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  1. datdraku

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    Thanks! Can't wait to see yours!
  2. datdraku

    Bass guitar strap

    This is the second guitar strap I made, so I'm still figuring out some of the details. 2 mm thick veg tan, dyed with Fiebings Pro dye Black for the main backround and white Angelus acrylic paint for skull and writing on top of which I painted with several alcohol dyes. After painting I used resolene and then a coat of Antique Gel which nicely muted and blended the colors. Critique welcome!
  3. datdraku

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    Glad you like it! Stitching is something I wanted to improve on this year, I try to make no compromises there.
  4. datdraku

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    Ha ha, thanks! Thank you!
  5. datdraku

    Recent project-duffle bag & canvas/leather tote

    awesome! really like the duffel
  6. Fun little purse I made, for summer outings and concerts, it's supposed to be attachable on the belt also. I still have to make the strap detachable, did not have all the right hardware at the time. 2 mm leather for body, 1.4 for brown bits (including strap) and gusset. 3.85 spacing on pricking irons, 0.65 mm Wuta thread. Had fun with this gusset type, I really like the result. Feather was cut with the swivel knife by me, and painted by the fiancee. Hope you like it!
  7. Thanks guys! Yes it is. Also taller because we have a very large ID, 10,7x7,4 cm I think
  8. Thanks again! Critique is welcome also
  9. Now I understand. Unfortunately I did not completely think this part through. Made the pockets the same dimensions as the old ones, which was not great with the stitching spacing. Did not turn out as good as I wanted. And also, the stitching above the pockets, in both cases , was added after, and it shows. Only after it was done i realised a full.stitch would look better
  10. datdraku

    Black watch strap with off-white stitching

    Great work! What irons do you use for the holes? And what thread size
  11. Thanks! They are cut with the swivel knife, then painted on with Angelus Paints Thanks! It's the first time i use the accented thing, did not have the leather for it until now. Always wanted to try it and i love how it turned out. Yes, triangles are painted. Size for the pockets I took from the cluents old wallet. Don't know what else to say, they are simple T slot pockets Thanks! I appreciate it
  12. Thanks! It looked a little scary at the beginning, but turned out not to be so bad. Had a few moments of staring at the pieces wondering how the hell am i gonna put this thing together, but they passed
  13. Thanks! 1 mm tooling leather for interior pockets, 2 mm for outside, Blue dye from Roc, black from Fiebings. And angelus paints for logo