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    hunting, gunsmithing, welding, now blacksmithing. Well working with metal which I've done for years I've worked metal for years but also in the process have learned to and love to tear stuff apart and redo it. I can fix almost anything if I know how it is supposed to be. give me a schematic and I can build it

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    working with a singer 51W54
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  1. lol he did thanks a lot all of you
  2. ok that worked still no kind of response about how to get a hold of @shoepatcher
  3. well can't seem to quote can't pm you maybe @shoepatcher will get your attention. I want to get one of your belts just need to know how to make the deal so I can get the belt. Thanks Eddie
  4. Well I'd love to get one from you and I don't mind if they're dirty and I've seen you've done a lot of dealings here and from all I can tell no problems . I tried to pm you but it says you don't or can't receive them don't remember which it was. I'd like to talk one way or another about getting one of them for sure and I appreciate it tons. So how do I get in contact with you other than p.m.'s which it says you can't do Eddie
  5. Apparently the timing was off because the timing belt was missing somehow or another it got gone. So now I need to get a timing belt. Shop said everything else seemed to be in awesome shape just missing the timing belt. Not sure how I missed it but either way it's gone now. Got a place in tn. That says they might be able to find a substitute for it I'm hoping or find someone who has an extra
  6. well was going to share it but it's too big to upload here says max size is 1.46 MB and it is 2.1mb, any ideas on how to get on here for someone who may need it?
  7. well I found the manual for sale and got the actual pdf for it I'll upload it here if it'll let me so other can use if needed. Thanks for all the info. Now to find the needles she'll need seems to be 128 platform she is wanting one good for sewing leather... Well I tried and its a bit to big I'll downsize it later and put it here
  8. Hello, I'm trying to find out as much as I can wanting to pick your brain to get my daughter starts using the Singer 51 w 54 post machine I've gotta her to do leatherwork with. Information on things like needle sizes thread types and such. She has been using an old slant-a-matic but it can only do so much. A good friend told me this machine would do most anything she wanted So please any help at all to help her get going would be wonderful. Does anyone know where to get an owners manual? I've found a parts manual so far and found a few threads on needles and such.Mainly looking for ideas from experience
  9. hey found this forum to help my daughter get information for a sewing machine I got her. I'd got her a Singer 51 W 54 and I need all the information I can on it. Stuff like needles she can use an owners manual done found a parts list for it and got her a good servo motor for it. I'll try to find out what can on my own but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eddie
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