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  1. CNHLeather

    Thread for hand stitching

    Try Maker's Supply there thread is just as good if not better then tiger thread and it's alot cheaper
  2. Nice work man I really dig that style of wallet might have to try and copy that design a bit
  3. CNHLeather

    WHO got the stuff?

    Sorry to jump in on the thread but I've been trying to research SLC's Oxford Xcel. What tannery makes it and is it similar to Horween fixing to start working on leather again and have always had good luck ordering from SLC
  4. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    Thanks Leather Legion what would you suggest and by the way love your work
  5. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    OMG DUDE thanks so much thats exactly what im looking for
  6. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    yeah the skull is nice and about what im looking for the price is steep though but ill keep looking thanks
  7. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    yeah all im getting on net are way to big i need something about the size of a dime or penny at most
  8. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    for small dog collars but im interested in using for wallets to secure a maille chain to them im sorry ill have to check them out was told drawer pulls were made out of softer metals and wouldnt hold up
  9. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    These are smaller and sturdier than drawer pulls
  10. CNHLeather

    Used Sewing Machine Tips

    I ended up getting a used well maintained Juki DNU 1541 but i think it might need to be adjusted im not impressed with bottom stitch any ideas
  11. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    im looking for something like this This one has lion head i have seen some with skulls
  12. did anybody find a source
  13. CNHLeather

    "kits" For Sale

    What if I had a pattern already and wanted it laser cut
  14. CNHLeather

    Biker Hardware

    can someone tell me the name of and where I can find the im guessing conchos with Chicago screws or chain secures that have o rings attached ive seen lion heads, skulls and regular posts the type used to secure chain to wallet