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  1. NeilMott

    Sources for Round Stitching Chisels/Punches?

    I guess I'm wondering/thinking that the tools like that when they go into the leather, they'll make a really big hole. I'll need to punch through 4-6mm of leather... The other chisel will leave a smaller hole?
  2. I've decided that I want to make straight looking stitches on my watch straps and I'm finding very few sources who make round punches. Wuta seems to be pretty well regarded. I've found two different products but am concerned about the long shipping time: I don't know if the cheaper one is actually suitable for watch straps as it's making holes rather than piercing the leather to make a smaller hole... More expensive are these KS round punches from RML Are there any other sources for round punches? Neil
  3. Alrighty, got my two rifle slings in. I have cleaned them with saddle soap, let them dry. Then conditioned them with Bick 4. They feel a bit softer and have lots of cool water stains and signs of use. I like the look anyway. But, I was thinking of darkening and conditioning them with neatsfoot oil. I was only going to do one treatment to darken the leather but don't know how the leather will respond since it's already been conditioned. I was also planning on doing a Sno Seal treatment as well to waterproof it. From what I have seen on videos, the Sno Seal can darken the leather a bit... Any thoughts on how you think the leather will respond to the additional different treatments? Here's a pic of the rifle slings.
  4. My two "new to me" rifle slings will get to me in a few days. I'm no expert but from what I've read and seen in some videos, Bick's is supposed to NOT darken the leather. I actually don't mind and possibly prefer the look of darker leather for watch straps.... I think what I'll do is cut the length of straps I need and do some experimenting. I'll have enough just to try 1-2 treatments of neatsfoot oil (I'll get the 100% this time) alone, Bick's alone and then maybe a combo - NFO then bick's.... I'm not sure which order I should try NFO then bick's or the reverse.
  5. Well, I went after the leather with paint thinner, but soon realized it was just too far soaked to get it out. I've got another 2 rifle slings on the way. I'll clean them with saddle soap and then condition with Bicks 4. I'll report back. Neil
  6. Hey Fred. Thanks for the advice. I have some paint thinner in the garage that I can try. So I'd put some on a rag and then wipe and repeat as necessary? As far as conditioners, any recommendations? Best, Neil
  7. Hey everyone. First post and a true newbie to leather, so be kind! I'm starting my leather working journey trying to make leather watch straps. I like to reuse items, so I picked up an old leather rifle sling. It was pretty dirty and stiff, so I initially cleaned it with saddle soap. Afterwards, I tried to soften it with neatsfoot oil compound (my local hardware store didn't have 100% NFO). I applied it using a small paint brush - both to to the top and bottom. The sling really soaked it up. I wasn't worried about darkening it - which did occur. I wasn't sure how much NFOC to use, but I thought since it soaked it up so much, I continued to add coats until it was basically saturated. No surprise to anyone here, when I went to glue it together (after skiving), the glue would not adhere to the leather. I'm using barge cement.... Right now I'm trying some corn starch to soak up the oil (I read that here). After this I was thinking of saddle soap? As a chemistry teacher, I'd think the soap would get rid of some of the oil. I also read hot water, but wasn't sure how that'd displace the oil. I totally realize I may have ruined this piece of leather....BUT, I'm still in the dark about which product to use for conditioning leather. Besides the NFOC, I do have Bicks 4. For some waterproofing I do have SnoSeal after the strap is made. I've got a couple more slings coming in the mail. Tips and thoughts are appreciated. Neil