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  1. AndreasB

    Cobra class 4

    He has. I had contacted him on the phone number he provided. He told me he can’t log into the site anymore so this post hasn’t been updated.
  2. AndreasB

    Bulk Dyeing of Edges with a Heritage Dye Box

    There is currently one for sale here: If you are not interested in buying used, the seller might at least give you his impressions.
  3. AndreasB

    Maker's Leather Supply

    Their Facebook says that they are on their way to the show in Prescott and shop hours are only 1pm-5pm this week.
  4. AndreasB

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    Hi blue62, were you able to obtain information about the 8020? I'm also interested in getting some info to determine if I want to buy one. Thanks Andreas
  5. Hi, I would like to part with some of my DVD's. John Bianchi - The Art and Secrets of Advanced Western Holster Making 4 DVD set $80 Frontier Holsters with Chuck Burrows $35 Paul Long - Basic Pouch Sheaths $35 Paul Long - Advanced Blade Sheaths $35 Paul Long - Leather Tips from a Master $35 All three Paul Long as a set for $100. Prices include shipping within the US. Payment by PayPal only. Thanks Andreas
  6. I just burnished my newest project. Since I was gone on a business trip the past two days the dye had enough time to try. I also used much less water. Now it looks really good and the dye color didn't change. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to make a leather bookmark with a nice carving. It will be my first sheridan project. I got a pattern already so I'm ready to go. Since the bookmark should be as thin as possible to not mess with the book I would like to know if there's a minimum thickness for the leather you would recommend so it is still ok to tool and carve. Thanks Andreas
  8. Hi catsass, thanks for the advice. It seems like I'm using too much water to burnish the edges. Next time I'll try less. What I figured out is that if I don't wait long enough after dying the water changes the color more. But even if I wait 24 hours it still changes the color and doesn't go back to its original color. There's only a slight difference but it's still there. The problem here is that I only want to wetform part of my project and then it's quite obvious to see the difference. Maybe I would have to apply the moisture to the whole project in order to get an even color. That's some nice leatherwork you posted here. I'm far away from such perfection but I'm trying to improve my work. I've read that some people wet the leather or apply oil to it before dying. In my projects I recognized that if parts of the leather are still damp the color after dying is different to the dry areas. Is this something you would recommend and if so how much moisture should I apply?
  9. AndreasB

    How To Cut Large Circles?

    Hi Jimbob, thanks for the advice. I tried cutting the circles with a really sharp cutter similar to the one you described and a rotary knife. The problem is when I try to cut the leather at once I need to apply a lot of force to the knife resulting in less control. And if I cut it in several runs the corner doesn't look nice. Also I tried it on my belt grinder but I would need a smaller wheel in order to get into the corners. Sanding by hand didn't work out great either. Tree Reaper, this seems to be a gizmo that might help. I need to find out if I can get a similar one in Germany Thanks guys.
  10. AndreasB

    How To Cut Large Circles?

    Hi all, I got another question for you guys. I'd like to make some key fobs. I wanted to cut a figure 8 kind of piece of leather glue them together, stitch, dye... I tried to cut the leather a couple of times but it didn't really work out nice. Also it's not really possible to sand the edges on the now remaining circle nicely so I wanted to improve my cutting result in order to not need to sand. But like I said it didn't get much better. Any advice? I thought of getting a huge round punch an cut part of the circle away so I only have about 7/8 of the circle left and use this to punch my 8. Would that work? Thanks Andreas
  11. Hi all, I got another question for you guys. I usually dye my leather stuff with Fiebings oil dye in dark brown. Now when I wet the corners to burnish them the dye turns almost black. Also if I spill water during that process the leather turns black. Another time this happens if I try to wetform dyed leather. Does anyone of you have some advice on how I can avoid this colour change. I usually put Sno Seal as a top coating on my stuff. This helps to prevent the colour change but then of course the leather doesn't absorb the water anymore and so I can't wetform it or burnish the edges nicely. Thanks for your help. Andreas
  12. AndreasB

    Cutting And Stamping Of Molded Cases

    Well the answer was the exact opposite of what David said. James suggested to mold the leather, then straighten and cut it. Next step is to put it back on the wooden form and then stamp it. Now I think I just have to give it a try and see what works best for me.
  13. AndreasB

    Cutting And Stamping Of Molded Cases

    James, thanks for the reply. I´ll definitely try that. Andreas
  14. Hi all, I have a question regarding cutting and stamping of molded cases/pouches. I did some folding knife pouches and ammunition cases that were molded with cased leather. I would like to apply a basket weave stamping to these pieces but don't know how to do it. When I mold the leather it gets stretched in all different directions. I usually cut the leather before molding but then the straight lines are all crooked, so I have to cut again. That's no problem at the edges that lay flat down to the table, but I have trouble cutting the other areas where I would have to cut the leather while it's "in the air". The second problem is the stamping. If I stamp before the molding the basket weave will get crooked, too. But if I stamp after the molding I don't have a proper flat surface to put under the leather. Also the leather isn't flat anymore but three dimensional so I would have to stamp around the corners. Any suggestions on these two issues? Thanks for your ideas. Andreas
  15. OK, I already have that big bottle of EcoFlo Antique gel. Any recommendations on what I can use with that?