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  1. Thank you! Hope some potential customer will agree, this one was made for my Etsy page
  2. I bought in the name of the rose, didn't read it yet. And yes, this one is a bit dense :D Thanks! Thank you!
  3. you and me both! since I made a wallet in this color scheme, and with the same tooling, I've been meaning to make a purse to match.
  4. Thank you! When I imagined the project in my head, the colors where matching. But this turned out rather nice Thanks guys! Thank you!
  5. with a spring vibe. The size is 25x18x5 cm, one single compartment, snap closure. Materials used: -2 mm thick vegetable tanned leather -Angelus paints for the tooling -Pink Polyester thread
  6. Thanks! Yes, both are my own patters. Not actual physical pattern, as it's a very simple construction, and I just cu them to the dimensions I know are needed. Thanks!
  7. Thank you! I'm still surprised it came out this well
  8. The hole to attach the guitar in that part is not visible in these pictures, but it's there. It's a commission, not mine, and it's comfortable apparently. No complaints yet. My second one so far, all good until now. Still waiting for long term feedback Thanks!
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