  15. As the title topic says; I've tried Google and the 2 billion topic subjects in Leather Worker patterns. Something might have been there but I missed it. The gun is about 80% of an original 1911 full size. Browning sells a replica flap holster for the 1911-22 for about $50.00 that is ok in quality and material but the boy wants PaPa to make one. I have a Cobra 4 and have done lots of different holsters. I just wanted to save some time, material and energy with a decent pattern, (I know I can make a trial and error pattern but at this stage in life easier is better!) I think it would be keen to craft one for posterity, an heirloom. I am getting on in age and slowing down. Two bouts of Big "C" has taken its toll and I want to do as much as possible before I can't anymore. Funny, as a kid I bet I had 10 old 45 Army surplus GI holsters filled with a Hubley 1911 cap gun. And one containing several a million caps, one filled with rock-dirt clod grenades, spent casings an other treasures, But alas they are all gone. Any suggestions will help. THANKS! jr
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