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  1. How much would some of this leather cost shipping included to Texas in USD?
  2. Walmart sells plastic sheets if graph paper in the sewing dept. Get a dollar bill and a couple of credit cards and start designing the graph will help you center the inside cut out for your interior. This is a 6 piece design I have a vertical wallet pattern if you need it but I've never actually used it. 24_Vertical_Bifold_wallet [HahnsAtelier].pdf
  3. Thanks for the patterns and the knowledge. It makes it a bit easier for us newbies instead of just getting a simple pattern to cut out
  4. Looking to buy a whole hide of Horween Natural CXL in 3-4oz but I'm coming up empty handed can someone tell me if Springfield's Xcel is similar in color and feel
  5. No matter how I place my orders on SLC I usually don't get my items delivered for over a week last order I placed on the phone on Tuesday morning and it didn't ship out till Monday afternoon
  6. Thanks he stamped it and I stitched it together my 3rd wallet after being idle for a couple of years
  7. Anybody familiar with King Ranch canvas hunting bags and wallets. I'm trying to figure out what kind of canvas they use and where I can get it.
  8. Just finished this vertical wallet with my 10yr old son. This is not only his first leather wallet it's also his first handmade wallet and he helped in the build he did the stamping of his initials and the initials of his favorite train. The leather is Diego Veg Tan Glazed Maduro I just got in from SLC I had it split down to 3-4oz and asked for split and used a piece of the split for the interior.
  9. Try Maker's Supply there thread is just as good if not better then tiger thread and it's alot cheaper https://makersleathersupply.com/collections/hand-sewing-supplies-tools-and-thread
  10. Nice work man I really dig that style of wallet might have to try and copy that design a bit
  11. Sorry to jump in on the thread but I've been trying to research SLC's Oxford Xcel. What tannery makes it and is it similar to Horween fixing to start working on leather again and have always had good luck ordering from SLC
  12. Thanks Leather Legion what would you suggest and by the way love your work
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