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  1. The bottom stitch on my Cobra Class 4 looks very similar. I bought it used, so I don't know if it is supposed to look different when everything is adjusted the right way. I found out, that I do end up with a nicer bottom stitch, when I add a stitch groove before sewing. It seems like the stitch groove guides the thread and allows it to sit more evenly. But the top still looks much better than the bottom.
  2. Thanks, I’ll head to Lowe’s later today to check on that.
  3. Hi guys, what’s the official name of those things in the picture and where can you buy them? A Chicago screw will screw into it but you bury the part between two layers of leather. Thanks
  4. Used Craftool Deluxe manual leather splitter with 6” blade. Can be used for splitting or skiving. $220 shipped within the US.
  5. AndreasB

    Cobra 4P

    Is this machine now in SC? If so where? Thanks
  6. Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I'm concerned about removing the adhesive, so I think I will go with the inlay solution.
  7. Hi, I'm clueless on how to proceed. A while ago I got asked to build two rifle scabbards as a price for a local SASS match later this month. I'm ok with the scabbard build. The idea was to add an engraved plaque (2"x5") to the side of it with a certain text. We were talking a brass plaque all the time, so I planned on using glue and rivets to attach it. The guys from the gunclub had ordered the plaque and it came in yesterday. To my surprise it is not brass but brass colored plastic. It has an adhesive backer so I think it is the standard plaque that usually goes on the wooden base of a trophy. Now I'm scared of using rivets, because the plastic might break while pressing the rivets. The adhesive backer also prevents me from using a contact cement which I would trust more than what is on there at the moment. Since there will be flex and movement in the leather I'm also afraid that the edges of the plaque will come undone over time. First I was thinking of attaching the plaque by putting a braiding around the edge. But I've never done that before and want it to look good. Unfortunately I also don't have a spare piece of that plastic to do some testing with either glue, rivets... Does anyone of you have an idea what I could do to attach it? Thanks Andreas
  8. He has. I had contacted him on the phone number he provided. He told me he can’t log into the site anymore so this post hasn’t been updated.
  9. There is currently one for sale here: If you are not interested in buying used, the seller might at least give you his impressions.
  10. Their Facebook says that they are on their way to the show in Prescott and shop hours are only 1pm-5pm this week.
  11. Hi blue62, were you able to obtain information about the 8020? I'm also interested in getting some info to determine if I want to buy one. Thanks Andreas
  12. Hi, I would like to part with some of my DVD's. John Bianchi - The Art and Secrets of Advanced Western Holster Making 4 DVD set $80 Frontier Holsters with Chuck Burrows $35 Paul Long - Basic Pouch Sheaths $35 Paul Long - Advanced Blade Sheaths $35 Paul Long - Leather Tips from a Master $35 All three Paul Long as a set for $100. Prices include shipping within the US. Payment by PayPal only. Thanks Andreas
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